PCx86 Random-Access Memory (RAM) Component




Creates an instance of the RAM component. Multiple instances can be defined, if necessary, to create discontiguous blocks of RAM.


  • addr (required)

    The RAM starting address (e.g., 0x00000).

  • size (optional; default is 0x00000)

    The amount of RAM, in bytes. If the size is omitted (or 0), the ChipSet component is queried for the amount of RAM indicated by SW1/SW2.

  • test (optional; default is true)

    Disables the ROM BIOS memory test when set to “false”.

Also supports the attributes of Component.


  • test

    For use with a control of type checkbox, to enable/disable the ROM BIOS memory test.

    TODO: Implement.


<ram id="ramLow" addr="0x00000"/>


<div id="..." class="pc-ram pc-component">
    <div class="pc-container">
        <div class="pcx86-ram" data-value="id:'...',name:'...',addr:'...',size:'...',test:'...'">

Also, if any controls are defined, another <div> of class=”pc-controls” is created in the container <div>, with each control inside a <div> of class=”pc-control”.

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