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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #675)

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Information about “THE ENABLE READER 2 OF 4 (674,676,677)”

computer access for the blind and visually-impaired, and is actually two
programs in one.

The ``Full Screen Speech Review System'' is designed to let the
visually-impaired use the wide selection of software written for
MS-DOS compatibles.  Now programs like Lotus 1-2-3 or dBASE are
available to everyone.

The ``Talking Tutorial Programmer's Aid'' gives programmers access to
many of the speech functions of the ENABLE READER to write talking
tutorials for their software.

Several synthesizer language versions are included for the most popular
synthesizers available.  Among these are:

~ Artic Technologies - speech board.

~ Speech Plus - calltext 5050.

~ Digital Equipment Corp. - dectalk.

~ Street electronics - echo qp.

~ Votrax, Inc. - Votalker ib., Votrax pss., Votrax pss/b.


DISK NO  675  Enable Reader Speech System  V3.0  (2 of 4)          V1.0 DS2
The Enable Reader 3.0 Speech System is actually two programs in one. The
FULL SCREEN SPEECH REVIEW SYSTEM is designed for visually impaired and
blind people. With Full Screen Speech Review, a visually impaired person
has access to the wide selection of commercial software available for MSDOS
compatible machines, such as the IBM PC and dozens of other machines.
Whether it is Wordstar, dBase, or Lotus 1-2-3 , a visually impaired person
can now use these programs efficiently.
The second program built into the Enable Reader 3.0 Speech System is the
TALKING TUTORIAL PROGRAMMER'S AID. Professional programmers now have access
to many of the speech functions of the Enable Reader 3.0 Speech System for
writing talking tutorials for their software. This gives blind and visually
impaired people the best of both worlds. One, they have access to the
Review Mode of the Enable Reader 3.0 Speech System for running commercial
software. And two, any program that is written with the Talking Tutorial
Programmer's Aid will run for them.
This system consists of 4 disks.  They are as follows:
Disk No. 674 is the main program disk.
Disk No. 675 contains the manual.
Disk No. 676 contains the Votrax word processing programs.
Disk No. 677 contains the Dectalk word processing programs.
PC Software Interest Group (PC-SIG)
1030D E. Duane Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA  94086
(408) 730-9291
(c) Copyright 1986

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AIDKEYS  DOC      7424   1-02-87   1:00p
APPENDIX DOC     19456   1-02-87   1:00p
CURSKEYS DOC     13824   1-02-87   1:00p
EXAMPLE           1704   1-02-87   1:00p
FILES675 TXT      2048   1-04-80   9:34p
HELPKEYS DOC     38400   1-02-87   1:00p
INTKEYS  DOC     23424   1-02-87   1:00p
INTRO    DOC     57088   1-02-87   1:00p
PERFECT  DOC     25856   1-02-87   1:00p
PRINTME  BAT      1024   1-02-87   1:00p
READKEYS DOC     25984   1-02-87   1:00p
README   DOC      1664   1-02-87   1:00p
STARTUP  DOC     42496   1-02-87   1:00p
SUPERKEY DOC      9216   1-02-87   1:00p
SYSTKEYS DOC     16128   1-02-87   1:00p
TESTFILE           768   1-02-87   1:00p
USING    DOC     27904   1-02-87   1:00p
WORDSTAR DOC     38144   1-02-87   1:00p
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