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Information about “PC-FASTYPE”

Don't let your lack of speed at the keyboard make computing a drag for
you.  Try this graphics-oriented, menu-driven touch-typing instructor
for typists of all skill levels.  Improve your keyboard typing speed and

Keyboard displays of both the AT-Style keyboard and the 101-key Enhanced
Keyboard are provided.  Also available are keyboard images for the Old-
Style IBM PC the Tandy-1000 and the BTC-5339.  Use the self-paced
drills and exercises to refresh old skills and learn new ones. Customize
your drills by selecting the keys YOU want to learn. Import your own
text files for additional typing exercises.  After each test, check out
your score on words per minute, number of errors made and other data
concerning your typing performance.


Disk No:  320                                                           
Disk Title: PC-FastType/CGA                                             
PC-SIG Version: S3.6                                                    
Program Title: PC-FASTYPE/CGA                                           
Author Version: 4.1                                                     
Author Registration: $25.00                                             
Special Requirements: CGA.                                              
Don't let your lack of speed at the keyboard make computing a drag for  
you.  Try this graphics-oriented, menu-driven touch-typing instructor   
for typists of ALL skill levels. Improve your keyboard typing speed and 
Keyboard displays of both the old-style PC and the enhanced 101-key     
layouts are available for your monitor.  Also provided are images for   
the Tandy 1000, Toshiba-3100 and T1200 laptop, the Zenith Z-171 and the 
IBM-AT.  Use the self-paced drills and lessons to refresh old skills and
learn new ones.  After each test, check out your score on words per     
minute, number of errors made and other data concerning your            
1030D East Duane Avenue                                                 
Sunnyvale  Ca. 94086                                                    
(408) 730-9291                                                          
(c) Copyright 1989 PC-SIG, Inc.                                         


║                   <<<<  Disk No 320  PC-FASTYPE  >>>>                   ║
║ To run the program on an AT KEYBOARD, type ATFT (press enter)           ║
║ To run the program on an ENHANCED KEYBOARD, type ENFT (press enter)     ║
║                                                                         ║
║ To print information about the program, type:  COPY README.TXT PRN      ║


     PC-FASTYPE(Tm)                   Copyright 1990 Trendtech Corporation

                     Welcome to PC-FASTYPE/CGA Version 4.1

          PC-FASTYPE/CGA is a typing tutorial program SPECIFICALLY designed
     for IBM-PC and PS/2 styled keyboards on computers running under
     MS-DOS.  The quick-start instructions below will get you going right

          PC-FASTYPE/CGA also requires COLOR.  You MUST have a
     Color/Graphics Adapter Card (CGA) or equivalent (EGA/VGA) on your
     computer or PC-FASTYPE/CGA won't work.

          If your PC is not equipped for color graphics display, then you
     should be using PC-FASTYPE/MONO which can be run on any PC without
     regard to the type of monitor attached.  It uses character-based line-
     graphics to simulate the screen keyboard display.  Contact us for more
     information about PC-FASTYPE/MONO.

          PC-FASTYPE/CGA is distributed on one 360KB 5.25" floppy, or one
     720KB 3.50" mini-floppy and requires the following minimum equipment
     to run properly:

          o  IBM PC, XT, PS/2, 286, 386, or IBM Compatible
          o  MS-DOS - All versions from 2.0 and up
          o  256KB Memory
          o  Color Graphics capability (CGA/EGA/VGA)
          o  1 Floppy disk drive; 3.5" or 5.25"
          o  Keyboard: either the 101-Key Enhanced with the bar-shaped
             enter key, or the AT-Style with the large L-shaped enter key.

     TO LOAD:
     From Floppy Disk Drive: Place the disk in drive A: and type:

            ENFT to start PC-FASTYPE/CGA with the 101-Key Enhanced keyboard
            ATFT to start PC-FASTYPE/CGA with the AT-Style keyboard

          followed by the ENTER key.  For example, the command:

                         A:> enft <enter>

          will start PC-FASTYPE/CGA from the A: floppy drive for the 101-
     Key Enhanced keyboard.

     Fixed Disk Drive: First create a sub-directory then copy the entire
     contents of the disk to the new directory. Change to the new directory
     and type ENFT or ATFT followed by the ENTER key.

