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Information about “AM-TAX 1990”

AM-TAX helps you prepare your federal tax return.  It does most
calculations for you and, where possible, checks if the information you
entered is consistent and valid.

Because it's powerful, you can try ``what if'' situations.  Change an
income or deduction and instantly see the result on your tax balance or
refund.  Many commonly-used forms and schedules are supported, as well
as worksheets for specific situations such as capital gains, partnership
and corporate income, and estate or trust income.  Information entered
or calculated for a supporting form is automatically transferred to the
appropriate line it supports.  All the forms can be printed and
filed directly with the IRS.



                            1990 Tax Preparation Software 
                            for the IBM Personal Computer 
                                   and compatibles 

                             (c) Copyright 1986-1990 by: 

                                     AM SOFTWARE 
                                   P.O. Box 25010 
                               Kansas City, MO  64119 

                                All Rights Reserved. 

                            1990 AM-TAX REGISTRATION FORM 

     Name: ____________________________________________________________ 



     City: ___________________________  State: ______  Zip: ___________ 

     Phone: _________________________ 

        [  ] Registration only ......................... @ $ 20.00     $ ______
               (acknowledges use of the AM-Tax shareware version to do
               your 1990 tax return; entitles you to phone support and
               annual updates at registered rates) 

        [  ] Personal-1 AM-Tax Registration............. @ $ 40.00     $ ______
               (1990 program disk and manual with 26 forms, schedules,
               and  worksheets, IRS-approved  1040  on  IBM and  Epson
               compatible   printers,   overlay   printing,  telephone
               support and updates for about $25 per year.)

        [  ] Personal-2 AM-Tax Registration............. @ $ 65.00     $ ______ 
               (1990 program disk and manual with 44 forms, schedules,
               and  worksheets,  IRS-approved  1040  and 1040A,  laser
               printed  1040/1040A  on  HPLJ printers  with  "T"  font
               cartridge, and annual updates for about $45 per year) 

        [  ] Professional AM-Tax Registration........... @ $125.00    $ ______
               (1990  program  disk  and  manual  with all  Personal-2
               features plus client  instruction letter, invoice,  and
               1991 tax organizer, saves 500 returns per disk.)

        [  ] 1990 State Tax programs .................. @ $ 30.00 ea  $ ______ 

              (Circle:  CA    IL    MD    MO    NY    NJ    OH   VA)

         Laser printing and electronic filing software available.  Call.

              Missouri residents, add 6.425% sales tax...........Tax  $ ______ 

                                                               TOTAL  $ ______ 
      Payment by:   [ ] Check   [ ] MC   [ ] Visa 

      Card #: ________ - ________ - ________ - ________  Expires: ____/____ 
      Signature of cardholder: ____________________________________________ 
      Diskette size needed >>>>> [  ] 5.25" DSDD      [  ] 3.5" (720K)  <<<<<
                                     AM SOFTWARE 
                                   P.O. Box 25010 
                               Kansas City, MO  64119 
                      Telephone MC/VISA orders: (816) 426-8361 

                         AM-TAX:  SHAREWARE AND REGISTRATION 

     AM-Tax is a copyrighted ((C) 1986 - 1990) property of AM SOFTWARE.  It is
     not in the public domain and it is not free.  

     There are several versions of AM-Tax.  The "shareware" version prepares a
     complete tax return consisting of Form 1040 and Schedules A, B, C, D, E, F,
     R, SE.  All of the supporting schedules (but not the 1040) print in a
     format that can be filed directly with the IRS.   

     The AM-Tax "Personal-1" version does all of the above, plus it supports
     Forms 2106, 2119, 2210, 2441, 3903, 4562, 6251, 8615, and 8814 and prints
     an IRS-approved version of the Form 1040 on most Epson and IBM-compatible
     dot-matrix printers.  The "Personal-1" program also works with special tax
     form overlays and pre-printed, pin-fed forms.

     The "Personal-2" version includes all of the "Personal-1" features plus
     more forms (Schedules 1, 2, 3, Forms 1040A, 1040ES(1991), 3800, 4136, 4137,
     4255, 4684, 4797, 4835, 5329, 8283, 8582, and 8606).  It can print a
     replica of the Form 1040 or 1040A on HP-compatible laser printers ("T" font
     cartridge is required). This version is distributed on two diskettes and
     requires 320K and two drives. 

     The AM-Tax "Professional" software includes features to print a client
     instruction letter, invoice, and tax organizer.  An "Electronic Filing"
     version is available that will also allow the tax preparer to transmit
     certain tax returns to the IRS.  The Professional and Electronic Filing
     versions require 512K and a hard drive.

