PCjs Personal Disk Collection

Much like the PCjs Personal Document Collection, this is an assortment of disk images archived by @jeffpar that may or may not be of historical interest.

Some disks from this collection have been archived elsewhere, including:

Any other disks you see below are primarily ones that don’t neatly fit into another PCjs category, usually either because the disks contain a variety of unrelated files and/or unique content.

[PCx86 Machine]

Directory Listings

Directory of JEFFPAR DISK001

 Volume in drive A is MSDOS 32   
 Directory of  A:\

LINK     EXE    43988   7-07-86  12:00p
DEBUG    EXE    15647  11-26-86  10:24p
GWBASIC  EXE    78864   7-07-86  12:00p
PCPAL    EXE    63088   8-23-86  11:33a
HDISK    ASM     5238   3-27-87  12:01a
MASM     EXE    83165  10-05-86   5:22p
HDISK    OBJ      643   2-09-87  11:52p
HDISK    EXE      857   2-09-87  11:53p
EXE2BIN  EXE     3050   7-07-86  12:00p
PF       COM      290   1-03-80  11:46p
TF       COM       40   1-03-80  11:57p
COMMAND  COM    23612   7-07-86  12:00p
HDISK    SYS      345   3-27-87  12:03a
       13 File(s)     35840 bytes free

NOTES: This was originally an MS-DOS 3.20 Distribution Disk (Disk 2 of 2) which I had subsequently modified for personal use. Presumably to make more room on the disk, I had moved off a few MS-DOS 3.20 files (BACKUP.EXE, RESTORE.EXE, SHARE.EXE, TREE.EXE, and XCOPY.EXE), updated DEBUG.EXE, added MASM.EXE (v4.00), and then included a few files of my own (eg, PCPAL.EXE and HDISK.ASM). FYI, this particular copy of PCPAL.EXE was saved with Alt-Esc configured as the activation key sequence. @jeffpar