     TO RUN:
     INFORMATION SCREEN.  After these screens are displayed and the tables
     loaded, the Main Menu will be displayed.  The menu selector bar will
     be resting on the 'Begin Typing' selection.  Just press the Enter key
     or function key F10 to start a typing drill of the HOME keys.  To
     return to the Main Menu during typing,  press the Escape key.

          For DRILLS:  Place the fingers of each hand on the home keys
     (ASDF JKL;) and type each letter as you are prompted for it.  The
     program selects the letters randomly.  The number of characters you
     have to successfully type is displayed before you start.  When the
     drill is finished your WPM and other statistics will be displayed in
     the text panel.

          For EXERCISES:  lines of text will be displayed above the screen
     keyboard; type each character pointed to by the house-shaped cursor
     (⌂) and when you reach the  symbol or end of the line, press the
     enter key (for "carriage-return"), or the space bar.  When you finish
     typing the exercise your WPM and other statistics will be displayed in
     the text panel.

          Use the arrow keys (cursor keys) to move the menu selector bar up
     and down the menu.  Select the drill, exercise, or option by pressing
     the enter key when the item you want is highlighted by the menu
     selector bar.  You can use the function keys as a short-cut.

            There are 5 drill, exercise, and feature selection menus and 3
            sub-menus for selecting additional keys to learn.  The primary
            menus can be displayed by pressing function keys F1 to F5
            anytime while the screen keyboard is displayed.

          <Esc>ape key:
            Pressing the Escape key anytime during a drill or exercise will
            cause the drill or exercise to terminate and your current WPM
            to be displayed; pressing the Escape key again will display the
            menu where you started the exercise.

            ALL menus have the QuickHELP Facility available.  For all
            menus, the function key F1 is always the HELP key.  When you
            select HELP, a QuickHELP Facility  Menu will be displayed; the
            selector bar will rest on the item matching your help request.
            Follow the instructions given on the bottom of the menu.

          You are licensed to operate PC-FASTYPE/CGA on your PC for testing
     and evaluation as to its usefulness to you, on a trial basis for 30
     days.  We believe this to be a fair and equitable time period for
     evaluation and we trust your good judgement and sense of fair play in
     making a decision regarding registration.

          PC-FASTYPE/CGA will work on a PC equipped with a Hercules
     Monochrome Graphics Adaptor card IF you also use a Color Graphics
     (CGA) emulator program for the Hercules called "HGCIBM".   This CGA
     emulator program can be purchased from most disk vendors.  You can
     also purchase it from Trendtech Corporation for $10.00.  Just let us
     know when you register, and include the additional cost with your
     registration fee.

          If your PC is equipped with the older "classic" style PC
     keyboard, the one with the vertical ENTER key and the too-far-spaced
     shift keys, we have a keyboard display you can use with this version
     of PC-FASTYPE/CGA.  Let us know if you want this keyboard display, and
     include an additional $5.00 when you register.

          The PC-FASTYPE/CGA User Guide is included on this disk as a self-
     extracting 'ZIP' file.  This means the User Guide text has been
     'compressed' to save space on the disk.

     How To 'UN-COMPRESS' The User Guide:
          ZIP'd files can be 'un-compressed', or reconstructed without the
     need for special programs.   A self-extracting ZIP file is an
     executable file with a .EXE extension.  By simply typing in the name
     of the self-extracting ZIP file, the User Guide reconstruction process
     will be performed.  To view or print the PC-FASTYPE/CGA User Guide
     perform the following simple steps:

          1. Copy the file named FTDOC.EXE to your hard disk or
             to another floppy.  (If you try to uncompress the
             file on THIS disk you will run out of space.)
          2. Make that drive the default drive, and at the prompt
             type in the following command:

                         ftdoc <enter key>

             and the User Guide will extract itself into a
             printable, plain text document.
          3. You will now have a file called FASTYPE.DOC on your
             disk. Verify this by typing 'DIR FASTYPE.DOC' at the

          4. To print the User Guide on your printer, first make
             sure you have enough paper - the User Guide is about
             50 pages long.  Be sure your printer is turned ON,
             and the first page is positioned at top-of-form.
             Then type the following command at the prompt:

                    copy fastype.doc prn  <enter key>

          5. Your printer will print the PC-FASTYPE/CGA User
             Guide on about fifty pages of paper.

          Inquiries can be telephoned to (201) 694-8622; if there's no
     answer, please leave a message on the answering machine along with
     your name, address and daytime phone number, the version number of
     PC-FASTYPE/CGA you are using, and a short message.  You will be
     contacted with a reply.

