PCx86 Debugger Component




Creates an instance of the Debugger component.


  • messages (optional)
    • One or more message categories to enable, separated by |. By default, all message categories are disabled. See the Debugger’s “m” command for a current list of message categories.

Also supports the attributes of Component. The id attribute is optional, since machines currently support only one Debugger component.


  • debugInput
    • For use with a control of type text, to input Debugger commands. Commands are submitted to the Debugger when either the Enter key is pressed or the debugEnter control (if any) is clicked.
  • debugEnter
    • For use with a control of type button, to submit a new command to the Debugger (or resubmit the last command).
  • step
    • For use with a control of type button, to step over the next instruction (assuming the CPU is currently halted).


Use the Debugger’s built-in help for a list of commands.




<div id="..." class="pc-debugger pc-component" style="">
    <div class="pc-container" style="">
        <div class="pcx86-debugger" data-value="id:'...',name:'...',messages:'...'">

Also, if any controls are defined, another <div> of class=”pc-controls” is created in the container <div>, with each control inside a <div> of class=”pc-control”.

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