PCx86 Mouse Component




Creates an instance of the Mouse component, which can be used simulate a Microsoft Serial mouse, Bus mouse, or InPort mouse.


  • adapter

    1 (primary), 2 (secondary), 0 if not defined; used to select the port range for an InPort mouse

  • binding

    The name of a corresponding device component (implies type of “serial”, since none of the other mouse types require binding with another component)

  • scaleMouse

    A floating-point number used to scale incoming mouse coordinates; the default is 0.5

  • serial (deprecated; type should be set to “serial” and binding set to the Serial component ID instead)

    The ID of the Serial component that the mouse must be connected to

  • type

    One of “serial”, “bus”, or “inport”; the default is “serial” if either serial or binding are set

  • Also supports the attributes of Component.


No explicit DOM control bindings are used. The Mouse component automatically binds to all Video screens attached to the machine in order to obtain mouse events from the browser.


<mouse type="serial" binding="com1"/>

The “serial” example above shows how the type and binding attributes combine to supersede the serial attribute, which has been deprecated:

<mouse serial="com1"/>


<div id="..." class="pc-mouse pc-component">
    <div class="pc-container">
        <div class="pcx86-mouse" data-value="id:'...',name:'...',type:'...',binding:'...'>

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