          If today's date is a year or more later than the file dates on
     this distribution disk than please contact Trendtech Corporation for
     information about the current version of PC-FASTYPE/CGA.  Shareware
     tends to "acquire a life of its own" once it's distributed; not all
     vendors will bother to acquire the latest version from the author.
     That is why you should buy Shareware from a disk vendor who is an
     authorized "Associate Member of the A.S.P."

          You can only be sure of getting a top-quality virus-free version
     of any ASP Shareware product by obtaining your copy directly from the
     author, or from a disk vendor who is an Associate Member of the
     Association of Shareware Professionals, or from a reputable BBS
     service.  Be suspicious of any program you download from a BBS whose
     file dates or copyright notices are more than two years old; if it's a
     Shareware product, contact the author directly for information about
     current versions.

          You can print this readme file to your printer by simply issuing
     the following MS-DOS command at the prompt:

          1. First insert the PC-FASTYPE/CGA disk in drive A.
          2. Then make sure your printer is turned on and the paper
             is set at top-of-form.
          3. Type:
                         COPY  A:README.TXT  PRN: <cr>

          ** PC-FASTYPE is a trademark of Trendtech Corporation, Inc.
             Copyright 1983-1990 by Trendtech Corporation, Wayne, NJ
                               All Rights Reserved


          PC-FASTYPE/CGA - Version 4.1  -  BBS Sysop Documentation

     Copyright 1990, TRENDTECH CORPORATION,  All Rights Reserved.
     Published by Trendtech Corporation, P.O. Box 3687, Wayne, NJ

     This file provides information for bulletin board Sysops who wish
     to distribute PC-FASTYPE/CGA via their BBS systems.

     We explicitly permit uploads of the Shareware version of
     PC-FASTYPE/CGA to BBS systems.  Uploading the registered version is
     not permitted.  If you have any question as to whether the version
     which has been uploaded to your BBS is Shareware, simply run
     PC-FASTYPE/CGA and observe the title screen.  If the text to the
     right of the title screen says "Unregistered Evaluation Copy", and
     the next screen is the SHAREWARE INFORMATION screen, then it is the
     Shareware version. Anything else should be considered a registered
     version and discarded.

     Please note, if your BBS is associated with a commercial or user-
     group Shareware library which distributes disks for a fee, you must
     obtain permission in writing from Trendtech Corporation BEFORE
     placing PC-FASTYPE/CGA in the library.  See the file VENDOR.DOC for
     distribution details.  This restriction does not affect your
     permission to place PC-FASTYPE/CGA on your BBS as long as you are
     not charging a fee for its distribution. (other than normal user
     fees for general use of your board).

     If you have any questions about PC-FASTYPE please contact us by any
     of the following methods:

     CompuServe     76210,771
     Voice          (201) 694-8622, days Eastern U.S. time
     US Mail        Trendtech Corporation
                    P.O. Box 3687
                    Wayne, NJ  07470

     An uploaded copy of PC-FASTYPE should normally include the
     following files when everything is uncompressed:

          README.BAT   - Program to display README.TXT
          README.TXT   - Quick start instructions
          FTDOC.EXE    - User Guide; Self-extracting ZIP file
          ENFT.BAT     - START -  using the 101-Key Keyboard
          ATFT.BAT     - START -  using the AT-Style Keyboard
          CFASTYPE.EXE - The PC-FASTYPE executable program
          H01.HLP      - QuickHELP Facility files
          H02.HLP      -      "
          H03.HLP      -      "
          H04.HLP      -      "
          H05.HLP      -      "
          H06.HLP      -      "
          H07.HLP      -      "
          H08.HLP      -      "
          H09.HLP      -      "
          H10.HLP      -      "
          FT32.TYP     - Exercise Files
          FT33.TYP     -      "
          FT34.TYP     -      "
          FT35.TYP     -      "
          FT36.TYP     -      "
          FT42.TYP     -      "
          FT43.TYP     -      "
          FT44.TYP     -      "
          FORTUNE1.TYP - Sample file for the TYPE YOUR OWN TEXT Option
          FTCV4.GCP    - PC-FASTYPE General Control Parameters
          ATKBSCRN.FIL - Graphics file for AT-STYLE Keyboard
          ENKBSCRN.FIL - Graphics file for 101-Key Keyboard
          VENDOR.DOC   - VENDOR Information
          SYSOP.DOC    - BBS distribution info for Sysops (this file)

