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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #474)

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Information about “TRIVIAL TOWERS 2 OF 2 (ALSO 473)”

Trivia freaks -- here's a new twist on an old favorite!

TRIVIAL TOWERS, for two to four players, tests your knowledge of trivia
on a variety of different subjects.  By answering correctly, you build
``towers.''  When all four towers have been completed, you win the
game. There are special spaces on the gameboard, that when landed on,
let you choose any topic of your choice.

When you tire of the canned questions, enter your own questions and
answers, and build a custom game.  How about a section on your own
family?  How many times did Great-Aunt Tillie marry?  What is the one
thing that Dad will NOT eat?  You get the idea.  Have fun!
File Descriptions:

The First Disk Contains:
TTSHARE  DOC  A welcome letter from the authors giving definitions.
TTNOTE   BAS  A letter from the authors of the program.
TTRULES  BAS  Rules for TTOWERS.BAS and directions on how to customize.
TTOWERS  BAS  Main program.
TTENTER  BAS  Program to enable the user to write customized questions.

The Second Disk Contains:
CAPITALS      Question and answer file.
INCOMMON      Question and answer file.
COMPUTER S    Question and answer file.
VANITY        Question and answer file.
WRITERS       Question and answer file.
TVFILM        Question and answer file.


Disk No 474     Trivial Towers [ Disk 2 of 2 ]                   v1 DS2
This disk is all the questions and answers for the Trivial Towers program.
------------    Trivial Towers (v1.0)
INCOMMON        Question and answer file
CAPITALS        Question and answer file
VANITY          Question and answer file
COMPUTER S      Question and answer file
TVFILM          Question and answer file
WRITERS         Question and answer file

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0474

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

CAPITALS         51328   6-14-84   1:12a
COMPUTER S       51200   7-24-84   8:41p
FILES474 TXT       589   2-10-86   1:48p
INCOMMON         51200   7-28-84   9:06a
TVFILM           51200   7-28-84  11:38a
VANITY           64000   5-17-84   8:00p
WRITERS          51200   7-22-84   4:34p
        7 file(s)     320717 bytes
                           0 bytes free