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Information about “TAX-FILE”

TAX-FILE is a complete tax record keeping system written for
Ashton-Tate's dBASE II.  It enables a person to collect financial
records throughout the year and then print several reports making the
yearend tax job quick and easy.  The system keeps complete personal
records for all types of deductions and income.  Recording of business
related expenses is also included.The TAX-FILE makes use of the menu
approach for entering and editing data and has several built-in

System Requirements:  dBASEII software.

How to Start:  Access through dBASEII.

Suggested Registration:  $10.00 for registration and updated manual.

File Descriptions:

???      PRG  dBase programs for TAX-FILE
READ2    TXT  Notes on TAX-FILE
???      FRM  dBase report forms
???      MEM  dBase memory variable files
MENU     PRG  The main TAX-FILE menu
TAXFILE  DBF  Database for income tax record transactions
SALESTAX MEM  Memory variables for sales tax computation
CHKORDER FRM  Report form for check list in check number order
INTRCOST PRG  Program to report on the interest paid during the year
DIVILIST PRG  Program to list dividends earned
EDITINCO PRG  Program to edit income earned
POLICOST PRG  Runs report of political campaign contributions
PLACGONE FRM  Report form for overnight expense
MENUCHEK PRG  Checkbook menu
INCOFILE MEM  Memory variable for next income identification number
ADDINCO  PRG  Program to enter income earned
MILEGONE FRM  Report form for mileage traveled
ORGANIZE PRG  Program to organize files
MENUINCO PRG  Income menu
DIVDLIST FRM  Report form for list of dividend income received
FILELIST TXT  Text file describing the types of files used by TAX- FILE
TAINCOST PRG  Program to run report of business entertainment expenses
FILEDRIV MEM  Memory variable to store data drive letter
MANUAL   PRG  Prints order form for TAX-FILE manual on diskette
CHEKVIEW PRG  List checks in the system
TRAVEL   DBF  Database to record travel mileage and expenses
MENUMILE PRG  Travel menu
PRNTIT   PRG  Sets up printer
ADDRECD  PRG  Adds a payment
SALETAX  PRG  Computes sales tax
STOCKS   DBF  Database for stocks and bonds
ADDCHEK  PRG  Records a check
INTRPAID PRG  Runs report on interest paid
POLICOST FRM  Report form for political campaign contributions
BONDSTOK PRG  Report for securities bought and sold during the year
WORKCOST PRG  Report of non-entertainment business expenses
INCOME   DBF  Database for income earned
INCOME   FRM  Form for list of sources of income during the tax year
MISCLIST FRM  Form for printer list of miscellaneous deductions
CHECKS   DBF  Database for checks
SECURITY FRM  Form for list of securities purchased during the year
TAXLIST  FRM  Report form for list of tax deductible payments
READ     BAT  Batch file to read program description text files
INTRPAID FRM  Report form for interest paid
AUTOCOST FRM  Report form for business related automobile expenses
DONACOST FRM  Report form for charitable donations
TAXPAID  FRM  Report form for state taxes paid
MEDICOST FRM  Report form for medical costs
EDITCHEK PRG  Program to edit a check entry
COMPCOST FRM  Report form for computer related expenses
MEDIPAY  FRM  Form for list of mileage incurred with medical cost
TAINCOST FRM  Report form for business related entertainment costs
STOKLIST FRM  Report form for stock and bond list
MEDICAL  DBF  Database of medical deductions
INTRLIST PRG  Program to list interest earned
READ1    TXT  Second text file continuing program description
TAXCOST  PRG  Program to run report on state taxes paid
INTEREST PRG  Program to run report of interest expense incurred
DONATION PRG  Program to run report on charitable donations
MISCCOST PRG  Program to run report on miscellaneous deductions
COMPCOST PRG  Program to run report on computer related expenses
AUTOCOST PRG  Program to run report on business automobile expenses
TAXES    PRG  Program to run report on taxes that are deductible
TRANFILE MEM  Memory variable for next transaction number
EDITRECD PRG  Program to edit a payment
WORKCOST FRM  Report form for non-entertainment business expenses
MISCCOST FRM  Report form for list of miscellaneous deductible expenses
INTRLIST FRM  Report form for list of interest payments made to lenders
SETUP    PRG  Menu lists as sales tax setting, actually program setup
SALECOST PRG  Program to run report on sales tax paid
OTHRCOST PRG  Program to run report on miscellaneous deductions
INTRCOST FRM  Report form for list of interest expenses incurred
BUSICOST FRM  Report form for list of business expenses incurred
ADDSTOK  PRG  Report form to add a stock transaction to the database
CHKPAYEE FRM  Report form for check list in payee order
MENUREPT PRG  Report menu
DATABASE BAT  Batch file to setup data files on drive B for dual floppy
SETPRINT PRG  Program to set up printer
TAXDATA  MEM  Memory variable for tax year



  The files ending in .PRG are the program files that make TAX-FILE work.
  MENU.PRG is the main menu program.  The SETUP.PRG contains a brief
  message on setting up system.

