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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #456)

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Information about “GAME SERIES #21”

Here is another fine collection of games that will keep you busy for
years to come.  FIRE.EXE is a good strategy game in which you build
fire breaks and drop water from a helicopter to keep your section of
the forest from burning away.  AIRTRAX.EXE is a very good game in which
you, as an air traffic controller, try to land several planes.
PTROOPER.EXE is a good arcade shoot-em-up that will keep you guessing.
And for you gamblers out there, we've got a version of the old
favorite, POKER.EXE.
File Descriptions:

AIRTRAX  EXE  A very good air controller game.
HEART    EXE  good graphic version of PAC-MAN.
FIRE     COM  Can you keep a forest from going up in smoke?
POKER    EXE  The old card game favorite.
PACKGAL  COM  Version of MS. PAC-MAN, doesn't need graphics card.
LANDMINE EXE  Can you make it across a mine field without going boom!
HOSTAGES EXE  Shoot your way through walls to let prisoners free.
QUBERT   EXE  Good version of Q-BERT.
PTROOPER EXE  Keep the alien paratroopers from landing in your country.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0456

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

AIRTRAX  EXE     31104   8-21-85  10:50p
FILES456          1242  12-16-85   3:54p
FIRE     COM     29952   5-23-85   8:19a
HEART    EXE     48768   5-09-85  10:33a
HOSTAGES EXE     43520   5-09-85  10:43a
LANDMINE EXE     27136   5-24-85  10:31a
PACKGAL  COM     49024   3-12-85   2:58a
POKER    EXE     48512   8-22-85   1:02a
PTROOPER EXE     16512   5-09-85  11:24a
QUBERT   EXE     55296   4-27-85   7:17a
       10 file(s)     351066 bytes
                        6144 bytes free