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Information about “PHRASE CRAZE”

A word game that's great fun for the whole family. If you've ever seen
``Wheel of Fortune'' on TV, then you already know how to play PHRASE
CRAZE.  (Sorry, Vanna is NOT included.)

This is a phrase-guessing game where you fill in letters as outlined on
the screen in a series of words that make up a well-known phrase.  Can I
have an ``R'', please?


Disk No  385
Program Title: Phrase Craze version 2.0
PC-SIG version 2

This is a phrase guessing game where you fill in a series of phrases
outlined on the screen. This game is somewhat like the television show
Wheel of Fortune.

Usage:  Entertainment.

System Requirements:  None.

How to Start:  Type CRAZE (press enter).

Suggested Registration:  $35.00

File Descriptions:

PHRASE   EXE  Program for in-game explanation of PHRASE CRAZE.
EXPLAIN  EXE  Program to provide choice of game options.
CRAZE    EXE  Program for actual play of PHRASE CRAZE.
RANGE         File to store player scores and other data.
DATA          File containing the game phrases.
CMNT          File containing the explanations of phrases.
PHRASE   DOC  Brief documentation file.
PHRASE   TXT  File descriptions.

1030D E Duane Avenue
Sunnyvale Ca. 94086
(408) 730-9291
(c) Copyright 1987,1988 PC-SIG, Inc.


║                  <<<<  Disk No 385  Phrase Craze  >>>>                  ║
║                                                                         ║
║   To print the documentation, type:                                     ║
║                  MANUAL (press enter)                                   ║
║                                                                         ║
║   To run the program, type:                                             ║
║                  CRAZE (press enter)                                    ║
║                                                                         ║