  The files ending in .DBF are the data base files in which records
  are stored.  The main files are TAXFILE.DBF and CHECKS.DBF

  The files ending in .MEM are memory variable files and contain the
  transaction codes and the sales tax rate (set at .04).  The sales tax
  rate can be modified.  Run the SETUP.PRG program for information.

  The DATABASE.BAT transfers .DBF files to Drive B for TWO FLOPPY SYSTEM.

  The files ending in .FRM are the forms/reports files, which produce
  dBASE II generated lists from the various data bases which are
  created by ORGANIZE.PRG.

  The files ending in .TXT are text files that explain the TAX-FILE.
  They are not run in dBASE II.  ENTER "READ" at the A> to view files.


                           T A X - F I L E
                             Version 1.2
                        Copyrighted (C)  1985
                           by Peter T. Dyer

     The TAX-FILE software is a very complete TAX RECORD KEEPING system.
It enables a person with very little effort to collect records of income
and expenses and to assemble them in quick fashion in order to prepare
yearly income tax forms.

     The TAX-FILE requires that the user have available a copy of
dBASE II (copyrighted by Ashton-Tate).  At the "." prompt simply enter
DO MENU <RETURN>.  You will be taken directly into TAX-FILE.  It is
best to use TAX-FILE with a hard disk as the .DBF files grow large!

     The TAX-FILE makes use of the "MENU" approach for entering and
editing data.  It also has several built-in reports.  ESSENTIALLY, IF
BASIS (i.e., daily or weekly at least), AT THE END OF THE TAX YEAR THE
THE BUTTON!"  Relatively little time and effort, other than to write
the numbers on the tax forms, must be expended at "tax preparation time."


     While TAX-FILE organizes all the information into neat groups, adds
up the numbers, and prints reports, the user still has much control.  A
knowledge of the dBASE II query commands will add greatly to the utility
of the programs.  The author makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of
the data entered or of the results obtained.  The user should check his or
her work.  The user must also calculate taxes owed using tax tables
supplied by the Federal Internal Revenue Service.

     TAX-FILE software is distributed free to the public.  It may be
copied and given to a friend.  If a user wants to receive a complete
manual of instructions on diskette, and the latest update of TAX-FILE
software, it can be obtained by writing to the following:

                        PETER T. DYER
                        138 KUUHALE STREET
                        KAILUA, HI   96734

A donation of $10 to defray costs is appreciated if you wish to placed
in the registry and receive the latest UPDATE AND MANUAL for TAX-FILE.
Send your name, address, zipcode and your donation to the address above.

