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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #586)

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Information about “DOS EXTENSIONS 2 OF 2 (ALSO 585)”

An interesting series of extremely flexible and useful DOS enhancements.
These are not meant to replace standard DOS commands, but to add
versatility and utility as powerful supersets of these commands.

Features include: multiple file names on command lines; 16 new wild
cards; visual file selection; more useful file/system information;
retrieval of deleted files; measurement of elapsed time of programs or
commands, and directory sorting. These extensions can also be combined
to create new functions or process multiple files with one command.

File Descriptions:

The First Disk Contains:
REF      DOC  Documentation -- reference manual for DOS Extensions.
LS       EXE  DOS extension -- directory lister.
USER     DOC  Documentation -- installation and use of extensions.

The Second Disk Contains:
ATT      EXE  DOS extension -- view or change file attributes.
WHEREIS  EXE  DOS extension -- file locator.
VOLM     EXE  DOS extension -- view or change volume name.
CAT      EXE  DOS extension -- concatenate files.
ALARM    EXE  DOS extension -- sound a controllable tone.
INP      EXE  DOS extension -- input data to a DOS pipe.
INFO     EXE  DOS extension -- display disk, or memory information.
GPM      EXE  DOS extension -- find text patterns in files.
DIRSRT   EXE  DOS extension -- directory sorter.
CP       EXE  DOS extension -- copy files.
CMD      EXE  DOS extension -- execute programs, commands, .bat files.
CLK      EXE  DOS extension -- elapse time of programs or commands.
UNIQ     EXE  DOS extension -- duplicate text line handler.
UNDEL    EXE  DOS extension -- retreive a deleted file.
TXLAT    EXE  DOS extension -- character translator.
TEE      EXE  DOS extension -- DOS pipe output controller.
STAT     EXE  DOS extension -- statistical text file information.
SLEEP    EXE  DOS extension -- pause command.
SELECT   EXE  DOS extension -- visual selector.
SED      EXE  DOS extension -- file editor.
RM       EXE  DOS extension -- delete files.
RENM     EXE  DOS extension -- rename files.
RENDIR   EXE  DOS extension -- rename a subdirectory.
PRNT     EXE  DOS extension -- output selected text lines of files.
MV       EXE  DOS extension -- move files.
MERGE    EXE  DOS extension -- merge text lines from multiple files.


Disk No  586  DOS EXTENSIONS (Disk 2 of 2)                         v1 DS2
This disk is the second of the series.  It contains all but one of the
actual DOS extensions in this package.
ATT      EXE  DOS Extension - View or change file attributes
ALARM    EXE  DOS Extension - Sound a controllable tone
CAT      EXE  DOS Extension - Concatenate files
CLK      EXE  DOS Extension - Measure elapse time of programs or commands
CMD      EXE  DOS Extension - Execute programs, commands, or batch files
CP       EXE  DOS Extension - Copy files
DIRSRT   EXE  DOS Extension - Directory sorter
GPM      EXE  DOS Extension - Find text patterns in files
INFO     EXE  DOS Extension - Display system, disk, or memory information
INP      EXE  DOS Extension - Input data to a DOS pipe
MERGE    EXE  DOS Extension - Merge text lines from multiple files
MV       EXE  DOS Extension - Move files
PRNT     EXE  DOS Extension - Output selected text lines of files
RENDIR   EXE  DOS Extension - Rename a subdirectory
RENM     EXE  DOS Extension - Rename files
RM       EXE  DOS Extension - Delete files
SED      EXE  DOS Extension - File editor
SELECT   EXE  DOS Extension - Visual selector
SLEEP    EXE  DOS Extension - Pause command
STAT     EXE  DOS Extension - Statistical text file information
TEE      EXE  DOS Extension - DOS pipe output controller
TXLAT    EXE  DOS Extension - Character translator
UNDEL    EXE  DOS Extension - Retreive a deleted file
UNIQ     EXE  DOS Extension - Duplicate text line handler
VOLM     EXE  DOS Extension - View or change volume name
WHEREIS  EXE  DOS Extension - File locator
PC-SIG (Software Interest Group)
1030 East Duane Avenue, Suite D
Sunnyvale, CA  94086
(408) 730-9291

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0586

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

ALARM    EXE     14465   6-07-86   8:17p
ATT      EXE     14689   6-07-86   8:17p
CAT      EXE     10177   6-07-86   8:17p
CLK      EXE     10897   6-07-86   8:17p
CMD      EXE     14081   6-07-86   8:18p
CP       EXE     11889   6-07-86   8:18p
DIRSRT   EXE     11953   6-07-86   8:18p
FILES586 TXT      1894   8-16-86   3:54p
GO       BAT       154   8-16-86   3:54p
GPM      EXE     16769   6-07-86   8:18p
INFO     EXE      9313   6-07-86   8:18p
INP      EXE      7249   6-07-86   8:18p
MERGE    EXE     14945   6-07-86   8:19p
MV       EXE     11617   6-07-86   8:19p
PRNT     EXE     15281   6-07-86   8:19p
RENDIR   EXE      8993   6-07-86   8:19p
RENM     EXE     11681   6-07-86   8:19p
RM       EXE     10065   6-07-86   8:20p
SED      EXE     20433   6-07-86   8:20p
SELECT   EXE     15185   6-07-86   8:20p
SLEEP    EXE     13681   6-07-86   8:20p
STAT     EXE     15393   6-07-86   8:21p
TEE      EXE     13169   6-07-86   8:21p
TXLAT    EXE     15313   6-07-86   8:21p
UNDEL    EXE     11409   6-07-86   8:21p
UNIQ     EXE     15073   6-07-86   8:22p
VOLM     EXE      8193   6-07-86   8:22p
WHEREIS  EXE     10337   6-07-86   8:22p
       28 file(s)     334298 bytes
                       14336 bytes free