20Mb Hard Drive (Fixed Disk) Images

This folder contains the following 20Mb (PC AT Type 2) fixed disk configurations:

Type 2 PC AT drives use the following drive parameters:

615 cylinders
4 heads
17 sectors/track

yielding a capacity of 21,411,840 bytes (615 * 4 * 17 * 512), or approximately 20.42Mb (since PCjs considers 1 megabyte to be 1,048,576 bytes).

PC AT Type 2 drives are compatible with COMPAQ DeskPro 386 Type 2 drives. See the COMPAQ DeskPro 386 Fixed Disk Drive Parameter Table Values for more information.

Note that in order to use an unformatted fixed disk with DOS, it must first be partitioned using FDISK and then formatted using FORMAT.