     If one or more of the above files are missing, please contact
     Trendtech Corporation (201) 694-8622 and tell us the problem.


          You can use any good quality archiving software to compress
     the PC-FASTYPE/CGA product.  We strongly recommend PKZIP from
     PKware,  especially since PC-FASTYPE's documentation file was
     compressed using PKSFX, which creates a self-extracting executable.


     The following archived file name should be used for PC-FASTYPE/CGA
     distribution on BBS's:


                              where xxx is the archive used;
                              i.e. .ZIP,  .ARC,  .LHZ,  .ZOO, etc...

     Short Description:

     PCFTC41.xxx PC-FASTYPE/CGA V4.1 Typing Tutorial (ASP)

     Long Description:

     PCFTC41.xxx PC-FASTYPE/CGA V4.1 Typing Tutorial (ASP)

     PC-FASTYPE/CGA is an easy-to-use menu-driven interactive typing
     tutorial designed for use by computer enthusiasts who wish to
     improve their typing skills on IBM PC's and compatibles running the
     MS-DOS Operating System.  The program displays a color image of the
     keyboard and prompts you to use the correct keys. You must have
     color graphics (CGA/EGA/VGA) capability.

                           ** End of SYSOP.DOC **


                  VENDOR.DOC file for PC-FASTYPE(Tm) Products

                        by  Trendtech Corporation, Inc.

     PC-FASTYPE/CGA  - Typing Tutorial for PC's equipped with CGA/EGA/VGA
     PC-FASTYPE/MONO - Typing Tutorial for laptops, portables, and systems
                       equipped with a monochrome monitor.

          The copying restrictions listed in this file apply to any
     individual, organization, user group, or business that charges ANY fee
     for the distribution of the Shareware versions of the PC-FASTYPE
     products produced by Trendtech Corporation.  PC-FASTYPE products and
     their associated typing exercise files, documentation, and help files
     are NOT in the public domain.  All programs and data files are
     Copyright 1990 by Trendtech Corporation, Inc., Wayne, New Jersey,
     U.S.A.  PC-FASTYPE is a trademark of Trendtech Corporation, Inc.
     Distribution restriction rights are claimed under that copyright and
     are outlined below.

       - No organization may sell the Shareware versions of PC-FASTYPE
       products without prior written permission from Trendtech
       Corporation, Inc., the copyright holder.  To apply for such
       permission send a written request to:

                    Trendtech Corporation
                    PC-FASTYPE Distribution
                    P.O. Box 3687
                    Wayne, New Jersey 07474-3687

          Vendor standards expected of distributors will be forwarded for
     your  examination and agreement.  These standards are summarized in
     this  file.  The vendor standards are based on those established for
     vendor associate members of the Association of Shareware
     Professionals.  ASP vendor members will be granted permission to
     distribute PC-FASTYPE; if you are already a member of ASP, please
     mention it in your request for distribution.

          Vendors may only distribute the "Shareware Version" disks.  These
     disks are created specifically for disk vendors, BBS distribution,
     clubs, and resellers.  They can usually be identified by the words
     "Shareware Version" on the initial opening screen, and/or a Shareware
     message on the last screen.  Please note, these are NOT crippled
     versions of the program.  The ONLY difference between the "Shareware
     Version" disks and the fully registered version are the Shareware
     information screens and messages.

     You may distribute PC-FASTYPE products on the following terms:

     - PC-FASTYPE products,  when listed in vendors' catalogs,
       advertisements, brochures, mailers, etc. must be named "PC-FASTYPE"
       and not some other pseudonym like "Typing Tutor", "Touchtype",
       "Typing Teacher", or just "Fastype".  Use of any other name than
       "PC-FASTYPE" will constitute cause for revocation of vendor's
       distribution rights.

