PC8080 Device Configurations

All our 8080-Based Machines are built from a collection of devices, including:

Complete machine configurations are constructed from those devices. A machine configuration is a single XML file that lists all the device components to be used. A machine XML file can choose to configure every device itself, or it can include pre-configured device XML files, such as those provided above or elsewhere.

For example, here’s what the Space Invaders (1978) XML looks like:

<machine id="invaders" class="pc8080" border="1" pos="center" background="#FAEBD7">
    <name pos="center">Space Invaders</name>
    <computer id="computer" busWidth="16"/>
    <cpu id="cpu8080" model="8080" cycles="2000000"/>
    <rom id="romH" addr="0x0000" size="0x0800" file="/devices/pc8080/rom/invaders/INVADERS-H.json"/>
    <rom id="romG" addr="0x0800" size="0x0800" file="/devices/pc8080/rom/invaders/INVADERS-G.json"/>
    <rom id="romF" addr="0x1000" size="0x0800" file="/devices/pc8080/rom/invaders/INVADERS-F.json"/>
    <rom id="romE" addr="0x1800" size="0x0800" file="/devices/pc8080/rom/invaders/INVADERS-E.json"/>
    <ram id="ram"  addr="0x2000" size="0x2000"/>
    <video id="video" screenWidth="224" screenHeight="256" bufferAddr="0x2400" bufferCols="256" bufferRows="224" bufferBits="1" interruptRate="120" rotation="90" width="40%" pos="left" padding="8px">
            <title>224x256 Screen (Rotated)</title>
    <chipset id="chipset" model="SI1978"/>
    <panel ref="/devices/pc8080/panel/left.xml"/>
    <debugger id="debugger" commands="s 8086"/>

In this example, all the devices are fully configured within the machine XML file, except for the Control Panel XML.