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Information about “PC-VT”

PC-VT is a software emulator which makes the IBM PC function as a DEC
VT102 or a VT100 Video Terminal.  PC-VT emulates most VT100/102
functions of the VT100/102: With this package, you can communicate
with larger mainframes, or services that would normally only be
available to access by a dedicated terminal.  It's like having a
second computer available to you when you need it!  NOTE: PC-VT no
longer supports DOS 1.0 or 1.1.


~ Communications support for all of the popular baud rate
and data bit/parity bit combinations
~ On line  HELP by pressing the ALT-H key while in the
communications, SETUP, DIALING, or MACRO frames
~ Fast screen update for PC's  with the color graphics display
~ Select either a VMS or UNIX host
~ Full Duplex with no EIA modem control
~ VT52 Compatibility Mode
~ Support  for  Hayes  dialing commands  and  includes  a Dialing
Directory with 10 entries
~ Full receive parity checking can be enabled
~ Both Numeric and Application Keypad modes
~ Full feature Upload and Download file capability
~ Capability to  echo all displayed characters to LPT1 or
LPT2 as hardcopy record of a terminal session
~ Run DOS functions or other programs without terminating PC-VT
~ PC-VT  supports buffer sizes of 256 and 2048 characters

System Requirements:  Monochrome or Color/Graphics card, RS-232 port.

How to Start: Check the READ.ME for the author's note and for
documentation consult the file PC-VT.DOC.  To run enter PC-VT <ENTER>.

Suggested Registration:  $35.00

File Descriptions:

*        DAT  Data file for PC-VT (4 files)
KERMIT   COM  Kermit protoccol
READ     ME   Authors note
PC-VT    DOC  Documentation for PC-VT (aprox. 100 pages)
PC-VT    EXE  Main PC-VT program


Disk No 286   PC-VT  Version 8.4                                v3.2
PC-VT is a software emulator which makes the IBM PC function as a DEC
VT102 or a VT100 Video Terminal. PC-VT emulates the majority of
functions of the VT100/102.
???????? DAT  Data file for PC-VT.EXE (4 files)
KERMIT   COM  Kermit module for PC-VT.EXE
PC-VT    DOC  Documentation for PC-VT.EXE (100 pages)
PC-VT    EXE  Main terminal emulator program
READ     ME   A note from the author
1030D E. Duane Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA  94086
(408) 730-9291
(c) Copyright 1987 PC-SIG

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0286

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

KERMIT   COM     32000   9-14-85   7:01p
HELP     DAT     19565   3-03-86  10:43a
MACRO    DAT       720   1-18-86   9:11p
PARAMS   DAT       241  11-25-86  11:46a
DIALER   DAT      3130   1-22-86   9:18a
PC-VT    DOC    255378   8-08-86  11:18p
PC-VT    EXE     37498  12-07-86   1:46p
READ     ME       6420   1-12-87  10:55p
FILES286 TXT       715   1-27-87   2:46p
GO       BAT       443   1-27-87   2:48p
       10 file(s)     356110 bytes
                           0 bytes free