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Information about “LOTUS WHITEROCK”

The WHITEROCK ALTERNATIVE is a macro-driven worksheet shell
(AUTO123.WKS) for Lotus 1-2-3 worksheets with four very useful
applications: a checkbook manager, mailing list, loan amortizer and a
jobcosting/time management worksheet.

AUTO123.WKS is a worksheet manager that allows access to other 1-2-3
worksheets.  Supported by clever screen graphics, the WHITEROCK
ALTERNATIVE applications are a pleasure to use.  A library of 1-2-3
macros is also included.


Disk No  583  LOTUS 123 - THE WHITEROCK ALTERNATIVE                v1 DS2
A user-friendly file link front end to Lotus to allow easier access and
use of worksheet files.  Several applications working under this environment
are provided.
AUTO123  WKS  Auto-run file - Whiterock Alternative Menu & File Driver.
LIBRARY  WKS  Library of LOTUS 123 Macros
CHEKBOOK WKS  Checkbook ledger worksheet
LOANTABL WKS  Installment loan amortizer worksheet
MAILLIST WKS  Mailing list maintenance worksheet
WEEKRPT  WKS  Jobcosting time management worksheet
PC-SIG  (Software Interest Group)
1030 East Duane Avenue, Suite D
Sunnyvale, CA  94086
(408) 730-9291


Author name:  Whiterock Alternative
Address:      P.O. Box 45458
              Seattle WA, 98145

Suggested Donation: $15.00 for the shell.  Other applications driven by the 
shell have separate compensation structures.
Program Description:
The Whiterock alternative is a Macro-based, menu-driven front end for LOTUS 123
designed to make 123 easier to use, and to provide worksheets derived for this
environment with a common user interface.  It is designed to boot up automa-
tically when the Whiterock Alternative is placed in the drive after LOTUS 123
is powered up.  The Whiterock shell takes over, and the user runs his appli-
cations under the new environment.

This disk also contains several worksheets designed to run under the Whiterock
environment, including a library of useful macros that can be exported to use 
in new worksheets, an installment loan analyzer, a menu-driven mailing list 
database, a checkbook ledger with on-line budget cross-auditing, and a file to
in job-costing by keeping track of hours spent on particular tasks.

System requirements are an IBM PC or compatible with at least 256K (some appli-
cations will require more memory that) and LOTUS 123.  A printer is optional,
but recommended, as is a second disk drive.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0583

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

AUTO123  WKS     11136   1-03-80  12:22a
CHEKBOOK WKS     55552   1-01-85   8:41p
FILES583 TXT       820   8-16-86   3:17p
GO       BAT       309   1-03-80   1:56a
LIBRARY  WKS     50944   2-26-85  10:05p
LOANTABL WKS     29184   1-01-85   8:43p
MAILLIST WKS     17152   1-01-85   8:42p
NOTES583 TXT      1339   1-03-80   1:50a
WEEKRPT  WKS     28416   1-01-85   8:45p
        9 file(s)     194852 bytes
                      123904 bytes free