PCx86 Component




Describes a machine component. It is transformed into an outer “component” <div> and an inner “container” <div>. See Output details below.


  • id (optional)
    • ID of the component <div> that uniquely identifies the component on the page.
  • name (optional)
    • User-friendly name to be displayed between the component <div> and container <div>.
  • class (optional)
    • Class name for the component <div>.
  • width (optional)
    • Width of the component <div>.
  • pos (optional)
    • Positional value added to the style attribute of the component <div>. “left” is a shortcut for “float:left”, “right” a shortcut for “float:right”, and “center” a shortcut for “margin:0 auto”.
  • border (optional)
    • Border for the container <div>.
  • style (optional)
    • Value(s), if any, used as-is for the container <div>.


<component id="ibm5150" class="pcx86" width="740px" pos="center" border="1">


<div id="..." class="pc-component">
    <div class="pc-container">

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