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Information about “SALESEYE 1 OF 2 (ALSO 502)”

The SALESEYE package is ideal for individuals in sales, because it is
designed to help users keep track of prospects, leads, and those all-
important memos.  It has a highly developed system of ``tickler'' files
designed to keep track of deadlines, calls to be returned, lunch
appointments, etc.  There is even a simple word processor, along
commonly used letter formats.  This is disk one of a two disk set. The
tutorial is on disk 502.

System Requirements:  256K, two floppies or a hard disk, monochrome

How to Start:  Read the README.1st file and then begin the Tutorial on
Disk #502 by consulting the BEGINNIN.TXT for documentation.  To run,
enter SELL and pressing <ENTER>.

Suggested Registration:  To register this copy of SALESEYE and obtain a
printed 240 page manual (includes a full Tutorial Manual, Reference
Manual, Appendices, glossary and index), technical support, and
upgrade notices, send a check for $89 less the amount you paid
PC-SIG for these disks.

File Descriptions:
The First Disk Contains:
CONFIG   SYS  Configuration file
???????? MEM  Memory data files used by program
MLETTER  MLE  Letter format
MLEADS   HIS  Followup leads file
SAMPLE   ???  Sample leads files
QTS????  SCR  Help details file - 1 thru 5
MREPORT  CDF  Leads report
MQUAL?   CDF  Leads file - 1-8 & 44
SELL     EXE  Main Program
???????? TIK  Tickler file LEADS    DBF  Leads file
SELL     OV?  Overlay 1 & 2
QTS      COM  Word processor
MLEADS   DBF  Master lead data file
README   1ST  Notes on program

The Second Disk Contains:
???      NDX  dBase index files
???      DBF  dBase database files
INSTALL  TXT  Start-up instructions
???      HIS  dBase history files
???      MEM  dBase memory variable files
LEADS    HIS  Leads follow-up file
LEADS    NDX  Leads instruction file
LEADS    HDX  Leads follow-up instructions
QUAL?    NDX  Qualified leads index - 1 thru 7 QTMEMFIL MEM  Memo file
QUAL?    CDF  Qualified leads - 1 thru 7
TICKLERS TIK  Tickler file
TICKLERS NDX  Tickler instructions
BEGINNIN TXT  Starting Instructions
DEFAULTS MEM  Defaults file
ADDEFS   MEM  Additional definitions
PRINTDEF MEM  Definitions file
THANKS   TXT  Draft Letter - 7
SURVEY   TXT  Draft Letter - 6
SE-LTR1  TXT  Draft Letter - 5
PUR-LTR1 TXT  Draft Letter - 4
PICS-?   TXT  Draft Letter - 1 thru 3
LESSON?  TXT  Lessons 1 thru 8


Disk No  501  SALESEYE  Vers 2.3   (DISK 1 of 2)                   v1.1
The SALESEYE package is ideal for people who need to follow-up with and
communicate with other people on a regular basis.  A detailed product
description along with the tutorial is on disk #502.
CONFIG   SYS  Configuration file
SELL     EXE  Main Program
SELL     OV1  Overlay 1 for main program
SELL     OV2  Overlay 2 for main program
MLEADS   DBF  Master lead data file
MLEADS   HIS  Master history file
MLETTER  MLE  Master letter file
MQUAL?   CDF  Master code/descriptor files
MREPORT  CDF  Master activity report file
MTICKLER TIK  Master appointment memo file
QTS      COM  Word processor
QTS????  SCR  Screens used by word processor
???????? MEM  System data files used by program
README   1ST  Contains latest changes to program and/or manuals
1030D E. Duane Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA  94086
(408) 730-9291
(c) Copyright 1987 PC-SIG

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0501

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

CONFIG   SYS        20  12-22-86   2:29p
FILES501 TXT      1099   1-28-87   9:54a
MLEADS   DBF      1536   7-05-84   8:14p
MLEADS   HIS      1024   8-25-84   2:09p
MLETTER  MLE      1024  12-25-86   8:06a
MPRINTDE MEM      1536   2-07-85   3:06p
MQTMEMFI MEM       512   2-07-85   8:50a
MQUAL1   CDF      1024   9-04-84   1:20p
MQUAL2   CDF      1024   9-04-84   1:20p
MQUAL3   CDF      1024   9-04-84   1:21p
MQUAL4   CDF      1024   9-04-84   1:21p
MREPORT  CDF      1024   9-24-84  10:59a
MTICKLER TIK      1024   9-04-84   1:24p
QTS      COM     37425   2-26-86  10:59p
QTSF1    SCR       256   1-01-80   6:53p
QTSF2    SCR       384   1-01-80   7:41p
QTSHELP  SCR      3890  10-18-84   1:03a
QTSMENU  SCR      3280   2-18-86   8:36p
QTSOPT   SCR      1790   2-18-86  10:19p
README   1ST      2202  12-30-86   8:32a
SELL     EXE     94466   1-02-87  12:47p
SELL     OV1     95385   1-02-87  12:47p
SELL     OV2     95883   1-02-87  12:47p
       23 file(s)     347856 bytes
                        5120 bytes free