     Non-registered users are granted a limited license to use the shareware
     version of AM-Tax on a trial basis to determine if it meets their tax
     preparation needs.  However, if you use AM-Tax to organize, draft, or
     prepare your tax return or to prepare tax returns for others, you are
     trusted to register your use of the program.  Registration includes
     telephone support and annual updates at a very modest cost. 
     All users (including electronic bulletin board sysops, user group
     librarians, and public domain or shareware distributors) are granted
     permission to copy the SHAREWARE version of AM-Tax for the trial use of
     others subject to the following conditions: 

        o  AM-Tax must be copied in unmodified form, complete with the file 
           containing this registration information and documentation. 

        o  Except for a small fee to cover the cost of copying and handling 
           (under $6), no other cost or compensation may be associated with 
           the distribution of AM-Tax.  If a fee is charged, the distributor 
           must inform the recipients that this fee does not meet their
           registration responsibilities. 

        o  AM-Tax may not be distributed free in conjunction with any other
           product without the written consent of AM SOFTWARE. 
     AM Software is not associated with any shareware distributor and receives
     no compensation from the sale of shareware diskettes.  Purchasing a
     shareware diskette does not constitute registration with AM Software. 
     Under no circumstances, may any registered version be copied for the use of

                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS 
              1.0  INTRODUCTION ............................  1 
              2.0  TAX FORMS/WORKSHEETS ....................  2 
              3.0  GETTING STARTED .........................  3 
              4.0  SCREEN CONVENTIONS ......................  4 
              5.0  DATA ENTRY RULES ........................ N/A 
                  5.1  Data Input Rules ...................  N/A 
                  5.2  Moving Within a Field ..............  N/A 
                  5.3  Moving from Field to Field .........  N/A 
              6.0  MAIN MENU ...............................  5 
              7.0  SET SYSTEM OPTIONS ......................  6 
              8.0  PREPARING A TAX RETURN ..................  7 
                  8.1  Accessing Supporting Schedules ......  7 
                  8.2  Calculating Your Tax ................  8 
                  8.3  Overriding Calculations and Checks ..  8 
                  8.4  The Pop-Up Calculator ...............  8 
                  8.5  Deleting a Form .....................  8 
                  8.6  Saving the Tax Return ...............  8 
              9.0  PRINTING TAX RETURNS ....................  9 
                  9.1  Filing Your Return with the IRS ..... 10 
                  9.2  Selecting the Tax Return to Print ... 10 
                  9.3  Print Options ....................... 10 
                  9.4  Selecting the Forms to Print ........ 13 
             10.0  REVIEWING/MODIFYING A TAX RETURN ........ 14 
             A.   AM-TAX MESSAGES .......................... N/A 
             N/A means not included in this abbreviated shareware 


     AM-Tax is a software program designed to assist you in the preparation of
     your 1990 federal tax return.  There are four versions of AM-Tax, a
     shareware program and three versions of the registered program.  This is
     the shareware version of AM-Tax.  It can prepare a complete tax return
     consisting of the Form 1040 and any of the Schedules (A, B, C, D, E, F, R,
     and SE). 

     The printed copy of the Form 1040 cannot be filed (you'll need to transfer
     the figures to an official form).  However, this program will print all of
     the Schedules in a format accepted by the IRS.  For those with relatively
     simple tax situations, the shareware version may be all you need to use. 
     The "Personal-1" version of AM-Tax requires 256K of computer memory, fits
     on one diskette and runs on virtually any computer configuration.  In
     addition to all of shareware features, the "Personal-1" version supports
     additional forms and worksheets (see section 2.0) and supports printing
     with special tax form overlays or pin-fed forms.  The registered versions
     print an IRS-approved Form 1040 on most IBM and Epson-type dot-matrix

     The "Personal-2" version of AM-Tax was developed for those that demand even
     more forms and features.  It offers all of the features found in the
     shareware and "Personal-1" versions and supports over 40 IRS forms,
     schedules and worksheets (including the Form 1040 and 1040A).  This version
     also prints an IRS-approved Form 1040 and an exact replica of the Form 1040
     or 1040A on any HP LaserJet printer.  Laser fonts found on the HP "T" (Tax)
     font cartridge are required. 

     The AM-Tax "Professional" software includes features to print a client
     instruction letter, invoice, and tax organizer.  It requires 512K and a
     hard drive.
     You should find AM-Tax easy to learn since it's designed around the federal
     1040.  Supporting documents are accessed by pressing the F6 key when you're
     on a line calling for one of the schedules or forms included in the AM-Tax 
     program. General-purpose worksheets are also available to enhance your
     record keeping.  For instance, to keep a permanent tax record of your
     medical expenses, tell AM-Tax to itemize that line of the Schedule A. 
     AM-Tax will add up the expenses, transfer the total to the line itemized,
     and print a detailed list for your records. Up to 50 lines of your tax
     return can be 'itemized' and up to 45 items can be listed on each
     worksheet.  You'll find many other useful features after reading through
     this manual and trying the program. 
     AM-Tax is your assistant in preparing your tax return. It will save you a
     lot of time, but it does not offer advice.  You are the one responsible for
     deciding whether you should file a return, which forms you need, and for
     the figures entered and calculated on your return. The formulas in this
     software program have been carefully checked and we believe that they are
     correct. However, the tax laws are complex and at times vague.  In some
     cases your special circumstances may not be properly handled by the
     program's calculations. You are the one ultimately responsible for the
     numbers on the form.  Inspect them before signing your return. 