                       PHRASE CRAZE  Version 2.0                               
               (C) Copyright Excelsior Software 1985,1986                      
                           ISBN 0-944258-00-X                                  
                       A "User Supported" Program                              
                           Excelsior Software                                  
                              P. O. Box 226                                    
                          New Milford, NJ 07646                                
    This disk contains the following programs and data files necessary         
    to run  PHRASE CRAZE:                                                      
    PHRASE CRAZE may be loaded and run under DOS (when the prompt   A>         
    appears)  by typing the word    PHRASE    and pressing the Enter           
    key.  Complete instructions on playing PHRASE CRAZE may be obtained        
    after the program is loaded by following the instructions displayed        
    on the screen.                                                             
    PHRASE CRAZE was developed for the IBM PC, and will run under 128K         
    of RAM with one disk drive and a monochrome or color monitor.              
    PHRASE CRAZE will run on a true compatible, but, sorry to say, it          
    will not run on a system equipped with a Hercules graphics card.           
    We do not know of any errors in the program, but would appreciate          
    your writing to us if you do experience any problems with it.              
    This includes letting us know of any misspellings of the phrases           
    on the disk which, again, we are not currently aware of.                   
    PHRASE CRAZE will also run on the PCjr with an 80 column display.          
    However, it should be noted that in early testing on the PCjr, an          
    "out of memory" error occurred under certain circumstances following       
    the play of a round of games.  This error has not been corrected.          
    Additionally, some modification has been made to this early tested         
    version, and further testing on the PCjr has not been done.  We            
    would appreciate being informed of any errors that might be found          
    when running the program on the PCjr.                                      
    Since this version of the program is "User Supported" we invite you        
    to try the program and freely make copies to distribute to anyone          
    you think might be interested.  If you like the program, we request        
    you further the "User Supported" concept by purchasing a copy of the       
    enhanced version, described below, but neither you, nor anyone you         
    provide a copy of this standard version to, is obliged to do so.           
    Even if you do not purchase the enhanced version, we would still           
    appreciate your providing copies of this version to others so that         
    they may enjoy the program and pass it on to others in turn.               
    For the nominal sum of thirty five dollars, you can purchase the           
    enhanced version of PHRASE CRAZE with several added features.  (If         
    you've already paid for this standard version, you can deduct five         
    dollars from the price of the enhanced version.  See the end of this       
    document for details).  For your money, you'll get the enhanced            
    version of PHRASE CRAZE with all of the following features:                
      1.  The phrases in this version are just a sample of what is             
          available in the enhanced version.  The enhanced version             
          contains over six hundred phrases - more than a dozen                
          phrases in the enhanced version for every phrase in this             
          standard version.  And many of the phrases are followed by           
          informative and highly interesting explanations.                     
          For example, there's:                                                
                 History - Can you name someone who was executed for           
                           committing treason against the United States?       
                           (It's probably not who you think it is).            
               Geography - Do you know what city is on the Kowloon             
                           Peninsula? - or where Patagonia is? - or            
                           where East Chicago is?  (No, it's not in            
                  Sports - What was the cause of the exclamation "Say          
                           it ain't so, Joe!"?                                 
              Literature - What was the source for the title of the            
                           Hemingway novel "For Whom the Bell Tolls"?          
                  Poetry - Who wrote "For a woman is only a woman,             
                           but a good cigar is a smoke"?                       
                Business - Who said "Any color, as long as it's black",        
                           and what was he talking about?                      
                Politics - What famous politically-inspired event              
                           occurred at Weehawken, New Jersey?                  
                  Trivia - Who is Punxsutawny Phil and why is he so            
          All the answers are in the enhanced version of PHRASE CRAZE,         
          and there's a lot more besides.                                      
      2.  The enhanced version of PHRASE CRAZE offers you considerably         
          more features when you add your own phrases to the disk.  In         
          the enhanced version...                                              
             A.  You can add any number of your own phrases to the disk,       
          limited only by the capacity of the disk itself.                     
             B.  You can edit the phrases you have added - modifying or        
          deleting individual phrases.                                         
             C.  You can list, to the screen or printer, the phrases           
          you have added.                                                      
             D.  Finally, you can play the phrases you have added in           
          any one of three ways:                                               
                 a. Sequentially, in the order you entered them (as in         
                    this standard version).                                    
                 b. In a random order, as selected by the program.             
                 c. Interspersed among the phrases that are supplied           
                    with the program (so you won't know if they are            
                    your phrases or ours).                                     
                 And you can switch between these options any time             
          you choose.                                                          
      3.  The enhanced PHRASE CRAZE executes with the "run-time module"        
          which we supply as part of your purchase.  With the run-time         
          module, programs load much faster than with this version.            
          You will notice this when initially loading the program and          
          when one program module is chaining another.  It will make           
          playing PHRASE CRAZE that much more enjoyable.                       
      4.  Because programs with the run-time module are considerably           
          smaller than those that do not use it, we are able to                
          include another program module that allows you to play the           
          "special multi-player game".  In this game, two or more players      
          can each add their own set of five phrases to play against each      
          other.  This option is described in the in-game explanation          
          that you can obtain after PHRASE CRAZE is loaded.  Suffice it        
          to say here that it's a lot of fun if you give it a try.             
      5.  The enhanced version of PHRASE CRAZE contains a number of            
          additional features that add up to a whole lot of fun.  We'll        
          leave it to you to find and enjoy these features when you            
          play the enhanced version.                                           
  That's it.  We hope you'll find that enough reason to support our            
  efforts on PHRASE CRAZE by purchasing the enhanced version.  But             
  whatever you do, we would like to hear from you with any comments            
  or suggestions you might have.                                               
  We don't want you to have to pay twice for PHRASE CRAZE, so if you've        
  purchased this disk from any of the user-supported program distributors,     
  as opposed to obtaining a copy of PHRASE CRAZE from a friend, you can        
  deduct five dollars from the purchase price.  Just write in the box at       
  the bottom of the order form the name of the organization that you           
  purchased the PHRASE CRAZE disk from and the enhanced version is yours       
  for thirty dollars.                                                          
  The following is for your convenience in ordering the enhanced version       
  of PHRASE CRAZE.  We hope you'll try it - we know you'll enjoy it!           
  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -        
                   ENHANCED PHRASE CRAZE PROGRAM ORDER FORM                    
  To: Excelsior Software                                                       
      P. O. Box 226                                                            
      New Milford, NJ 07646                                                    
          Enclosed is thirty five dollars for the purchase of the              
          enhanced version of PHRASE CRAZE with all the features               
          mentioned above.                                                     
  Ship To: ________________________________________________________            
              The enhanced version of PHRASE CRAZE requires                    
                      256K RAM and DOS 2.0 or later.                           
              New Jersey residents please add 6% sales tax.                    
     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .           
     .                                                             .           
     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .           
  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -        


Disk No.             PHRASE CRAZE                                  v2.0
PHRASE    EXE   Program for in-game explanation of PHRASE CRAZE
EXPLAIN   EXE   Program to provide choice of game options
CRAZE     EXE   Program for actual play of PHRASE CRAZE
RANGE           File to store player scores and other data
DATA            File containing the game phrases
CMNT            File containing the explanations of phrases
PHRASE    DOC   Brief documentation file

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0385

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

CMNT             47952   6-24-88   4:56p
CRAZE    EXE    108984   6-11-88   6:25p
DATA              2450   6-13-88   9:21p
EXPLAIN  EXE     63858   6-11-88   6:24p
FILES385 TXT       928   8-18-88   2:44p
GO       BAT        38  10-19-87   3:56p
GO       TXT       848   7-22-88   3:52p
MANUAL   BAT        77   7-22-88   3:54p
PHRASE   DOC     15553   6-24-88   5:36p
PHRASE   EXE     80762   6-24-88   5:00p
PHRASE   TXT       687   6-15-88   7:55p
RANGE              384   6-20-88   9:24p
       12 file(s)     322521 bytes
                       33792 bytes free