                M A H A L O   F R O M   H A W A I I  

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0295

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

ADDCHEK  PRG      1120   3-30-85   2:12p
ADDINCO  PRG      2048   3-17-85  11:18a
ADDRECD  PRG      4041   5-12-85   8:14a
ADDSTOK  PRG      2048   4-03-85   6:57a
ADJSTINC MEM       512   3-17-85  11:47a
AUTOCOST FRM       255   2-18-85   1:15p
AUTOCOST PRG      1539   3-09-85  10:42p
BONDSTOK PRG      3083   3-31-85   9:29a
BUSEXPEN MEM      1024   4-05-85   6:24a
BUSICOST FRM       245   2-18-85   1:10p
CHECKS   DBF      1024   4-05-85   6:16a
CHEKVIEW PRG      2656   3-19-85   5:28a
CHKORDER FRM       512   2-22-85   9:19a
CHKPAYEE FRM       512   2-22-85   9:21a
COMPCOST FRM       251   2-17-85   2:11p
COMPCOST PRG      1428   3-10-85   6:15a
DATABASE BAT       533   3-17-85  12:35p
DEDCTOT  MEM       512   3-17-85  11:47a
DIVDLIST FRM       512   2-27-85   9:54p
DIVILIST PRG      1587   3-18-85   8:42p
DONACOST FRM       227   2-18-85   1:11p
DONATION PRG      1516   3-09-85  10:40p
EDITCHEK PRG      2534   3-30-85   2:14p
EDITINCO PRG      3404   3-18-85   9:13p
EDITRECD PRG      5629   5-13-85   2:39a
EDITSTOK PRG      3584   4-03-85   7:00a
EXEMPT   MEM       512   3-17-85  11:46a
FILE1040 MEM      1536   3-17-85  11:47a
FILEDRIV MEM       512   1-01-80  12:02a
FILELIST TXT      1045   3-28-85   8:58p
FORM1040 PRG      7099   3-31-85   2:28p
FORM2106 PRG      4668   4-01-85   4:41a
FORMBUSI MEM      1536   3-28-85  10:34a
INCOFILE MEM       512   3-17-85   2:54p
INCOME   DBF      1024   4-05-85   6:19a
INCOME   FRM       512   2-17-85   3:56p
INCOME   MEM       512   4-05-85   6:23a
INTEREST PRG      1514   3-10-85   6:13a
INTRCOST FRM       244   2-18-85   1:12p
INTRCOST PRG       855   3-09-85  10:41p
INTRDIV  MEM       512   3-29-85   8:18a
INTREARN FRM       245   3-19-85   5:47a
INTRLIST FRM       512   2-18-85   5:53p
INTRLIST PRG      1588   3-19-85   5:36a
INTRPAID FRM       512   2-17-85   8:44p
INTRPAID PRG      1513   3-10-85   6:21a
MANUAL   PRG      2216   3-29-85   4:54a
MEDICAL  PRG      1505   3-09-85  10:41p
MEDICOST FRM       241   2-18-85   4:14p
MEDIPAY  FRM       512   2-17-85   7:04p
MENU     PRG      3016   5-25-85  11:14a
MENUCHEK PRG       798   3-31-85   4:34p
MENUDUPE PRG      5706   5-13-85   2:39a
MENUINCO PRG       951   5-12-85   5:53p
MENUMILE PRG      4302   3-29-85   4:24a
MENUPAY  PRG       775   5-12-85   6:18p
MENUREPT PRG      1882   3-29-85   4:38a
MENUSTOK PRG       729   3-31-85   4:32p
MILEGONE FRM       512   2-24-85   5:04p
MISCCOST FRM       258   2-18-85   2:24p
MISCCOST PRG      1521   3-10-85   6:26a
MISCLIST FRM       193   2-18-85   6:38p
NETINCO  MEM       512   3-10-85   6:29p
ORGANIZE PRG     25343   3-09-85   9:40p
OTHRCOST PRG      1520   3-10-85   6:28a
PLACGONE FRM       512   2-24-85   4:35p
POLICOST FRM       512   2-23-85   3:57p
POLICOST PRG       872   3-10-85   6:31a
PRNSCHB  PRG      2950   3-30-85   4:17p
PRNT1040 PRG     11305   4-01-85   4:06a
PRNT2106 PRG      3659   4-14-85   2:38p
PRNTFORM PRG      1228   3-30-85  10:52p
PRNTIT   PRG      2533   3-17-85  11:52a
PRNTSCHA PRG      6209   3-30-85  10:33p
PRNTSCHB PRG      3824   4-01-85   9:44p
PRNTSCHD PRG      4065   4-01-85   4:45a
READ     BAT        91   3-17-85  12:11p
READ1    TXT      1249   5-22-85   9:03p
READ2    TXT      1173   3-17-85   3:30p
SALECOST PRG      1512   3-10-85   6:31a
SALESTAX MEM       512   2-17-85   7:59p
SALETAX  PRG      1190   3-29-85   4:53a
SCHD1    PRG      4839   3-31-85   4:17p
SCHEDAMT MEM       512   3-17-85  11:47a
SCHED_A  PRG      7661   3-31-85   2:36p
SCHED_B  PRG      2108   3-30-85  10:45p
SECURITY FRM       512   5-07-84   5:59p
SELECT   MEM       512   1-01-80  12:28a
SETPRINT PRG      2414   3-10-85   8:18a
SETUP    PRG      1110   3-10-85   7:02a
STOCKS   DBF      1024   4-05-85   6:19a
STOKCONT MEM       512   4-05-85   6:21a
STOKLIST FRM       512   3-17-85   7:17p
SUMINCO  MEM       512   3-17-85  11:46a
TAINCOST FRM       261   2-17-85  11:22p
TAINCOST PRG       877   3-09-85  10:55p
TAXCOMPU PRG      6874   3-31-85   3:34p
TAXCOST  PRG      1517   3-09-85  10:47p
TAXDATA  MEM       512   4-05-85   6:22a
TAXES    PRG      1471   3-09-85  10:53p
TAXFILE  DBF      1024   5-22-85   8:52p
TAXFORM  PRG      3339   3-30-85  10:17p
TAXLIST  FRM       512   2-17-85  12:31p
TAXPAID  FRM       512   2-24-85   6:24p
TRANFILE MEM       512   4-05-85   6:20a
TRANINDX NDX      1024   5-22-85   8:52p
TRAVEL   DBF      1024   4-05-85   6:17a
WORKCOST FRM       233   2-22-85  10:01a
WORKCOST PRG      1446   3-09-85  10:49p
      109 file(s)     208553 bytes
                       59392 bytes free