     The 1990 tax year version of AM-Tax supports the following federal forms: 
       Form 1040     -  Individual Tax Return 
       Schedule A    -  Itemized Deductions 
       Schedule B    -  Interest/Dividend Income 
       Schedule C    -  Business Income or Loss  (5 copies) 
       Schedule D    -  Capital Gain or Loss 
       Schedule D1   -  Capital Gain or Loss Continuation Sheet
       Schedule E-1  -  Rental/Royalty Income (15 rental properties) 
       Schedule E-2  -  Partnership, S-Corp, Estate, Trust Income 
       Schedule F    -  Farm Income 
       Schedule R    -  Credit for Elderly 
       Schedule SE   -  Self-Employment Tax (2 copies) 
       Form W-2      -  Wage and Salary Income (25 copies)
       Form W-2G     -  Gaming Income (3 copies)
       Form W-2P     -  Pension Income (5 copies)
     The following additional forms are supported in the "Personal-1",
     "Personal-2", and "Professional" versions of the program: 
       Form 2106     -  Employee Business Expense (2 copies) 
       Form 2119     -  Sale of Principal Residence 
       Form 2210     -  Penalty for Underpayment of Taxes 
       Form 2441     -  Child Care Credit 
       Form 3903     -  Moving Expenses 
       Form 4562     -  Depreciation (12 copies) 
       Form 6251     -  Alternative Minimum Tax 
       Form 8615     -  Tax on Child's Investment Income 
       Form 8814     -  Reporting Child's Income on Parent's Return
     The "Personal-2" and "Professional" versions handle all of the above, plus:
       Form 1040A    -  Individual "Short" Form
       Schedule 1    -  Interest/Dividend Income (Form 1040A)
       Schedule 2    -  Dependent Care Credit (Form 1040A)
       Schedule 3    -  Disabled/Elderly Credit (Form 1040A)
       Form 3800     -  General Business Credit 
       Form 4136     -  Credit for Special Fuels
       Form 4137     -  Tax on Tip Income (2 copies) 
       Form 4255     -  Recapture of Investment Credit 
       Form 4684     -  Casualty/Theft Loss 
       Form 4797     -  Sale of Business Property
       Form 4835     -  Farm Rental Income
       Form 5329     -  Tax on IRA (2 copies)
       Form 6252     -  Installment Sales  (3 copies)
       Form 8283     -  Noncash Contributions (5 copies)
       Form 8582     -  Passive Activity Loss Limits 
       Form 8606     -  Nondeductible IRA Contribution (2 copies)
       Form 1040ES   -  1991 Estimated Tax 
     AM-Tax uses special 'worksheets' to handle specific situations on the 
     federal tax form.  The worksheets and maximum entries supported are: 
       Dependent Worksheet      (15 dependents) 
       Depreciation Worksheet   (40 properties) 
       IRA Worksheet
       Partnership Worksheet    (20 partnerships)
       Passive Activity Worksheets 


     To run AM-Tax, you'll need an IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2 or compatible; DOS 2.0
     or later; at least 220K of available memory; and one 360K drive or hard
     One-Diskette System: 
       a)  Backup the AM-Tax program diskette. 
       b)  Start the program by typing:  TAX90. 
     Two-Diskette System: 
       a)  Backup the AM-Tax program diskette. 
       b)  Insert the AM-Tax diskette into drive A. 
       c)  Insert a formatted, work diskette into drive B. 
       d)  Start the program by typing:  TAX90. 
       e)  Go to option 4 on the main menu to designate drive B for your tax 
           returns and work drive. 
     Hard-Disk System: 
       a)  Insert the AM-Tax program disk into drive A. 
       b)  Create a subdirectory for AM-Tax by typing (after the C> prompt): 
                                   MD TAX90 
       c)  Copy all AM-Tax programs to that subdirectory by typing: 
                                   COPY  A:*.*  C:\TAX90 
       d)  Change to the tax subdirectory by typing: 
                                   CD  TAX90 
       d)  Start the program by typing:    TAX90. 
     NOTE: All files provided on the program diskette should be kept together   
           either in the same disk drive or subdirectory of your hard disk. 
           Also, do not remove either the program diskette or the work diskette
           at any time during the execution of AM-Tax. 


