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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #257)

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Information about “UTILITY 1-2-3”

Utility 1-2-3 (not affiliated with LOTUS) is a useful tutorial and
utiltity package that contains helpful hints and aids for LOTUS.  The
program is menu driven and features excellent screen graphics.
ASCIITUT.WKS and ASCII.WKS illustrate how graphics are generated
through LOTUS.  Also included are various macros and Prokey templates.
Utility 1-2-3 is a must for any serious LOTUS user.

System Requirements: 256K, two disk drives, LOTUS 1-2-3 version 1A

How to Start:  Access through LOTUS 1-2-3

Suggested Registration:  $25.00

File Descriptions:

ASCIITUT WKS  Tutorial for ASCII character generator
ASCII    WKS  Reference file for extended ASCII character set
ASCIIDOC PRN  Prints ASCII character table
ASCIIDOC BAT  Displays ASCII character table on screen
AUTO123  WKS  Part of printed documentation files
END      PRN  Part of printer documentation files
MACROTUT WKS  Macro samples
LOTUS    PRO  UTILITY 1-2-3 Prokey macros
INTROTUT WKS  Introduction to tutorials
HINTSTUT WKS  Hints and techniques tutorial
SETUP    BAT  Installs UTILITY 1-2-3 on your LOTUS 1-2-3 system disk
SCREEN?  PRN  Part of printed documentation files (4 files)
README   BAT  Starts printout of documentation
PROKYTUT WKS  ProKey templates
PRINTTUT WKS  Tutorial for printer control generator
PRINTER  WKS  Reference file of printer control characters

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0257

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

ASCII    WKS     12544   1-01-80   2:34a
ASCIIDOC BAT        17   1-25-84  10:45a
ASCIIDOC PRN      3200   1-25-84   9:42a
ASCIITUT WKS     81152   2-12-84  10:36p
AUTO123  WKS     18944   2-14-84   8:19p
END      PRN       245   1-01-80   1:47a
HINTSTUT WKS     10880   2-14-84  11:05p
INTROTUT WKS     41472   3-18-84  10:31p
LOTUS    PRO      4224   3-18-84  10:04p
MACROTUT WKS     11136   2-14-84   9:52p
PRINTER  WKS      9600   3-18-84  11:43p
PRINTTUT WKS     38272   2-14-84  10:57p
PROKYTUT WKS     24576   3-16-84   1:00p
README   BAT       157   1-01-80   2:18a
SCREEN1  PRN      1625   1-01-84   1:38a
SCREEN2  PRN      1625   1-25-84   9:57a
SCREEN3  PRN      1625   3-18-84  11:15p
SCREEN4  PRN      1570   2-03-84   8:57p
SETUP    BAT       559   1-01-80   1:49a
       19 file(s)     263423 bytes
                       48128 bytes free