               Suggested names:
                    PC-FASTYPE/CGA - Typing Tutorial
                    PC-FASTYPE/MONO - Typing Tutorial

     - PC-FASTYPE/CGA, when listed in vendor's catalogs, advertisements,
       brochures, mailers, etc. must include the requirement for color
       graphics, usually expressed as "requires CGA".

     - PC-FASTYPE/MONO, when listed in vendor's catalogs, advertisements,
       brochures, mailers, etc. may optionally state it is the MONOCHROME
       version of PC-FASTYPE/CGA and will run on a PC equipped with ANY
       kind of monitor.

     - PC-FASTYPE products may NOT be sold as part of some other more
       inclusive package without the express written permission of
       Trendtech Corporation.

     - PC-FASTYPE products must not be distributed with other Shareware or
       public domain programs on the same floppy disk without permission
       from Trendtech Corp.  However, PC-FASTYPE may be included in
       libraries sold on CD-ROM disks.

     - Under no conditions will PC-FASTYPE products be "rented" or leased
       to others.

     - Printed copies of the exercise files and User Guide may not be
       distributed in any form without a license from Trendtech

     - Any distribution of PC-FASTYPE products over bulletin boards and/or
       national  telecommunication services will be limited to distributing
       a single archived file containing the contents of the entire
       distribution disk and NO charge above the standard charge for
       connect time will be allowed.

          The SINGLE-USER Registration Fee for PC-FASTYPE is $25.00 in U.S.
     Funds.  Shipping and Handling is an additional $3.00 for domestic
     customers, $5.00 for Canada customers, and $10.00 for overseas
     customers.  Payment may be with VISA or MASTERCARD, postal money
     order, and checks, in which the amount must be expressed in U.S. Funds
     and drawn on a U.S. Bank.  Site licenses and Right-to-copy licenses
     are also available.  Authorized Purchase Orders will be accepted for
     all licenses. Write to Trendtech for General Licensing Provisions and
     fee schedules.


          The following are suggested product names and descriptions that
     can be used in vendor catalogs, brochures, ads, mailings, etc.

      - Short Description:

     PC-FASTYPE/MONO V1.1 Typing Tutorial (ASP)

     Typing tutorial for PC's equipped with monochrome monitors.  Ideal for
     laptops, and portables. Same functionality as PC-FASTYPE/CGA.

      - Long Description:

     PC-FASTYPE/MONO V1.1 Typing Tutorial (ASP)

     PC-FASTYPE/MONO is an easy-to-use menu-driven interactive typing
     tutorial designed for use by computer enthusiasts who wish to improve
     their typing skills on IBM PC's and compatibles running the MS-DOS
     Operating System.  The program displays a character graphics image of
     the keyboard and prompts you to use the correct keys. You can have any
     kind of monitor (color or mono) to run this program.  Ideal for
     laptops and portables.


      - Short Description:

     Typing tutorial for PC's equipped with CGA-compatible color monitor
     (EGA/VGA).  Color image of keyboard displayed on screen.

      - Long Description:
     PC-FASTYPE/CGA V4.1 Typing Tutorial (ASP)

     PC-FASTYPE/CGA is an easy-to-use menu-driven interactive typing
     tutorial designed for use by computer enthusiasts who wish to improve
     their typing skills on IBM PC's and compatibles running the MS-DOS
     Operating System.  The program displays a color image of the keyboard
     and prompts you to use the correct keys. You must have color graphics
     (CGA/EGA/VGA) capability.



     The following is a summary of ASP vendor standards.  This summary is
     just that, a summary, and is not to be taken as a statement of the
     entire set of ASP standards.


       All vendor advertisements and brochures must state that "Shareware
     programs require separate payment to authors if found useful."  This
     statement must immediately follow the price or be tied to the price
     via an asterisk.


       Vendors will attempt to educate users on the nature of Shareware.
     The  following points must be covered in any catalog of disks:

       -  The fee paid to the vendor is a copying and distribution charge
          and does not cover the cost of the program itself.

       -  If the user finds a Shareware program to be of use, he/she is
          expected to send the registration fee to the author.

