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PCjs Machines

This directory contains the PDP11 Node command-line “wrapper” utility pdp11.js.

When you run it, be sure to provide a valid machine XML file; e.g.:

node pdp11.js --cmd="load ../../../devices/pdp11/machine/1170/panel/debugger/machine.xml"

which should then produce the following output:

Panel object created: test1170.panel
Device object created: test1170.default
CPU object created: test1170.cpu
ROM object created: test1170.m9312
RAM object created: test1170.ram
SerialPort object created: test1170.dl11
PC11 object created: test1170.pc11
RK11 object created: test1170.rk11
RL11 object created: test1170.rl11
RX11 object created: test1170.rx11
Debugger object created: test1170.debugger
Bus: Added 8Kb H/W at 17760000
PDPjs v1.60.3
Copyright © 2012-2022 Jeff Parsons <Jeff@pcjs.org>
License: MIT <https://www.pcjs.org/LICENSE.txt>
Portions adapted from the PDP-11/70 Emulator by Paul Nankervis <http://skn.noip.me/pdp11/pdp11.html>
Bus: Added 256Kb RAM at 000000
Computer object created: test1170.computer
console connected to machine (alt-r for REPL prompt, alt-x to exit)
ROM: Added 512-byte ROM at 165000
PC11: Loaded tape "BOOTSTRAP-16KB" (28 bytes)
RAM: Loaded image "BOOTMON.json"
CPU: Model 1170
Type ? for help with PDPjs Debugger commands
R0=000000 R1=000000 R2=000000 R3=000000 R4=000000 R5=000000 
SP=000000 PC=140000 PS=000013 PI=000000 SL=000000 T0 N1 Z0 V1 C1 
140000: 000005                 RESET