Disk Libraries

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Additional software is available in the Application Archives.

PCx86 Disk Image Formats

PCx86 works best with disk images in a JSON format, so that’s the only disk format you’ll find in the PCjs Project.

There are several ways you can convert a PCjs JSON disk image back into a binary IMG file:

Note that whenever you Save a disk inside a PCjs machine, it is saved exactly as it exists at that point in time. So, if you made any changes to the disk, those changes will be preserved in your saved copy. Otherwise, the disk image should be an exact copy of the original PCjs disk.

When using the DiskDump API, set the format parameter set to img instead of json. For example:


The HTMLOut Component of the PCjs Node Web Server also generates “onclick” handlers for links to JSON disk images that automatically invoke the API for you.

See Creating PCx86-Compatible Disk Images in the PCx86 Documentation for more information about supported disks and formats.