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Information about “ARCADE SERIES 3”

A really fine collection of colorful arcade games.  If you can't find a
game to suit you here, perhaps you're just not a game player.  This
collection of games for the color tube will catch and hold your
attention for hours.  They work well on the PCjr also.

File Descriptions:

3-DEMON  EXE  A fascinating 3D Packman type game.
3-DEMON  HI1  Score keeper for 3-DEMON.
PC-GOLF  EXE  Plays golf on your color tube.
PANGO    EXE  Use blocks to squish the bees before they get YOU. PANGO
HGH  Score keeper for PANGO.
KONG     EXE  Jump the barrels and watch out for the gorilla.
FORTUNE  EXE  Word game like Wheel of Fortune (mono).
PYRAMID  EXE  Climb the pyramid and the blocks change color.
PITFALL  EXE  Diving down a long pit but don't touch the walls (mono).


Disk No  293  Arcade Games                                        v1.1 DS2
This disk contains an assortment of excellent arcade type games.  The list
below gives an idea of what they are like.
3-DEMON  EXE+ Three-D Packman type game
3-DEMON  HI1  High Score file for 3-DEMON.EXE
BRICKS   EXE+ Break through a brick wall using ball and paddle
FORTUNE  EXE  Sophisticated version of Hangman
KONG     EXE+ Avoid the barrels while rescuing the fair maiden
PANGO    EXE+ Don't get stung in the garden
PANGO    HGH  High Score file for PANGO.EXE
PC-GOLF  EXE+ Golf game for the PC
PITFALL  EXE  Exciting arcade game for the monochrom monitor
PYRAMID  EXE+ Hop from square to square but beware of the snakes and springs
PC-SIG (Software Interest Group)
1030 East Duane Avenue, Suite D
Sunnyvale, CA  94086
(408) 730-9291

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0293

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

3-DEMON  EXE     59774  11-16-84   3:30p
3-DEMON  HI1       550   1-17-85   6:30p
BRICKS   EXE     18560   4-08-84   1:29p
FORTUNE  EXE     31616  11-05-84   7:18p
KONG     EXE     44800   9-03-84  12:48a
PANGO    EXE     29696  11-16-84   7:46p
PANGO    HGH       640   1-17-85   6:44p
PC-GOLF  EXE     51200  11-11-84   8:50p
PITFALL  EXE     28160  10-07-84   8:56p
PYRAMID  EXE     34176  12-02-84  12:27p
GO       BAT       431  10-01-86  11:47a
FILES293 TXT       992   9-29-86  11:29a
       12 file(s)     300595 bytes
                       17408 bytes free