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Information about “GRAPHTIME II 1 OF 2 (ALSO 670)”

GRAPHTIME-II is a business and technical graphics system with text and
font editors.  Designed for use with dBASE II/III, Multiplan, Lotus 1-
2-3 and ASCII files, it can also be used on its own with data entered
from the keyboard into the built-in spreadsheet.  Epson compatible, HP
Deskjet and Laserjet printers are supported.

The package consists of six main modules:

~  GRAPH -- 19 types available with up to 10 graphs per screen

~  DRAW -- Full-screen color graphics editor

~  FONT -- Text generator and font editor

~  FILE -- External file input/output

~  TEXTED -- Text and macro editor

~  PRINT -- Printer driver

The graphics editor can create free-form diagrams or enhance a
previously made graph.  You can select arrow keys, joystick or mouse to
control the graphics cursor.

GRAPHTIME-II can be either menu or command-driven, with an emphasis on
ease of use.  All scales and labels are made automatically with manual
override.  A macro facility is included for commonly-used
command sequences and to control slide shows.  Macros can also be
created by recording a sequence of commands as they are used.


Disk No:  669                                                           
Disk Title: Graphtime II 1 of 2 (670 2nd disk)  (Disk 1 of 2)           
PC-SIG Version: S3.3                                                    
Program Title: Graphtime II                                             
Author Version: 3.00                                                    
Author Registration: $49.95                                             
Special Requirements: 512K RAM, CGA or EGA graphics.                    
GRAPHTIME II is a business-presentation graphics program.  GRAPHTIME II 
does various line, column and pie charts.  The charts can be printed or 
plotted, viewed individually, or set up to run as an unattended ``slide 
show'' on the monitor.  It accepts data from dBase II/III, Multiplan,   
and Lotus 1-2-3, or you can enter data directly.  It has a font editor, 
macro editor and math functions including moving averages.  There is    
even an ``undo'' function.  A Microsoft mouse (or compatible) is        
This version will plot 24 data points and will print ``paint''          
files, but will not save them.                                          
1030D East Duane Avenue                                                 
Sunnyvale  Ca. 94086                                                    
(408) 730-9291                                                          
(c) Copyright 1989 PC-SIG, Inc.                                         


							   April 2, 1990
                GRAPHTIME-II Function data generation.

The  Function  generator system operates independently of the  other
GRAPHTIME-II programs.  When the function(s) have been  entered and the
data  created, this data file is then  loaded with the normal FL command
in the GRAPH program.


a. Floppy disk:
Copy the Startup disk (#1) to a new floppy disk. e.g. A:> COPY *.*  B:<Ent>
Label this disk "Function Generator".
Delete any Help files from this disk: DEL *.GTH<Ent>

IBM  PC: Copy the BASICA interpreter from your system disk in drive A:
onto the Function Generator disk in drive B:
e.g. A:> COPY BASICA.*  B:<Ent>
IBM  Compatibles:  Copy the  GWBASIC interpreter onto the Function Generator
disk: e.g. A:> COPY GWBASIC.*  B:<Ent>

b. Hard disk:

1.  Copy  BASICA.* or GWBASIC.* to the GT subdirectory.
   e.g. C:\GT> COPY A:BASICA.* <Ent>


From  either  drive A:>  (Floppy system)
 or   subdirectory  C:\GT>  (Hard disk), enter:

GTF <Ent>    (with GWBASIC installed)


GTFB <Ent>   (with BASICA installed)

This  will run the Function Generator program. One or two functions
may be entered.
Single function: e.g. A(X)=X*SIN(X)
Where  A  is  the function  name.  X is the argument  and  will  be
specified as a range of values.
X-axis will be the X range specified (e.g. -10 to 10).
Y-axis will be the function of X. (e.g. X*SIN(X) )

Double function: e.g. Funct1: A(X)=SIN(X) and Funct2: B(X)=COS(X)

X-axis will be Funct1(X).
Y-axis will be Funct2(X).


When the functions have been entered the program will request:

Function Title:                 (To accept the title shown, press
Y-axis Title:                    <Ent> or type in your new title.
X-axis Title:                    These will appear on the graph.)

A  new  program  will  be  generated  and run  to  request  further
(Note: On a PC-XT this process will take approximately 30 seconds.)

Output File name:___________/   (The name may include drive. eg B:
                                 Do not add an extension as .GTD
                                 is added.)
Number of points:____/          (Maximum for GRAPHTIME is 1024)
Minimum argument:________/      (May be + or -)
Maximum argument:________/      (Must be higher than minimum.)

The increment will calculated and displayed.
If the entry is OK press Y or <Ent>.
The  X and Y data pairs will be calculated and written to the  data
You  may then press <Esc> to return to system (DOS) level, or press
SPACE  to  create  another  file  of the same function(s)  using  a
different numbers of points and argument range.

When  the  file(s) have  been created, startup GRAPHTIME-II in  the
usual way: GT<Ent> or GO<Ent> then select G for Graph.
Use FL name<Ent> to load the data into memory.
The data is in Random format and may be edited, printed or graphed.



10 'SAVE"GTFLP" 'Rene Rojas for Computer Performance 13-10-87
20 REM
30 A$=STRING$(78,205):COLOR 14,1:CLS
60 LOCATE 2,10:COLOR 14,1:PRINT "G R A P H T I M E - I I   F U N C T I O N    G E N E R A T I O N ";:LOCATE 11,36:COLOR 16,7:PRINT "LOADING";:COLOR 14,1



GRAPHTIME-II                                  2 April 1990

GTPRINT.EXE   (Available with registered version.)

This  is a program to convert a plotter  file
(name.GTG) to output high resolution graphs onto a standard
EPSON/compatible graphics printer.