     This section introduces you to screen conventions used by AM-Tax: 
                    | AM-Tax        FORM 1040  (1)        date time | 
                    | --------------------------------------------- | 
                    |   7a.  Your wages ........... 7a ==>*  (3)    | 
                    |   7b.  Spouse wages ......... 7b ==>*         | 
                    |   7c.  Excess reimbursements. 7c ==>C  (4)    | 
                    |   7d.  Total wages .......... 7d ==>C         | 
                    |           .         (2)                       | 
                    | --------------------------------------------- | 
                    | messages  (5)              num/caps/ins  page | 
                    | function keys  (8)            (6)         (7) | 
     (1)  The Title Area 
          Screen titles (such as FORM 1040, MAIN MENU) appear here to indicate 
          where you are in the program. 
     (2)  Main Body 
          Lines from each tax form and menu options are displayed here. 
     (3)  Supported Lines (*) 
          Lines marked with an asterisk (*) are lines supported by another form,
          schedule, or a specific worksheet.  The F6 key accesses the supporting
          form.  When the (*) displays bright, then the supporting form is
          active for that line of the return.  Some lines not marked with an
          asterisk may still be supported by a general worksheet.  Try the F6
          key on any line to see if a general worksheet is available. 
     (4)  Calculated Lines (C) 
          Lines marked with a 'C' are lines calculated or 'checked' by  AM-Tax.
          Normally, you cannot enter information into calculated lines since the
          cursor will not stop there.  In some cases, the cursor will stop on a
          line marked with a 'C', indicating that the calculation was not a
          simple addition or subtraction, but one involving more complex
          assumptions.  AM-Tax provides a feature for you to 'override' the
          calculations or checks in effect for these lines (see section 8.6  for
     (5)  Error and Warning Messages 
          Error, warning, or status condition messages are reported here. 
     (6)  Keyboard Status 
          NUM, CAPS, or INS report the status of your keyboard shift keys. 
     (7)  Screen Page Number 
          PAGE -- OF -- appears here if a tax form requires more than one screen
          page to display all lines.  You move from page to page using the PgUp
          and PgDn keys. 
     (8)  Function Keys 
          The last line of the display screen always indicates the current      
          function key options.  The "Help" screen (F1) provides a clearer
          description of the current function key assignment. 


     6.0  MAIN MENU 
       AM-Tax begins with the following menu: 
                     |                MAIN MENU                    | 
                     |     1. START A NEW FORM 1040                | 
                     |     *  START A NEW FORM 1040A               |
                     |     2. CHANGE/REVIEW A TAX RETURN           | 
                     |     3. PRINT TAX RETURN(S)                  | 
                     |     *  ELECTRONIC FILING                    |
                     |     4. SET SYSTEM OPTIONS                   | 
                     |     5. REDISPLAY LAST TAX RETURN            | 
                     |     6. DELETE TAX RETURN(S)                 | 
                     |     7. RESTORE BACKED UP RETURN(S)          |
                     |     *. CONVERT 1989 RETURN TO 1990 FORMAT   |
                     |     *. CLIENT CORRESPONDENCE                | 
                     |     Q. QUIT TO DOS                          | 
                     |                                             | 
                     |     Your Selection ==>                      | 
     Options marked with an "*" are supported only in the registered versions of
     AM-Tax.  These menu options are not operational in the shareware version.
          Let's you begin a new tax return by displaying a blank 1040 form. 
          Let's you change or review any tax return previously saved on disk. 
          You will be asked to pick from a listing of all tax returns present on
          the disk. 
     3.  PRINT RETURN(S) 
          Let's you print one or more of the tax returns previously saved on
          disk.  You will be asked to pick from a listing of all possible tax
          returns and to specify the printing options to use. 
          Several parameters can be controlled to suit your computer system. You
          should review these parameters when you start up AM-Tax for the first
          Once a tax return is in your computer's memory (after "Printing",
          "Changing" or "Starting a New Return" options), you can return to the
          main menu (to modify parameters, perhaps) and then go back to that tax 
          return via option 5.  This shortcuts reloading the tax return from
          Lets you clean obsolete tax returns from your disk without first
          returning to DOS. 
          Whenever you save a tax return, you have the option of keeping the   
          previous version of that return on disk as a backup.  This option
          provides you with a mechanism to replace the current version of a tax
          return with the previous (backed up) version. 



     Default values are preset by AM-Tax for several important parameters.  If 
     the default values are incorrect for your system, then you must change 
     them to insure proper operation of the software. 
          AM-Tax needs to know where you want to save your tax returns.  Enter 
          the drive letter (and, optionally a path name for your hard drive). 

