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Information about “SYMPHONY WORKSHEETS #3”

Business planners and investors will find this disk especially valuable
to Symphony users.  5YEAR.WRK allows the financial planning of any
business over a five year period, including the appropriate pro forma
calculations.  PROJECT.WRK enables planners to determine production and
performance timetables for implementing and executing project oriented
businesses.  Both spreadsheets are macro-driven but do require reading
the documentation and assumes basic knowledge of buiness plan

System Requirements:  512K, two disk drives, monochrome display and

How to Start:  Access through Lotus SYMPHONY

File Descriptions:

5YEAR    WRK  Five year business plan macro
0_DESCR  WRK  Description of macros on this disk
PROJECT  WRK  Project oriented company planner macro


Disk No  596  Symphony Worksheets #3                               v1 DS2
This disk contains two macros for business planners using Symphony.
One produces an integrated five year business plan complete with balance
sheets and income statements while the other is more suited for project
oriented companies.
0_DESCR  WRK  Description of macros on this disk
0_HIGHLT WRK  Expalanation on where to locate files
0_README WRK  Library disk highlights
5YEAR    WRK  Five year business plan macro
PROJECT  WRK  Project oriented company planner macro
PH# 408-730-9291


Program name:        New York Lotus 231

Author name:         N.Y. Lotus Disks
Address:             Suite 1102, 163 Joralemon St., Brooklyn 11201

Suggested Donation:  ?

Program Description: This disk contains two LOTUS macros ranging from
                     a five year business planning package complete
                     with balance sheets and another for project plans.

                     The macros are :

                     1. 5YEAR.WRK
                        This is an integrated 5 year business planner
                        which can handle balance sheets, income statements,
                        cashflows, cost of goods sold and financial ratios.

                     2. PROJECT.WRK
                        This macro is designed for more project oriented
                        companies and handles long term planning.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0596

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

0_DESCR  WRK      1305   4-28-85  11:15p
0_HIGHLT WRK      7141   4-28-85   1:14p
0_README WRK      3391   4-28-85   1:13p
5YEAR    WRK    146646   2-09-85   4:04a
FILES596 TXT       815   8-25-86   5:47p
GO       BAT       432   6-17-86   1:20p
NOTES596 TXT       881   6-17-86   2:28p
PROJECT  WRK    115061   2-09-85   4:21a
        8 file(s)     275672 bytes
                       43008 bytes free