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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #389)

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Information about “HOME BUDGET WORK SHEETS”

Pam's Home Budget Template for LOTUS 123 is well designed for managing
personal and household finances.  This disk contains 12 monthly files,
complete with expense management for tax purposes.  Because the files
are standalone files, only 256k RAM is necessary.  Each file is macro-
drive and easy to use.  Because of the size of the files, the disk is
quite full.  Therefore, it is recommended that you copy half the files
to a work disk for more efficient disk management.  The worksheets are
well documented, but assumes a limited understanding of simple single
entry accounting.

System Requirements:  Two disk drives, LOTUS 1-2-3 v1A

How to Start:  Access through LOTUS 1-2-3

File Descriptions:

AUTOEXP  WKS  Keep track of auto expenses, gas milage, etc.
????EXP  WKS  Expense template for each month (12 files)
DOCUMENT WKS  Documentation template.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0389

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

APRILEXP WKS     27136  11-07-85   4:38a
AUGEXP   WKS     27136  11-07-85   4:42a
AUTOEXP  WKS     15872   1-01-80  12:07p
DECEXP   WKS     34560  11-07-85   4:45a
DOCUMENT WKS      6016  11-07-85   4:53a
FEBEXP   WKS     27136  11-07-85   4:34a
JANEXP   WKS     28032  11-07-85   4:50a
JULYEXP  WKS     27136  11-07-85   4:41a
JUNEEXP  WKS     27136  11-07-85   4:40a
MARCHEXP WKS     27136  11-07-85   4:37a
MAYEXP   WKS     27136  11-07-85   4:40a
NOVEXP   WKS     27136  11-11-85   7:08a
OCTEXP   WKS     27136  11-11-85   7:05a
SEPTEXP  WKS     27136  11-07-85   4:43a
       14 file(s)     355840 bytes
                           0 bytes free