PCx86 ParallelPort Component




Creates an instance of the ParallelPort component, which simulates an IBM PC Parallel Printer Adapter.


  • adapter (required)

    A number (1, 2, or 3) indicating whether this adapter uses port 0x3BC, 0x378, or 0x278. Adapters 1 and 2 default to IRQ 7, and adapter 3 defaults to IRQ 5.

  • binding (optional)

    The name of an existing control binding (typically a <textarea>) to optionally redirect port I/O to. For example, if you’ve defined a Control Panel with a <textarea> control bound to “print”, specifying a binding of “print” for the Parallel Port component will bind its port to the same control.

Also supports the attributes of Component.


  • buffer

    For use with a control of type “textarea”, to send/receive data to/from the port. If you would rather bind the port to an existing control, then use binding attribute instead (see above).


<parallel id="lpt1" adapter="2" binding="print"/>


<div id="..." class="pc-parallel pc-component">
    <div class="pc-container">
        <div class="pcx86-parallel" data-value="id:'...',name:'...',adapter:'...',binding:'...'">

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