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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #118)

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Information about “QSYS DOS MENU 1 OF 2 (#278 SECOND DISK)”

Who needs to get organized? Not everyone, certainly. But if you do feel
the need, QSYS DOS MENU may be just what you're looking for. The program
is an operating environment of its own, a menu system, an appointment
calendar, and a message system. One of the major features of the program
is its password capability for up to 24 users.

QSYS DOS MENU is an excellent choice whaere a business may include non-
computer-literate (NCL) employees, because the system does much of the
more complicated operations by means of its won DOS system.

System Requirements: Color graphics, two disk drives, (hard disk

How to Start: Consult the .DOC and README files on Disk 278 for
directions and documentation.  To run QSYS.EXE, just type its name,
i.e., QSYS and press <ENTER>.

Suggested Registration:   QSYS $50.00 for full documentation and update

File Descriptions:

The First Disk Contains:
QSYS     EXE  Main QSYS program
QINST    EXE  Part of QSYS
AUTOEXEC BAT  Installation startup procedure batch file
QLDR     COM  Part of QSYS
QINT     EXE  Part of QSYS
QCNFG    EXE  Part of QSYS
QMSG     EXE  Message handler
MEMBRAIN SYS  RAMdisk initial bootup file
CONFIG   SYS  Initial bootup file MEMBRAIN EXE  RAMdisk
MEMBRAIN EXE  Disk examination utility

The Second Disk Contains:
MAKEDOC  TXT  Instructions for printing documentation
MAKEDOC  BAT  Batch file to print documentation
READ     ME!  Read this first ________
Q_*      DOC  Documentation files (17 files)

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0118

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

AUTOEXEC BAT       679   1-01-80
CONFIG   SYS       128   1-01-80
MEMBRAIN EXE      3072   1-01-80
MEMBRAIN SYS       655   1-01-80
QCNFG    EXE     43904   1-01-80
QINST    EXE     58112   1-01-80
QINT     EXE      2432   1-01-80
QLDR     COM      2156   1-01-80
QMSG     EXE     53760   1-01-80
QSYS     EXE     55808   1-01-80
       10 file(s)     220706 bytes
                       97280 bytes free