IBM PC Machine Configurations

PCjs supports these early IBM PC Machines:

PCjs also supports IBM PC-compatibles such as:

Ready-To-Run App Demos

Selected demos from our IBM PC Application Archive:

Ready-To-Boot Disk Demos

Selected demos from our IBM PC Disk Library:

IBM PC Machines

Shortcuts to many of the preconfigured IBM PC machines in the project are listed below. Some of them include a predefined state, which automatically restores the machine and the specified application to an initial state, while others include a hard disk with pre-installed software.

However, most simply boot an early version of DOS, and the hard disk, if any, will generally be unformatted. From there, you can load other disks from the Disk Library (or mount your own disks) and install other software.

IBM PC 5150 Machines

IBM PC XT 5160 Machines

IBM PC AT 5170 Machines