       -  Registration entitles the user to various rights and benefits
          (depending on the author).  These range from the legal right to
          continue using the software, to printed documentation and/or
          higher levels of service.


       -  Vendors will respect the copyright and all distribution
          restrictions made by individual authors, usually found in the
          file VENDOR.DOC [this file] on the disk.

       -  Vendors will provide a written notice covering the three concepts
          above with all Shareware programs shipped.  If disks are pre-
          packaged, the notice must be on a visible part of the package.

       -  Vendors will not change or delete ANY files supplied with the
          program unless authorized by the author.  Small additions
          designed to assist the user may be added if the author does not
          specifically prohibit such action.

       -  Vendors agree to stop distributing a program, including earlier
          versions, if requested by the author.

          Again, the above is a SUMMARY of the ASP vendor standards.  In
     order to distribute PC-FASTYPE products you must agree to abide by
     these standards whether you are an ASP member or not.  If you are
     interested in becoming an ASP-approved vendor, please contact:

                  Association of Shareware Professionals
                  Vendor Certification Committee
                  P.O. Box 5786
                  Bellevue, WA 98006

          We strongly recommend you consider becoming an ASP approved
     vendor if you have not already done so.  The ASP vendor member program
     reduces the workload for both authors and vendors alike, and helps
     give customers confidence that reasonable standards are met in the
     distribution of Shareware products.


          To those organizations given permission to distribute PC-FASTYPE
     products, Trendtech Corporation will forward a Vendor Master
     Distribution disk.  Automatic updates will be provided to
     organizations when registrations can be traced to that organization.
     Updates will be offered to other approved organizations on a case-by-
     case basis.

                       ____|__     |      MEMBER
                    --|       |    |-------------------
                      |   ____|__  |  Association of
                      |  |       |_|  Shareware
                      |__|   o   |    Professionals
                    -----|   |   |---------------------
                         |___|___|                 (R)

          PC-FASTYPE/CGA and PC-FASTYPE/MONO are produced by Trendtech
     Corporation, a member of the Association of Shareware Professionals
     (ASP).  ASP wants to make sure the Shareware principle works for you.
     If you are unable to resolve a Shareware-related problem with an ASP
     member by contacting the member directly, ASP may be able to help.
     The ASP Ombudsman can help you resolve a dispute or problem with an
     ASP member, but does not provide technical support for members'
     products.  Please write to the ASP Ombudsman at P.O. Box 5786,
     Bellevue, WA 98006 or send a CompuServe message via Easyplex to ASP
     Ombudsman 70007,3536.

     The ASP logo is a registered trademark of the Association of Shareware

                           *** End of VENDOR.DOC ***

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0320

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

README   BAT       249   5-01-90
README   TXT      9971   5-01-90
REGISTER FRM      9016   5-01-90
FTDOC    EXE     42950   5-01-90
ENFT     BAT       153   5-01-90
ATFT     BAT       144   5-01-90
CFASTYPE EXE    108703   5-01-90
H01      HLP      5448   5-01-90
H02      HLP      4605   5-01-90
H03      HLP      6136   5-01-90
H04      HLP      4957   5-01-90
H05      HLP      3575   5-01-90
H06      HLP      3721   5-01-90
H07      HLP      1752   5-01-90
H08      HLP      1434   5-01-90
H09      HLP      1623   5-01-90
H10      HLP     10077   5-01-90
FT32     TYP      4571   5-01-90
FT33     TYP      5323   5-01-90
FT34     TYP      5045   5-01-90
FT35     TYP      5995   5-01-90
FT36     TYP      2856   5-01-90
FT42     TYP      3729   5-01-90
FT43     TYP      4345   5-01-90
FT44     TYP      5580   5-01-90
FORTUNE1 TYP     12696   5-01-90
FTCV4    GCP      8464   5-01-90
ATKBSCRN FIL     22770   5-01-90
ENKBSCRN FIL     22770   5-01-90
VENDOR   DOC     11690   5-01-90
SYSOP    DOC      4762   5-01-90
GO       BAT        38  10-19-87   3:56p
GO       TXT       617   1-16-90   4:30p
FILE0320 TXT      1999   5-24-90   3:39p
       34 file(s)     337764 bytes
                        8192 bytes free