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Information about “UPDATED ALL FILES ON #2321”

QUBECALC is a spreadsheet with many advanced features.  However, the
special power of this package is in its being a TRUE three-dimensional
spreadsheet.  It can be thought of as a large cube, with 64 rows, 64
columns and 64 pages.  Formulas can reference any cell on any page, or
even ranges of cells which span multiple pages.  Plus, QUBECALC'S 3D
worksheet can be rotated to allow you to view, enter, or manipulate your
data from any of its six faces.  PC Magazine made it an Editor's Choice
among low cost spreadsheets.


Disk No:  696                                                           
Disk Title: QubeCalc                                                    
PC-SIG Version: S3.4                                                    
Program Title: QubeCalc                                                 
Author Version: 3.10                                                    
Author Registration: $69.95                                             
Special Requirements: Two floppy drives.                                
QUBECALC is a spreadsheet with many advanced features.  However, the    
special power of this package is in its being a TRUE three-dimensional  
spreadsheet, as opposed to some two-dimensional spreadsheets which let  
you link cells of multiple spreadsheets together.                       
QUBECALC can be thought of as a large cube -- the workqube -- with      
262,144 cells arranged into 64 rows, 64 columns, and 64 pages, named X, 
Y, and Z. It is configured so there are six faces on the workqube, named
A through F. Here is the power of this spreadsheet: you can view, enter,
or manipulate your data from ANY of the six faces -- providing a        
different perspective of the data stored within the workqube.           
1030D East Duane Avenue                                                 
Sunnyvale  Ca. 94086                                                    
(408) 730-9291                                                          
(c) Copyright 1989 PC-SIG, Inc.                                         


║                  <<<<  Disk No 696  QUBECALC  >>>>                      ║
║   To print the documentation on this disk, type: PRINTDOC (press enter) ║
║                                                                         ║
║   To run the program, type: QUBECALC (press enter)                      ║


          QubeCalc is NOT a  public domain program. It is  Shareware, which
          basically means it is a commercial program with a "try before you
          buy"  option.    QubeCalc  is   copyrighted  by  FormalSoft,  and
          FormalSoft retains all rights  pertaining to QubeCalc. FormalSoft
          grants a  restricted permission to  users to make  and distribute
          copies of QubeCalc. 
          If you continue  to regularly use  QubeCalc, you are expected  to
          register  with FormalSoft  using the  form provided  on  the next
          If QubeCalc  is used for  business purposes, or for  gain, then a
          copy of QubeCalc  must be purchased for each computer it is to be
          used on. 
          You are  granted permission to  copy and distribute  QubeCalc for
          evaluation by others on the following conditions: 
          - You  may NOT  charge anything  for  QubeCalc itself.   You  may
          charge a cost  based fee (not to  exceed $10) to cover  disks and
          - You  may NOT copy  the printed documentation  in any  manner or
          - You  may NOT  bundle QubeCalc  with any  other product  without
          prior written permission from FormalSoft.
          - You may  NOT distribute  versions of QubeCalc  which have  been
          modified in any way. 
          - You  must include ALL of  the files which are  distributed with
          QubeCalc. These files must be ARCHIVED together if you place them
          on an electronic bulletin board. 
          FormalSoft  provides  quantity  discounts  for  QubeCalc.     The
          discount schedule is:

                                   QUANTITY       DISCOUNT
                                     1-2            0%
                                     3-5           15%
                                     6-9           20%
                                    10-24          25%
                                    25-49          30%
                                    50-99          35%
                                   100-249         40%
                                   250-499         45%
                                     500+          50% 


                             QubeCalc Registration Form 
          QubeCalc is distributed as Shareware  and is completely supported
          by user registrations. You may register  your copy of QubeCalc by
          filling  out  the form  below and  mailing  it along  with $74.95
          ($69.95 + $5 s/h) to: 
                                QubeCalc Registration 
                                    P.O. Box 1913 
                                Sandy, Ut. 84091-1913 
          We can also accept VISA/MC/AMEX at (801) 565-0971. 
          You will  receive the latest  version of  QubeCalc, the  complete
          printed manual, and will be placed on our  update list to receive
          automatic  notification  of  QubeCalc updates  and  new  software
          releases from FormalSoft.  

          City, State, Zip:______________________________________________ 
          Number of copies:___________ Amount enclosed * :_______________ 
          * UT residents add 6 1/4% sales tax 
          Where did you find out about QubeCalc or get your copy from? 
          FormalSoft is currently working on  new features to make QubeCalc
          even more powerful.  If there are any features you  would like to
          see added to QubeCalc, please let us know. 



          ProQube        ProQube is FormalSoft's commercial 3D spreadsheet.
                         ProQube  is  similar to  QubeCalc  in that  it has
                         multiple pages and  the ability  to rotate the  3D
                         worksheet.  In  addition, ProQube  has: 512  rows,
                         columns,  and  pages,  presentation  graphics,  an
                         integrated programming  language, macro  recorder,
                         file manager, mouse support, cell protection, file
                         encryption,  the ability  to  directly import  and
                         export 1-2-3, dBase, DIF, and ASCII files (without
                         a translation program), 104  @functions (including
                         lookup  tables),  EGA  43  row  support,  expanded
                         memory support, and much more!

                         "ProQube offers much of the functionality of 1-2-3
                         Release 3.0 while  costing only a fifth as  much -
                         and it runs  on a basic  8088, 640K system with  a
                         hard disk." - Personal Computing

                         "ProQube  excels  at  analyzing  three-dimensional
                         data from all possible perspectives" - PC Magazine

                         Requirements: 640K, MSDOS 2.0+, and a hard disk.

                         ProQube is available  directly from FormalSoft for
                         $99, or you can find it at your local dealer.

                         Call or write for a free demo disk.

          InstaCalc      InstaCalc is  a memory resident  spreadsheet which
                         can  be popped  up through your word  processor to
                         cut  and  paste data  between the  spreadsheet and
                         word  processor.    It includes  all  of  the same
                         features   as   QubeCalc   except   for   the   3D

                         InstaCalc is available as  Shareware (registration
                         price is $49.95 + $5 s/h).


Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0696

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

CONVERT  COM      9014   1-17-90   3:10a
EXAMPLE  QUB      9472   1-17-90   3:10a
EXPORT   COM     23070   1-17-90   3:10a
FILES696 TXT      1925   3-10-90   4:00p
GET123   COM     19006   1-17-90   3:10a
GO       BAT        38  10-19-87   3:56p
GO       TXT       540   3-10-90   4:03p
HARDDISK BAT       569   1-17-90   3:10a
IMPORT   COM     16286   1-17-90   3:10a
LHARC    EXE     31256   1-17-90   3:10a
MANUAL   LZH     39893   1-17-90   3:10a
PRINTDOC EXE     11024   1-17-90   3:10a
QUBECALC 000     18688   1-17-90   3:10a
QUBECALC 001     25856   1-17-90   3:10a
QUBECALC COM     49984   1-17-90   3:10a
QUBECALC HLP     70254   1-17-90   3:10a
README            6281   1-17-90   3:10a
REGISTER DOC      7102   1-17-90   3:10a
SETUP    COM      8262   1-17-90   3:10a
       19 file(s)     348520 bytes
                        5120 bytes free