          Examples of valid input:  B (drive letter without colon) 
                                    B: (drive letter with colon) 
                                    C:\TAX90 (drive with path) 
          During the processing of a tax return, AM-Tax may need extra work 
          space.  This work space must be on a disk.  If available, a RAM disk
          will speed up processing significantly.  Enter the drive to use.  See
          #1 for examples of valid entries. 
          If you have the optional AM-Tax laser printing software installed,
          enter the name of the directory where the laser files were installed.
          This parameter is not used in the shareware version.  It is only used
          when transferring information from a 1989 return to the 1990 tax
          forms. This feature is found in the "Personal-2" or "Professional"

          You can either prepare your tax return in whole dollars or to the
          exact penny.  Control this by Yes (whole dollars) or No (pennies).

          When selecting from a group of tax returns, AM-Tax can sort by
          filename, descending date/time, or ascending date/time, or not at all. 
          No sorting results in the fastest directory display.

          A tax return can be tagged with an optional description which is
          normally displayed on the tax return directory.  For faster directory
          displays, you can omit the description by answering NO.

          When an input field is completely filled, AM-Tax either automatically
          tabs to the next input field or waits for you to strike the "Enter"
          key.  YES causes an automatic skip.

          If you are using a color monitor, then you can select the colors to  
          use for background and various sections of the display screen. 
          Tax preparers can use this area to key in name, address, and tax id
          information once.  AM-Tax will print it on page 2 of the Form 1040. 


     AM-Tax always begins by displaying the Federal Form 1040.  Data entry
     begins at that point and from there you proceed to other supporting forms.
     Try paging (via PGUP and PGDN) through the eleven screens of the Form 1040,
     entering data as you go. 

     You'll notice that many lines on the tax form are marked with an asterisk
     (*). Those lines are supported by another form, schedule, or worksheet. For
     example, line 7a of the 1040 is marked with an (*) and is supported by the
     W-2 worksheet. 
     Many lines not marked with an (*) can still be supported by a general
     worksheet. This worksheet allows you to list up to 45 items and a
     corresponding dollar amount.  This is a useful way of keeping more detailed
     records of your tax preparation. 
     You access a supporting form, by pressing the F6 key when the cursor is on
     the line that you want to support. The 'parent' form is temporarily filed
     away and the 'supporting' form appears on the screen.  You can now enter
     data into the supporting form. 
     Multiple copies of some supporting forms are allowed (such as Schedule C).
     The first time you access one of these supporting forms, AM-Tax sends you
     directly to the data entry screen for that form. However, once a multi-copy
     form is in use, AM-Tax needs to know whether you are trying to review one
     of the existing copies or if you want a new copy.  The following screen
     appears when accessing a multi-copy form (e.g., calling for Schedule C from
     Form 1040, line 12):
               |              SUPPORTING FORMS               | 
               | ------------------------------------------- | 
               | Which copy do you want displayed?           | 
               |  -----------------------------------------  | 
               | |SEL| FORM        | SUPPORTS  |LINE|      | | 
               | |---|-------------|-----------|----|------| | 
               | | _ | SCHEDULE C  | FORM 1040 | 12 |BUS.#1| | 
               | | _ | SCHEDULE C  |           |    |BUS.#2| | 
               | |             .                           | | 
               |  -----------------------------------------  | 
               | Y = Display     Use INS key for a new copy  | 
               | ------------------------------------------- | 
               | 1=Help  2=Enter                    0=Return | 
     To redisplay one of the supporting forms created previously, move the 
     cursor next to the form to display, type a 'Y', and then press the F2 or 
     large, grey '+' key. 
     Pressing INS key calls up a new, blank copy of the supporting form.  The 
     INS message will not appear if the maximum number of copies for that 
     supporting form are currently in use. 


     Once in a supporting form, you return to the parent form by pressing 
     either the F10 or ESC key.  The parent form will reappear on the screen 
     with the proper value transferred from the supporting form. You will also 
     notice that the '*' is now highlighted, indicating that the supporting 
     form is now 'active'. 
     You never have to use a supporting form within AM-Tax. You can prepare the
     supporting form by hand, if you wish, and enter the result directly into 
     the parent form. However, once you've accessed a supporting form, you
     cannot type a figure directly into the line of the parent form that it
     supports.  AM-Tax will always take the calculated result from the
     supporting form and erase any amount that you may have keyed into the
     field.  You will need to delete the supporting form (see 8.5) before you
     can return to 'direct entry' mode. 

     AM-Tax completely recalculates your tax automatically whenever you move
     from page to page or form to form.  You can force a recalculation at any
     time by pressing the F4 key. 

     You can override a calculated value whenever the cursor stops on a line 
     marked by 'C'.  Press F9, then enter the value you choose.  To cancel an 
     override, move the cursor to the overridden line and press F9 again. 

