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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #26)

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Information about “BOOK INDEX BUILDER”

BOOK INDEX is a simple and straightforward set of programs and
procedures for preparing book indices.  They allow the user to easily
create a data file that will form the index.  This program can be a
lifesaver for those aspiring writers whose word processors do not
include built-in index abilities.

System Requirements:  128k, two disk drives, monochrome monitor

How to Start: From DOS, enter INFO for documentation and
instructions on using the program.  With program disk in drive A and
working data disk in drive B, enter START to begin program.

File Descriptions:

START    BAT  Start-up program. Creates empty data file
INFO     BAT  Informational file for Book Indexing programs
INPUT    PAS  Pascal source code for Book Indexing Program
BUILD    EXE  Compiled programs for Book Indexing
MERGE    EXE  Compiled programs for Book Indexing
SORT     EXE  Compiled programs for Book Indexing
INPUT    EXE  Compiled programs for Book Indexing
INDEX    BAT  Format an index from the data
COMBINE  BAT  Sort/merge new entries with any previous entries
ENTER    BAT  Begin index entries
SORT     PAS  Pascal source code for Book Indexing Program
MERGE    PAS  Pascal source code for Book Indexing Program
BUILD    PAS  Pascal source code for Book Indexing Program


PC-SIG Disk No. #26, version v1 

The following is a list of the file checksums which should be produced by
the CRCK4 program on disk #9 (and others).  If the CRC numbers do not match
you may have a bad file.  To use type:  CRCK4 <filespec>

CRCK4 output for this disk:

CTL-S pauses, CTL-C aborts

--> FILE:  EMPTY   .            CRC = 00 00

--> FILE:  INFO    .BAT         CRC = CC E1

--> FILE:  START   .BAT         CRC = 90 5A

--> FILE:  ENTER   .BAT         CRC = E1 98

--> FILE:  COMBINE .BAT         CRC = 4D EC

--> FILE:  INDEX   .BAT         CRC = FD 49

--> FILE:  INPUT   .EXE         CRC = 24 9B

--> FILE:  SORT    .EXE         CRC = BA DA

--> FILE:  MERGE   .EXE         CRC = B7 5F

--> FILE:  BUILD   .EXE         CRC = 9E 18

--> FILE:  INPUT   .PAS         CRC = CB 38

--> FILE:  SORT    .PAS         CRC = EC 88

--> FILE:  MERGE   .PAS         CRC = 23 D7

--> FILE:  BUILD   .PAS         CRC = 85 FB

 ---------------------> SUM OF CRCS = 20 86


These and other Public Domain and user-supported programs from:

PC Software Interest Group
1125 Stewart Ct  Suite G
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(408) 730-9291

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0026

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

BUILD    EXE     29696   1-13-83  11:33a
BUILD    PAS      4170   3-02-83  12:00p
COMBINE  BAT       128   1-13-83  11:39a
CRC      TXT      1216  11-09-84   8:41a
CRCK4    COM      1536  10-21-82   7:54p
EMPTY                1   1-08-83  10:26a
ENTER    BAT       128   1-13-83  11:37a
INDEX    BAT       128   1-13-83  11:40a
INFO     BAT      5760   1-13-83  11:19a
INPUT    EXE     29696   1-19-83   9:31a
INPUT    PAS      6912   1-19-83   9:29a
MERGE    EXE     30464   1-13-83  11:30a
MERGE    PAS      4096   1-13-83  11:21a
SORT     EXE     36096   1-13-83  11:28a
SORT     PAS      5248   1-13-83  11:20a
START    BAT       128   1-13-83  11:36a
       16 file(s)     155403 bytes
                         512 bytes free