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Information about “BOBCAT”

BOBCAT is a database of small business computer information.  Reviews,
tutorials, general articles, buying guides, even ads on special
products that apply to small businesses are listed.  The database may
be searched by any combination of category, subject, form, product or
company name.  BOBCAT is distributed as user-supported software in Jim
Button's PC-File III format.  BOBCAT needs PC-File III, or other
similar program to sort and print information and indexes in a usable

System Requirements: 2 disk drives, PC-FILE III (Disk No 5)

How to Start: It is very important to read the Documentation file
BOBCAT.TXT.  To run it, bring up PC-FILE and enter BOBCAT as you would
any database/data file.

Suggested Registration:  $10.00

File Descriptions:

BOBCAT01 DTA  Data base
MAG      RPT  Formats a report for data from BOBCAT01.DTA
MAG      DTA  Data base
MAG      INX  Index
MAG      HDR  Header information
ORDERFRM TXT  Order form and information to communicate with author
BOBCAT   TXT  Help program
BOBCAT01 HDR  Header information


                          ABOUT BOBCAT
             (BOB's CATalog of computer information)

BOBCAT is for anyone using micro-computers in business.  Anyone
that has a need to quickly get specific information - 
without having to read through hundreds of publications.

BOBCAT is a computerized INDEX, a data base.  It will tell you
where to quickly find the product reviews, tutorials, general
articles, buying guides, ads on new or special products, etc.,
that are published in leading magazines, news letters, newspapers
and research reports.

If you do not have access to the publications where the
information is, and you need it immediately, for personal study
or research, phone us for SAME DAY PHOTO COPY SERVICE.

Actually, most of the listings are useful to anyone, it's just
that we don't index information on games, educational or lab
applications, and "heavy hacking or programming".

	Each edition of BOBCAT contains approximately 1500
plus entries from approximately 200 publications.  The 7th 
and 8th characters of the BOBCAT file name (BOBCAT01.DTA)
indicate the edition number.

                        HOW TO USE BOBCAT

	The BOBCAT data files are intended to be used with 
Jim Button's PC File III program.  The files BOBCAT.HDR,
BOBCAT.INX and BOBCAT.KEY should be on the same disk as 
BOBCAT.DATA.  BOBCAT.DATA is loaded and run win the same 
way as any other PC-FILE III data file.  If you need any 
help, refer to the PC-FILE III documentation.

	You can get your copy of PC-FILE III by sending a 
diskette and a self-addressed stamped mailer to:
		Jim Button
		P. O. Box 5786
		Bellevue, WA 98006

	When using more than one edition of BOBCAT it may be 
worth your while to clone off separately the different categories 
from each disk and merge each category on one disk.

	Study the Subject Word/Category Matrix (not on disk).  
This shows the categories and main subject words that are used 
with each category.  Categories F, P, and R are used only if a 
listing doesn't fit one of the other categories. As a general 
rule, use the first category that clearly fits, as you come to 
it, in the Subject/Word Matrix.

	Only upper case is used to simplify searching.

	Use Soundex (?) or Scan (>) when on doubt.

	Categories F, P, or R may turn up lost items.

	Search for NOVICE in MISC. field.

	*  - a star means additional information is in the
	     MISC field.

	To identify the publication referred to in BOBCAT, 
use the file MAG.DTA.  The field FILE refers to the 

  	The documentation, CROSS-REFERENCE and the SUBJECT
WORD/CATEGORY matrix are not included on the disk. It is felt
BOBCAT can be used reasonabley well used without them, certainly
well enough to determine if BOBCAT will be of sufficient value
to warrant a contribution.

                       PERMISSION TO COPY

1. No changes are allowed in distributed copies.

2. All files must be copied and distributed together.

3. No fee or other consideration is charged for distribution,
   unless arranged for in writing with R. L. Hack.

4. Recipients of copies are encouraged to support the creation 
   of BOBCAT with their donations.


                   HOW TO GET BOBCAT

To get the latest edition (or any other edition) of:


2. CROSS-REFERENCE of search words and abbreviations.

                     -------- Categories and meanings of
   words as used in the computer industry are oft times 
   ambiguous and shifting.  For example, a print spooler can 
   either be a hardware item or a software function, or is it
   a printer buffer?  The SUBJECT WORD/CATEGORY MATRIX, when
   used together with the CROSS REFERENCE will help solve this
   problem - and help you understand how BOBCAT is structured.

	1. Send me $10.00 and a formatted disk - double sided
	   9 sector disk.  I will supply the postage.
	2. Send me $15.00 and I will supply the disk and the 

	3. If you already have BOBCAT, but need the SUBJECT
	   WORD/CATEGORY matrix and the CROSS REFERENCE, send
	   $6.00 and I will send them air mail.


1. Contact the publisher for reprints. See publication

2. Get a copy from your nearest library.

3. If for private study or research order from:

		R. L. Hack
		10603 - 106 St.
		Fort St. John, B. C	
		V1J 5M9
		Phone 604-787-9417
   Please enclose $2.50 for handling and airmail, plus 
   $ .25 per page to help cover search and copying costs.
   Be sure to enclose statement of use. This is the file 
   ORDERFRM.TXT on the disk.

Volume 2 of BOBCAT should be filled and ready for distribution
by Feb/85.  To ensure earliest delivery order your copy now!


                       Reprint Order Form

Please send to:



Copies requested:

	Volume #      |     Page #	|	# of Pages
                      |                 |
                      |                 |   
                      |                 |
                      |                 |
                      |                 |

                              Total # of pages _____________
                              Cost per page __________X  .25

                              Add handling and shipping_2.50


___ Money order enclosed

___ MC ___VISA #____________________________ Expires________

                        STATEMENT OF USE

          I hereby certify that any reprints that I order from 
R. L. Hack, will be used for private study or research by my-
self, as intended by Sec. 2(a) of the Copyright Act of Canada.
R. S. c55, s.1.

          Furthermore, should I violate the Copyright Act, I
will indemnify R. L. Hack.



Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0247

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

BOBCAT   TXT      4992   1-01-80   2:54a
BOBCAT01 DTA    282112   1-01-80  12:30a
BOBCAT01 HDR       128   1-01-80  12:31a
BOBCAT01 INX     40576   1-01-80  12:40a
CATEGORY RPT       128  11-01-84  12:11p
MAG      DTA      7936   1-01-80  12:14a
MAG      HDR       128   1-01-80  12:09a
MAG      INX      3328   1-01-80  12:15a
MAG      RPT       128   1-01-80  12:10a
ORDERFRM TXT      1792   1-01-80   3:52a
       10 file(s)     341248 bytes
                       15360 bytes free