     You access the pop-up calculator by pressing F5.  The result line will be 
     transferred to the tax return if you exit the calculator function using the
     F9 key.  The result line will be ignored if you exit using either the ESC
     or F10 key.  Even though you can multiply or divide by a fraction with more
     than two decimal places, the calculator is result is always carried to a
     maximum of two decimal places. 

     8.5  DELETING A FORM 
     Use the F8 key to get a listing of all forms, schedules, and worksheets 
     currently in use.  Move the cursor next to the one that you want to delete;
     type a "Y"; then press F2.  The form (along with any other forms or
     worksheets that support it) will be deleted. 

     A tax return is saved by pressing F2 from any tax preparation screen. If
     the filename already exists on the diskette or hard disk, you will be given
     to opportunity to 1) first make a backup of the existing file (it's renamed
     filename.BAK); 2) just write over the existing file (you permanently lose
     all information on the old file); or 3) returning to the save menu so you
     can change the filename. 


     AM-Tax supports several printing options: 
     Draft 1040 - AM-Tax can print a quick copy of the Form 1040 (text and data)
     on any computer printer.  However, this format cannot be sent to the IRS. 
     Dot-matrix 1040 - (REGISTERED versions only) AM-Tax can print an
     IRS-approved Form 1040 or 1040A on dot-matrix printers that support either
     the IBM or Epson graphic standard. 
     Laser 1040 - (PERSONAL-2 and PROFESSIONAL versions only) AM-Tax can print
     an exact image of the Form 1040 or 1040A on laser printers that support the
     Hewlett-Packard laser graphic commands.  The "T" font cartridge is
     Laser Forms - AM Software offers an optional software package (Federal
     $100, States $75 each) that can print an exact laser image of every form
     and schedule supported by AM-Tax.  This software requires any HP LaserJet
     printer and the "T" font cartridge.

     Substitute Forms and Schedules - (ALL VERSIONS) AM-Tax prints approved
     copies of all supporting forms and schedules on virtually any computer
     printer.  These can be sent to the IRS in place of the official forms. 
     Pin-fed Forms - (REGISTERED versions only)  AM-Tax does not write directly
     onto the IRS supplied forms (they're not spaced evenly for computer
     printing).  However, AM-Tax can print just tax return figures on special
     pre-printed computer forms.

     Overlays - (REGISTERED versions only)  AM-Tax can print your tax return
     figures on blank paper that can then be lined up behind the overlay and
     photocopied.  The copy can be sent to the IRS.
     Pin-fed forms and overlays are not sold by AM Software.  They can be
     purchased through: 
                             NELCO TAX FORMS, Inc. 
                             3130 South Ridge Rd. 
                             Green Bay, WI  54307 
                             (414) 337-1000 


     The supporting schedules printed by AM-Tax (shareware version) have been 
     approved for filing and will be accepted under these conditions: 
     Paper Quality - The paper used must be equal to or better than the quality
     used for the official forms mailed to you.  Use at least an 18-lb paper. 
     Lined Paper -  The substitute schedules, as printed by AM-Tax on regular 
     paper, have enough alignment lines to meet IRS approval.  However, if you
     have lined or color-barred paper, you should use it when printing
     substitute supporting schedules. 
     Print Quality - For dot-matrix printers, use a good ribbon, especially if
     you choose to have AM-Tax print the graphic version of the Form 1040. 
     Print Spacing - Your printer should be set to 6 lines per inch and 10 
     characters per inch.  This is the default setting for most printers. 


     During the preparation of a tax return, when a tax form is on the screen,
     pressing the F7 function key lets you print the tax return that you are
     currently preparing.

     You can also print one tax return or queue up several tax returns to print. 
     After selecting option "3" from the main menu, you will be presented with a
     screen that lists all of the tax returns on disk.  It should look like
             |AM-Tax                PRINT RETURNS       04-15-90  11:59| 
             |  SEL  | FILENAME   |  DATE  | TIME | DESC               | 
             |  -----|------------|--------|------|------------------  | 
             |   _   |  Trial     | 031590 |  9:00| First cut          | 
             |   _   |  Smith     | 041590 | 11:00| Final version      | 
             |   _   |  Mom       | 040190 | 16:05| Mom's return       | 
             |                                                         | 
             |-------------------------------------------------------- | 
             |       Enter Y next to each tax return to print.         | 
             | --------------------------------------------------------| 
             | 1=Help   2=Go   3=NewDir                        0=Return| 
     To select a tax return for print, move the cursor down to the line
     displaying that return and type a "Y" in the SEL(ect) column.  You can
     select as many tax returns as you wish.  Once you've completed your
     selections, press the F2 key to proceed. 
     9.3  PRINT OPTIONS 
     After selecting the tax return(s) to print, AM-Tax needs to know how you
     want your printed return to look.  You will be presented with a screen used
     to control the printing process.  The parameters that you select are saved


     on disk from session to session and reused every time you run AM-Tax. 