Load  the plotter  driver  (from  DRAW or GRAPH) and  create  a
plotter file of a diagram or graph. During the setup stage,
select Printer instead of Plotter. (Do not use Direct mode.)
When the plotter file is Run [PR], the HPGL printer driver is loaded.
When the file  name  is  requested,  enter  the  plotter  file  name
previously created. (Do not include the .GTG extension.)

Three  resolutions are possible.  Normally use the 960  dot
resolution. (Usually only the text size is affected.) The higher
the resolution, the slower the printing speed.
To abort printing, press <ESC>. It may take up to minute to respond.
You will then be asked for another filename. Press <ESC> to exit.

NOTES: Complex graphs or drawings can take up to 45 minutes on a
       normal XT. An 80286 or faster processor is desirable.
       Pattern fill is limited to that of an HPGL plotter.

John D. Newman
Computer Performance.



Program: GTLINE

This program is called from the DRAW program with the GL command.
It provides an alternative diagram drawing facility by making use of the
IBM/EPSON graphics character set. This allows lines and frames to be drawn
in two thicknesses and many additional text symbols are available.

Blocks of the screen can be moved or copied.

Up to four screens can be joined to form a single larger diagram.
Screens can be saved to and loaded from disk.

When printing, text can use printer attributes such as bold or condensed.
For more details, press F1 key when LINE is loaded.

April 2, 1990


Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0669

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

GT       BAT       274   4-01-90   6:46p
GTDEMO   GTT       734  11-09-89   6:08a
GTC1     BAT       283   4-01-90   6:48p
GTC2     BAT       199  12-16-89  10:39a
GTSTART  EXE      9601   3-31-90   9:47a
PORT     COM      2454   2-13-88   4:10p
FUNGEN   DOC      3171   4-01-90   7:02p
GTPRINT  DOC      1278   4-01-90   6:57p
LINE     DOC       793   4-01-90   7:05p
BRUN30   EXE     70680   4-07-87  10:48a
OTHERS   MSG       509   3-31-90   9:48a
GTLINE   EXE     30769  12-16-89   2:20p
GTPRS    EXE      8320  10-13-87   7:37p
DEMO     BAT       273   4-01-90   7:39p
ADMIN    GTD       301  11-17-89   2:45p
BUBBLE   GTD       387  11-26-89   9:09a
DPBUDGET GTD       421  11-27-89  11:12p
PARTS    GTD       322  11-17-89   2:45p
RAND     GTD       333  11-17-89   4:31p
SALES    GTD       641  11-25-89   6:14a
SEA0     GTD       271  11-17-89   4:31p
SHARES   GTD       770  11-17-89   4:32p
TEST     GTD      3259  11-17-89   2:41p
WAGES    GTD       519  11-17-89   2:45p
FONT1    GTF      3200  10-17-85   6:14p
FONT2    GTF      3072  10-15-85   8:19p
FONT3    GTF      3006  11-15-89   1:48p
GO       BAT       272   4-01-90   7:41p
PRINTHLP BAT       314   4-01-90   7:33p
NORM     GTT       668   6-18-88  10:35a
GTFG     BAK      7902   5-15-89   8:09p
A        GTH      1414   3-27-90   9:25p
DRB      GTH      1136   3-27-90  11:21p
DRC      GTH      1017   3-27-90  11:24p
DRD      GTH      1061   3-27-90  11:25p
DRE      GTH       778   3-27-90  11:27p
DRF      GTH      1060   3-27-90  11:28p
DRG      GTH       849   3-27-90  11:29p
DRI      GTH      1338   3-27-90   9:23p
DRL      GTH      1885   3-27-90  11:33p
DRP      GTH      1077   3-27-90  11:31p
DRR      GTH      1013   3-27-90  11:32p
DRT      GTH      4854   3-27-90  11:36p
F        GTH      1807   3-27-90   9:45p
G        GTH      2440   3-27-90  10:14p
GP       GTH      7144  12-02-89   8:42p
I        GTH      4044   3-28-90  12:04a
K        GTH      1046   3-27-90  11:59p
M        GTH      3531   3-27-90  10:49p
P        GTH      4099   3-27-90  11:16p
S        GTH      3192   3-27-90  11:04p
MCGA     GTM       631  12-21-89   8:11p
MEGA     GTM      1151   3-31-90  11:08a
T1       GTT        48  10-04-87  10:27a
GTDRAW   MSG      1165   2-18-90   7:58p
GTGRAPH  MSG      1878   3-10-90   7:57p
GTPIEBL  MSG       799  10-21-89   1:22p
GTTEXTED MSG      1619   1-25-90   6:09p
GTFC     EXE     13809   8-04-87  10:25p
MOUSE    COM      7099   8-17-87  12:00p
TFR      BAK       111   6-13-88   2:00p
TEXT     GTT       886  11-12-89  10:31a
FONT6    GTF      6199   9-18-88  10:45p
T1       GTB       656   7-19-88  12:56p
CCGA     GTM       684  12-21-89   8:11p
FONT4    GTF      1919   9-18-88   1:27a
GTFILE   MSG      1593   1-07-90   6:00p
GANTDEMO GTD       793  11-28-89  11:29a
GTF      BAT       363   6-18-88   9:43a
GTFB     BAT       293  10-06-87   8:57a
README            2983   4-01-90   7:34p
FONT5    GTF      4034   9-18-88   1:07a
FONT7    GTF      9612   9-18-88  10:53p
GTFLP    BAS       385  10-13-87   9:14p
TFR      GTZ       129   4-01-90   7:43p
FILE0669 TXT      1925   4-24-90  10:16a
       76 file(s)     260545 bytes
                       20480 bytes free