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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #43)

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Information about “EXIDY WORD PROCESSOR”

Exidy is a full featured text editor with the flexibility of up to
four active screen windows and the sophistication to directly access
the buffers prior to saving the text in a disk file.  Exidy commands
are invoked by either the function keys or with the use of the ALT key
plus a keyboard key easily associated with the desired function, such
as ALT-I to Insert a line.  While Exidy has the lean feel of a text
editor, it includes a few key word processing features allowing for
credible but simple word processing.


~  Split screen into as many as 4 windows
~  Reformatting of specified lines
~  On screen help
~  Cursor move by line numbers
~  Bold/Underline/Extended ASCII character set

How to Start:  For directions, consult the HELP.EDX text file.  To
run it, at the DOS prompt type "EXIDY"<ENTER>.

File Descriptions:

EDIX     EXE  Program to run
TEXT          Sample text
GRADUATE BAT  Used to turn off tutorial mode
STUDENT  BAT  Used to turn on tutorial mode
EXELOAD  EXE  Part of Exidy system
????     EDX  Exidy text, help, and config files

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0043

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

CONFIG   EDX       512   2-10-84   1:44p
EDIX     EXE     67691   3-12-84  10:20a
EXELOAD  EXE      1676   3-01-84   1:38p
GRADUATE BAT       287   4-15-83   5:16p
HELP     EDX     14848   2-10-84  10:34a
KEYCODES EDX      3072   2-10-84  10:45a
LSN      EDX     17920   2-13-84   9:17a
LSNCFG   EDX       455   4-18-83   4:26p
STUDENT  BAT        15   4-15-83   5:11p
TEXT              1671   5-18-82
       10 file(s)     108147 bytes
                       50176 bytes free