     The screen looks like this: 

         |AM-Tax              PRINT FORMAT OPTIONS     04-15-90  11:59 | 
         |  PRINT ALL FORMS?....==>  Y   NUMBER OF COPIES?.......==> 1 | 
         |                               REPEAT AFTER EACH FORM?.==> N | 
         |  FORM 1040 FORMAT?...==>  1     (N = after tax return)      |
         |    1 = Draft 1040                                           | 
         |    * = Data Only              PRINTER TYPE............==> 1 | 
         |    * = Laser Forms              1 = Epson 9-pin             | 
         |    * = Dot-matrix approved      2 = Epson 24=pin            | 
         |                                 3 = IBM 9-pin               | 
         |  OTHER FORMS FORMAT?.==>  1     4 = IBM 24-pin              | 
         |    1 = IRS-approved             5 = HP Laserjet             |
         |    * = Data Only                6 = Other                   |
         |    * = Laser Forms            PRINTER CONNECTION......==> 1 | 
         |                                 1 = LPT1     3 = COM1       |
         |  SEND OUTPUT TO FILE?==>  N     2 = LPT2     4 = COM2       |
         |    (N = to printer)           PAUSE AFTER EACH PAGE?..==> N | 
         |                               HORIZ DATA ADJUSTMENT...==>   |
         |  TURN ON UNDERLINING?==>  Y   VERT. DATA ADJUSTMENT...==>   |
         |                               USING NELCO LASERMERGE..==> N |
         |                                                             |
         |  PRINTER SETUP STRING... ==>                                | 
         | F1=Help   F2=Go                                    F0=Return| 
     Print all forms?  -  If you want to print the entire tax return (all forms,
     schedules and worksheets), answer Y(es).  If you answer N(o), then you
     choose which forms to print.  You will be presented with a menu that lists
     the contents of your tax return.  

     Form 1040 Format?  -  The shareware program only recognizes format code #1
     (draft copies).  Additional options available in the registered versions of
     AM-Tax print "data only" for form overlays or the IRS approved dot-matrix
     and laser 1040.

     Other Forms Format?  -  The shareware program only recognizes format code
     #1 (IRS approved substitute).  Additional options available in the
     registered versions of AM-Tax print "data only" for form overlays or IRS
     approved laser tax forms.  AM Software's Laser Forms software is required
     for the laser printing on HP LaserJets.

     Send output to file? - If you answer N(o), the output will go to the
     printer.  If you answer Y(es), then all output will be directed to a disk
     file.  You can then edit the disk file with a word processor, if necessary,
     before actually printing.  The filename will consist of the name of the tax
     return file plus an extension of .LDT. 

     Underline?  -  The IRS prefers color-barred or lined paper when printing
     the substitute forms.  If you have plain computer paper, AM-Tax can provide
     the underlining necessary to meet IRS approval.


     Number of copies? - You can print from 1 to 9 copies of the tax return (or
     copies of individual forms if you answer No to "print all forms?"). 
     Repeat after each form? - If you answer Y(es), multiple copies of each form
     are printed before proceeding to the next form (i.e. 1040, 1040, A, A, B,
     B, so on). If you answer N(o), AM-Tax prints each form of the tax return
     once, then repeats (1040, A, B, 1040, A, B). 
     Printer Type?  -  Indicate the type of printer you're using.  This
     parameter controls the graphic printer commands used in the IRS approved
     dot-matrix printing of the Form 1040 and 1040A.  It is not used in the
     shareware version.

     Printer Connection -  Indicate the printer port that is to be used. 
     Normally this is LPT1, but you could also indicate LPT2 or either of 2
     serial ports.

     Pause after each page? - If you answer Y(es), AM-Tax pauses after each page
     to give you time to change paper. 

     Horizontal Print Adjustment - When printing in "data only" mode, this field
     is used to move the data left and right on the page.  A negative value
     moves the data left and a positive value moves the data right. This value
     can range from -5 to +5 spaces. 
     Vertical Print Adjustment - When printing in "data only" mode, this field
     is used to move the data up and down on the page.  A negative value moves
     the data down and a positive value moves the data up.  This value can range
     from -3 to +3 lines. 
     Using LaserMerge? - This option is not used in the shareware version of AM-

     Printer Setup String - This is an optional field and can be used to define
     an initialization string for your printer. For example, you can turn on 
     emphasized or double-strike print mode for darker, more legible output. 
     You must precede any non-displayable character sequence (such as ESC) with
     a backslash (\).  You can enter number or letter codes directly, but you
     must provide one blank space after any non-displayable character sequence.
     Consult your printer manual for proper commands, but here are two commands
     used by Epson and IBM printers to create crisper printing: 
           Emphasized Mode = <Esc> E   Printer Setup String = \27 E 
           Double Strike   = <Esc> G   Printer Setup String = \27 G 
     If you answer N(o) to the question "Print all forms?" (see previous
     section), then AM-Tax will ask you to select the forms, schedules and
     worksheets to print.  You will be presented with a list of the contents of
     each tax return.  
     Enter a Y next to the form or forms that you want printed, then press F2
     (be sure your printer is turned on).  AM-Tax will begin printing. 


