PCx86 Hard Drive Controller (HDC) Component




Creates an instance of the Hard Drive Controller (HDC) component. The HDC is responsible for:

  • Automatically loading fixed disk image files at boot;
  • Simulating the appropriate controller hardware ports;
  • Saving/restoring all user fixed disk modifications in browser local storage.

The HDC component simulates an STC-506/412 interface to an IBM PC XT fixed disk drive. The first such drive was a 10Mb 5.25-inch drive containing two platters and 4 heads; data spanned 306 cylinders for a total of 1224 tracks, with 17 sectors/track and 512 bytes/sector.


  • drives (required)

    This is an array definition, with one array entry per fixed disk. Each entry is a drive object definition, each of which may contain ‘name’, ‘path’ and ‘type’ properties. For example:

     [{name:'10Mb Hard Drive',path:'10mb.json',type:3}]

    The ‘path’ property is optional; if omitted, an empty disk matching the specified drive type will be created (10mb in the case of drive type 3).

  • type (optional)

    Should be set to one of:

    • ‘XT’: PC XT Xebec controller emulation
    • ‘AT’: PC AT Western Digital controller emulation

    Also, make sure the appropriate ROM is installed.

    For the Xebec (‘XT’) controller, you should install the Xebec ROM; eg:

     <rom id="romHDC" addr="0xc8000" size="0x2000" file="/devices/pcx86/hdc/ibm-xebec-1982.json"/>

    For the Western Digital (‘AT’) controller, use a Model 5170 (or newer) ROM module; eg:

     <rom id="romBIOS" addr="0xf0000" size="0x10000" alias="0xff0000" file="/devices/pcx86/rom/5170/1984-01-10/1984-01-10.json"/>

    The default type setting is ‘XT’.

  • Also supports the attributes of Component.


This component has no bindings. Fixed disks cannot be loaded or unloaded once the machine is “powered”.


<hdc id="hdcXT" drives="[{name:'10Mb Hard Drive',type:3}]"/>


<div id="..." class="pc-hdc pc-component">
    <div class="pc-container">
        <div class="pcx86-hdc" data-value="id:'...',name:'...',drives:'...'">

Also, if any controls are defined, another <div> of class=”pc-controls” is created in the container <div>, with each control inside a <div> of class=”pc-control”.

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