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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #627)

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Information about “PC-WRITE 2 OF 3 (ALSO 78, 1235)”

PC-WRITE is a wordprocessor with features and power that
overshadow many commercial wordprocessing programs on the market.
Advanced users and wordprocessing professionals will find the package
very multi-faceted; it can accomplish virtually any task on almost any
printer.  While essentially an advanced program, thanks to a special
tutorial and new help screens, beginners can be running the program in

PC-WRITE handles files that are as large as the available RAM memory in
your computer.  The program allows quick and easy access to the
features that most wordprocessors include: cut-and-paste of blocks of
text; headers and footers; automatic page numbering; editing multiple
documents; bold type and other special text enhancements; a spell
checker that lets you add words; and many others.  Other features
include:  multiple-column layout; cut-and-paste of rectangular boxes of
text; menus to help you select page layout and fonts; support of
foreign language characters; and a feature that lets you use your
computer like a typewriter.

PC-WRITE supports most printers (over 800) and includes special
supports for laser printers, including Postscript.  It also accepts most
WordStar commands and converts WordStar files.  The  pop-up menus make
most tasks easier and the user guide is included on-disk.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0627

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

CHARS    TST       994  10-26-88   3:50a
DESKDOWN BAT      3067   9-20-89   3:37p
ED       MDS      1008   4-07-89   5:55p
ED       PIF       416  11-09-88   6:27p
GETYN    COM       806   9-25-89   5:18p
GO       BAT        12   5-18-86   8:32p
HPDOWN   BAT      6038  10-25-88   2:22a
JUSTIFY  TST      4054  11-09-88   8:49p
LOGIMICE DEF      2031  10-23-88   4:28p
LOGIMICE MNU       473  10-24-88  12:34p
MACRO    DEF      6132   9-20-89   4:01p
MENULAZ  BAT       104   9-20-89   3:38p
MENULZE  EXE    101281   9-19-89   1:03p
MENUPRT  BAT       176   9-19-89   1:15p
MENUPRT1 EXE     94863   9-19-89   1:04p
MENUPRT2 EXE     69087   9-19-89   1:04p
MICSMICE COM      9296  10-25-88  12:01a
MICSMICE DEF      2025  10-23-88   4:14p
MICSMICE MNU       512  10-24-88  12:40p
MSYSMICE COM      5764  10-23-88   3:54p
MSYSMICE MSC      3067  10-23-88   3:52p
PRINT    TST      2034   9-20-89   3:36p
PSDOWN   FIN         4  11-30-88   4:33p
PSDOWN   INI     21166   9-20-89   2:30p
QUADDOWN BAT      3904  10-25-88   2:31a
READ     ME       1001   9-29-89  12:48p
UTILITY  DIR      2045   9-29-89  12:50p
WORKDISK BAT      6120   9-27-89   7:40p
WORKUTIL BAT      5086   9-25-89   4:30p
       29 file(s)     352566 bytes
                        1024 bytes free