     After selecting option 2 from the main menu, you will be presented with a 
     list of tax returns saved on disk (see 4.1 for disk drive designation). 
     The screen will look like this: 
              |                 CHANGE RETURN                 | 
              | --------------------------------------------- | 
              |  Which tax return do you want displayed?      | 
              | -------------------------------------------   | 
              | |SEL|FILENAME |  DATE | TIME | DESCRIPTION|   | 
              | |---|---------|-------|------|------------|   | 
              | | - | SAMPLE1 | 022890| 9:03 | My return  |   | 
              | | - | SAMPLE2 | 022890|12:30 | With IRA   |   | 
              | |   |    .    |       |      |            |   | 
              | |   |    .    |       |      |            |   | 
              | |   |    .    |       |      |            |   | 
              | -------------------------------------------   | 
              |                                               | 
              |   Y = Display Tax Return                      | 
              | --------------------------------------------- | 
              |                                               | 
              | 1=Help  2=Go  3=NewDir               0=Return | 
     Enter a Y in the column marked 'SEL' next to the tax return you want to 
     review or change.  Then press F2 or the large, gray '+' key.  AM-Tax will 
     take a few moments to reload that return into memory.  AM-Tax will only 
     process the first return marked with a 'Y'. 
     If you have tax returns on several floppy diskettes, you can switch 
     diskettes and press F3.  AM-Tax will list the tax returns on the new 
     Once the tax return is loaded, you can proceed as described in "Preparing 
     a Tax Return". 




Disk No:  479                                                           
Disk Title: AM-Tax 1990                                                 
PC-SIG Version: S5                                                      
Program Title: AM-Tax                                                   
Author Version: 1990                                                    
Author Registration: $20.00/$40.00/$65.00/$125.00                       
Special Requirements: None.  Printer recommended.                       
AM-TAX helps you prepare your federal tax return.  It does most         
calculations for you and, where possible, checks if the information you 
entered is consistent and valid.                                        
Because it's powerful, you can try ``what if'' situations.  Change an   
income or deduction and instantly see the result on your tax balance or 
refund.  Many commonly-used forms and schedules are supported, as well  
as worksheets for specific situations such as capital gains, partnership
and corporate income, and estate or trust income.  Information entered  
or calculated for a supporting form is automatically transferred to the 
appropriate line it supports.  All the forms can be printed and         
filed directly with the IRS.                                            
1030D East Duane Avenue                                                 
Sunnyvale  Ca. 94086                                                    
(408) 730-9291                                                          
(c) Copyright 1989 PC-SIG, Inc.                                         


║               <<<<  PC-SIG Disk #479  AM-TAX 1990  >>>>                 ║
║  To print the documentation, type:  PRINTDOC  (press Enter)             ║
║                                                                         ║
║  To start AM-TAX 1990, type:  TAX90  (press Enter)                      ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                           Copyright 1990, PC-SIG, Inc.  ║

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0479

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

1040     P90      6322  11-26-90   8:00a
A        P90      2561  11-26-90   8:00a
B        P90      2281  11-26-90   8:00a
C        P90      3910  11-26-90   8:00a
D        P90      6667  11-26-90   8:00a
D1L      P90       764  11-26-90   8:00a
D1S      P90       812  11-26-90   8:00a
E1       P90      3170  11-26-90   8:00a
E2       P90      2735  11-26-90   8:00a
F        P90      4615  11-26-90   8:00a
R        P90      3306  11-26-90   8:00a
SE1      P90      3026  11-26-90   8:00a
SE2      P90      2519  11-26-90   8:00a
IRA      P90      2109  11-26-90   8:00a
FORMS    S90      1198  11-26-90   8:00a
SCREENS  S90      9138  11-26-90   8:00a
TAX90    S90     47661  11-26-90   8:00a
TAX90    EXE    117688  11-26-90   8:00a
AMTAX    DOC     46481  11-26-90   8:00a
PRINTDOC BAT        20  11-26-90   8:00a
FILE0479 TXT      1999  12-11-90  10:38a
GO       BAT        40   1-01-80   6:00a
GO       TXT       771  12-11-90  12:34a
       23 file(s)     269793 bytes
                       40960 bytes free