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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #236)

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Information about “PRINTER UTILITIES”

FPRINT's purpose is to print ASCII files, but with certain safeguards
built-in for your convenience.  For instance, a check will be made to
see if it is indeed an ASCII file.  If the program thinks you are
trying to print a non-ASCII file, it will pause and tell you so.  You
then have the option to cancel your print request, or continue anyway.
FPRINT also has a printer setup menu which can be useful for regular
print jobs when you want specific printer settings.  This can be very
useful with the accompanying set of tables for using the Toshiba
printer with Volkswriter Deluxe.  The program converts the IBM codes
into Toshiba codes and allows the user to use the various types of
printer programs with ease.

System Requirements:  Toshiba printer with Volkswriter

How to Start: Consult the .DOC and README files for
directions and documentation.  To run the BASIC programs, consult
the directions in GETTING STARTED for your configuration.  To run
a program suffixed .COM or .EXE, just type its name, i.e., for
FPRINTF.EXE, type FRPINT and press <ENTER>.

Suggested Registration: $15.00 to $25.00 for Volkswriter to Toshiba.

File Descriptions:

-------- ---  BPRINT (BASIC program lister) Version 1.05
BPRINT   EXE  List BASIC programs
COPYPRTR BAT  Copy file utilities for Toshiba/Volks tables (3 files)
VXPRINT* TBL  Part of Toshiba printer/Volkswriter tables
???      FMT  Part of Toshiba printer/Volkswriter tables (5 files)
INSTVXPT RCE  Part of Toshiba printer/Volkswriter tables
README        How to use the Toshiba printer/Volkswriter tables
-------- ---  Toshiba/Volkswriter printer tables
FPRINT   TRY  Sample file for FPRINT.EXE
FPRINT   HLP  Help file for FPRINT.EXE
FPRINT   DOC  Documentation for FPRINT.EXE
FPRINT   EXE  List ASCII files
COPYALL  BAT  Makes diskcopy of Volkswriter printer tables
PC-SIG   DOC  Notes on BPRINT, FPRINT, etc.
COPYINST BAT  Copies *.fmt files to second diskette


  FPRINT.DOC - 01.SEP.1984 - Westra-Danen Associates Inc.

  Program FPRINT was compiled under DOS V2.00, using
       The BASIC Compiler V1.00, and
       The DOS Linker V2.00.

  The program will likely work under other releases of DOS,
  but success is NOT guaranteed!

  More information is contained in FPRINT.HLP, which is also
  used by the program itself.

  You may delete the FPRINT.DOC file, but

                 DO NOT DELETE FPRINT.HLP...


                                                       September 1, 1984

  Programs submitted by: Westra-Danen Associates Inc.
                         204, 12910 - 50 Street
                         Edmonton, AB         T5A 4L2
                         Phone 403/478-2985

  There are two utility programs on this disk:

  BPRINT, a BASIC program lister, is offered under the FREEWARE, or
  user-supported software concept.  A $25.00 donation is requested.  All
  instructions are contained within the program.  Given enough response,
  an extention to the program in the form of a line-number and
  variable-name cross-reference, will be added, along with some other
  enhancements.  A version that uses the BASRUN.EXE runtime program is
  also available:  see information contained in the program.

  FPRINT, a general-purpose ASCII file lister, is offered in the public
  domain library.  It uses an external help file, called FPRINT.HLP.  A
  .DOC file is also included with some general notes.  A sample file to
  try the program is included under the name FPRINT.TRY.

  Files:  BPRINT.EXE    61824   List BASIC programs
          FPRINT.EXE    51968   List ASCII files
          FPRINT.DOC      571   documentation for FPRINT.EXE
          FPRINT.HLP     2790   help file for FPRINT.EXE
          FPRINT.TRY     2646   sample file for FPRINT.EXE

                                                       [File PC-SIG.DOC]

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0236

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

PC-SIG   DOC      1500   9-01-84  12:00p
BPRINT   EXE     61568   2-01-85   3:18p
FPRINT   EXE     52096   9-01-84  12:01p
FPRINT   DOC       571   9-01-84  12:00p
FPRINT   HLP      2790   9-01-84  12:00p
FPRINT   TRY      2646   9-01-84  12:00p
README            3200   9-09-84   1:24p
INSTVXPT RCE     18560   9-09-84   3:44p
IN12     FMT       384   8-15-84   6:36p
IN12HS   FMT       384   7-28-84   3:33p
IN12INDT FMT       384   9-09-84   1:15p
IN12TITL FMT       384   8-15-84   6:37p
INCOND   FMT       384   8-13-84   8:59p
COPYPRTR BAT      1152   9-08-84   4:21p
COPYINST BAT      1152   8-22-84   7:27p
COPYALL  BAT      1536   9-23-84   1:56p
VXPRINTP TBL       512   7-15-84   1:08p
VXPRINTQ TBL       512   8-12-84   5:13p
VXPRINTR TBL       512   8-12-84   5:29p
VXPRINTS TBL       512   9-08-84   3:43p
VXPRINTT TBL       512   9-08-84   3:47p
VXPRINTU TBL       512   9-08-84   3:53p
VXPRINTV TBL       512   9-08-84   4:06p
       23 file(s)     152275 bytes
                        4096 bytes free