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Information about “GRAPHTIME II 2 OF 2 (ALSO 669)”

GRAPHTIME-II is a business and technical graphics system with text and
font editors.  Designed for use with dBASE II/III, Multiplan, Lotus 1-
2-3 and ASCII files, it can also be used on its own with data entered
from the keyboard into the built-in spreadsheet.  Epson compatible, HP
Deskjet and Laserjet printers are supported.

The package consists of six main modules:

~  GRAPH -- 19 types available with up to 10 graphs per screen

~  DRAW -- Full-screen color graphics editor

~  FONT -- Text generator and font editor

~  FILE -- External file input/output

~  TEXTED -- Text and macro editor

~  PRINT -- Printer driver

The graphics editor can create free-form diagrams or enhance a
previously made graph.  You can select arrow keys, joystick or mouse to
control the graphics cursor.

GRAPHTIME-II can be either menu or command-driven, with an emphasis on
ease of use.  All scales and labels are made automatically with manual
override.  A macro facility is included for commonly-used
command sequences and to control slide shows.  Macros can also be
created by recording a sequence of commands as they are used.


Disk No:  670                                                           
Disk Title: Grapphime II 2 of 2 (669 1st disk)  (Disk 2 of 2)           
PC-SIG Version: S3.3                                                    
Program Title: Graphtime II                                             
Author Version: 3.00                                                    
Author Registration: $49.95                                             
Special Requirements: 512K RAM, CGA or EGA graphics.                    
GRAPHTIME II is a business-presentation graphics program.  GRAPHTIME II 
does various line, column and pie charts.  The charts can be printed or 
plotted, viewed individually, or set up to run as an unattended ``slide 
show'' on the monitor.  It accepts data from dBase II/III, Multiplan,   
and Lotus 1-2-3, or you can enter data directly.  It has a font editor, 
macro editor and math functions including moving averages.  There is    
even an ``undo'' function.  A Microsoft mouse (or compatible) is        
This version will plot 24 data points and will print ``paint''          
files, but will not save them.                                          
1030D East Duane Avenue                                                 
Sunnyvale  Ca. 94086                                                    
(408) 730-9291                                                          
(c) Copyright 1989 PC-SIG, Inc.                                         


║                 <<<<  Disk #670 GRAPHTIME II  >>>>                      ║
║ To start the program, insert disk #669 in drive A and type:             ║
║                       GO  (press enter)                                 ║
║                                                                         ║
║ To print the documentation, insert disk #669 in drive A and type:       ║
║                       PRINTHLP  (press enter)                           ║

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0670

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

GTGRAPH  EXE    180145   3-28-90   8:25p
GTFILE   EXE     23841   1-18-90   5:18p
GTPIEBL  EXE     28961   3-31-90   8:59a
GTFONTPR EXE     35409   3-31-90  10:16a
GTDRAW   EXE     53105   3-27-90   6:26p
GTTEXTED EXE     30625   1-25-90   6:10p
GTPATERN GTE       790   3-13-90   9:10p
GTPATERN GTX       779  12-11-85  11:36p
TFR      GTZ       130   4-01-90   9:52a
GO       BAT        38  10-21-89  12:52p
GO       TXT       694   4-23-90   8:26a
FILE0670 TXT      1925   4-24-90  10:18a
       12 file(s)     356442 bytes
                        1024 bytes free