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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #144)

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Information about “FABULA DISK 1 OF 2 (#145 SECOND DISK)”

A fine collection of tools for communications users and others.  The
SQIBM and USQIBM programs compress and expand files to save on costs
when using modem transmission.  TALK450 shows how to add 450 baud
capacity to your Hayes 300 modem.  There are other goodies like
SCRNSAVE, which prevents phosphor burn on your monitor, and a series of
batch files to give sorted directory listings.

How to Start: To run a COM or BAT program simply type its name and
press <ENTER>.  To read DOC files simply enter TYPE filename.ext and
press <ENTER>.

File Descriptions:

The First Disk Contains:
DNXSD    DOC  Documentation for .BAT files
DN       BAT  Sorts Directory by fileName
DXSAVE   BAT  Sorts Directory by eXtension and saves sorted
DD       BAT  Sorts Directory by Date
DS       BAT  Sorts Directory by Size
DX       BAT  Sorts Directory by eXtension
USQ      COM  Unsqueezes files
SQ       DOC  Documentation for SQIBM
SQ       COM  Squeezes files
SCRNSAVE COM  Prevents screen "burn-in"
SCROLLK  DOC  Documentation for SCROLLK
TALK450  MRG  Adds 450 baud capacity to PC-TALK III
TALK450  DOC  Documentation for TALK450.MRG
USQ      DOC  Documentation for USQIBM

The Second Disk Contains:
ASMGEN   COM  Converts EXE and COM to ASM files
ASMGEN   DOC  Documentation for ASMGEN.COM
BINSIX   DOC  Documentation for BINSIX.DOC
COMP     BAS  Compares two tokenized BASIC files
BINSIX   EXE  New squeeze program, 20% less then hex
DIP-MEM  COM  Bypasses power-up memory test
CROSSOPT      Data file for CROSSREF.EXE
MAKEDATA BAS  Checksumed data files for COM/EXE
DIP-MEM  DOC  Documentation for DIP-MEM.COM
SQIBM    DOC  Documentation for SQIBM.DOC
SQIBM    COM  Squeezes files for faster transfer
RSVD     COM  Changes the size of VDISK
UPNUM    COM  Shows if NumLock or CapsLock in use
TABS     BAS  Puts tab codes in or removes them
VDISK    COM  160k RAM disk program  (see RSVD.COM)
USQIBM   DOC  Documentation for USQIBM.COM
USQIBM   COM  Unsqueezes files squeezed by SQIBM
UPNUM    DOC  Documentation for UPNUM.DOC
WRTE     COM  Erases read-only attribute from a file
WRTP     COM  Sets read-only attribute of a file
XREF     BAS  BASIC program



	The batch files DN.BAT, DX.BAT, DS.BAT and DD.BAT write
sorted directories on the screen only. They sort on the directory
line starting with fileName, eXtension, Size or Date (mm/dd/yy).
The sorted directory can be stored by modifying the batch files,
as in the example of DXSAVE.BAT.
	These batch files have two dummy parameters: drive and
filename and extension restriction, if any. Thus, to sort the files
on drive E that satisfy the filename and extension restriction of
ABC?.*, sorting by size, one uses:
		DS E ABC?.*
The spaces between S, E and A are important.
	Note that if one sorts on a restricted set of files, such as 
with DX E *.COM, then that amounts to the same thing as DS E *.COM.


SCROLLK:  This machine-language program is attached to DOS
whenever you run scrollk.com with the A> prompt showing. It
allows much better scroll control than <Ctrl-NumLock>. See
John Socha's article in Softalk for the IBM Personal Computer
for May 1983 for more information. Scrollk will be handy in 
using files under Directory 4: "Quick Looks at Distant BBSs".



The purpose of this program is to squeeze all types of files. It is 
most effective on text files and least effective on binary files such
as .EXE and .COM.

The output file name is changed so that the middle letter in the 
filetype is changed to a "Q". For example, a file called  ABC.TXT
would be called  ABC.TQT. The input file is not changed.

To run the squeezer:

SQ filename.filetype               (i.e.  SQ  ABC.TXT)

There are no messages displayed while the program is running. Make sure
you have enough disk space to handle the output file (which can be 5% to
50% smaller than the original depending on the type of file).



The purpose of this program is to un-squeeze processed by  the SQ.COM
program. This program will recontruct the files to their original state
before compression.

You must specify the input and output files names (if missing, you
will be prompted for them).

To run the un-squeezer:

USQ d:filename.filetype d:newfilename.filetype   (i.e.  SQ  ABC.TQT ABC.TXT)

After specifying the file names, you will be asked if this is a text file.
Reply as appropriate. The replies are Y or N.

Make sure you have enough disk space to handle the output file which could
be up to twice the size of the input file.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0144

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

DD       BAT        26   4-14-84   2:44p
DN       BAT        22   4-14-84   2:41p
DNXSD    DOC       752   4-16-84   3:55p
DS       BAT        26   4-14-84   2:43p
DX       BAT        25   4-14-84   2:43p
DXSAVE   BAT        34   4-16-84   3:48p
SCRNSAVE COM       384  12-21-83   1:12p
SCROLLK  COM       251   3-07-84   8:33a
SCROLLK  DOC       372   4-01-84   6:02p
SQ       COM     14336   3-28-84   4:11a
SQ       DOC       768   3-28-84   4:12a
TALK450  DOC      7424   3-07-84  11:02p
TALK450  MRG      1024   3-07-84  10:56p
USQ      COM     22016   3-17-84  10:02p
USQ      DOC       637   3-28-84   4:38a
       15 file(s)      48097 bytes
                      108032 bytes free