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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #581)

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Information about “WORDWORKER 1 OF 2 (ALSO 582)”

This is an electronic New Testament Bible reference system ideal for
writing sermons, doing research and the serious Bible student.

Select any New Testament word or combination and then search and display
the text of verses that meet your request. In memory-resident mode,
verses can be copied into a word processor. Additional features include
on-line help, bookmarks, speed reading, word use and 14,800 references
to research works. WORDWORKER also has a complete editor to create
letters, sermons or other text with the information in the database.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0581

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

ALPHSHEL         78832   3-02-86   7:05p
EXT      DCT     43008   3-02-86   7:05p
GO       BAT       270  10-27-88  11:29a
HD       WWP        78   2-18-87   7:05p
INT      DCT      1684   3-02-86   7:05p
ORDERFRM          1029   2-18-87   7:05p
PROFILE  WWP        39   3-02-86   7:05p
PUNFILE          14752   3-02-86   7:05p
README            4176   2-18-87   7:05p
REFFILE          63656   3-02-86   7:05p
RESPONSE          1790   2-18-87   7:05p
WW       COM     52572   8-02-86   7:05p
WW       DEF      1012   3-02-86   7:05p
WW       HLP      7251   2-18-87   7:05p
WWSETUP  COM     36892   3-02-06   7:05p
XPOINT           15914   3-02-86   7:05p
XREF             29588   3-02-86   7:05p
       17 file(s)     352543 bytes
                           0 bytes free