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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #304)

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Information about “LOTUS WORKSHEETS #5”

Lotus 1-2-3 financial worksheets for a small business -- powerful enough
for the veteran 1-2-3 user, yet friendly to beginners.  Accounting
templates include a check book controller, cash flow managers, an EOQ
inventory mananger, depreciation and loan calculators.  The macro
library is sophisticated and requires reading of the included
File Descriptions:

ADC      WKS  ACRS Depreciation Calc.
ARC      WKS  Accounts receivable collections tracker.
CBB      WKS  Check book balancer.
CFM      WKS  Cash flow manager.
CDB      WKS  Cash disbursements.
EIO      WKS  EOQ inventory ordering.
CFP      WKS  Cash flow projection.
FFS      WKS  5-in-1 financial statement.
GCC      WKS  Growth capacity calculator.
IIB      WKS  Interactive income statement.
IRR      WKS  Internal rate-of-return.
LCT      WKS  Line-of-Credit tracker.
LNP      WKS  Loan payoff calculator.
LNA      WKS  Loan amortization.
MACRO_1  DOC  Documentation for MACLIB.WKS (5K).
MACLIB   WKS  Lotus 1-2-3 Macros Library-combined into most worksheets.
OLDBULL  DOC  Doc file of all bulletins from the Capitol PC BBS.
NVB      WKS  New venture budget.
QA1      WKS  Queue analysis (single-station service facility).
PVA      WKS  Price volume analysis.
STC      WKS  Statistics calculator.
RAR      WKS  Ratio analyzer.
QGN      WKS  Quote generator - form and tracker.
QAM      WKS  Queue analysis (multi-station service facility).

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0304

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

ADC      WKS      7936   6-20-84   2:34p
ARC      WKS      8832   6-20-84   2:36p
CBB      WKS     13312   6-16-84   1:48p
CDB      WKS     20864   6-19-84   2:40p
CFM      WKS      8192   6-19-84   2:42p
CFP      WKS     20608   6-19-84   2:47p
EIO      WKS      3840   6-20-84   2:37p
FFS      WKS     11008   6-16-84   2:01p
GCC      WKS      5888   6-20-84   2:41p
IIB      WKS     11264   6-16-84   2:03p
IRR      WKS      6656   6-19-84   2:55p
LCT      WKS      9088   6-19-84   2:54p
LNA      WKS     12288   6-19-84   2:50p
LNP      WKS      3072   6-19-84   2:51p
MACLIB   WKS     12800   6-16-84   1:58p
MACRO_1  DOC      5120   6-16-84   1:54p
NVB      WKS     10624   6-20-84   2:47p
OLDBULL  DOC     19456   6-16-84   1:52p
PVA      WKS      3840   6-20-84   2:48p
QA1      WKS      3200   6-20-84   2:43p
QAM      WKS      5888   6-20-84   2:44p
QGN      WKS     20736   6-20-84   2:52p
RAR      WKS      7424   6-19-84   2:57p
STC      WKS      9728   6-20-84   2:40p
       24 file(s)     241664 bytes
                       72704 bytes free