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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #698)

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Information about “THE FRONT OFFICE 2 OF 3 (ALSO 697, 2311)”

Open the door to more opportunity with THE FRONT OFFICE (TFO).  TFO is
a marketing and sales productivity system for prospecting and lead
tracking, telemarketing and call reporting, follow-up and sales

TFO is menu-driven and uses a single data-entry system for all data.
Data entered in one area is automatically copied to all other
applicable areas -- cutting down on data-entry costs, time, and
errors.  It comes with its own word processor and works with others, as

Letters, envelopes, labels, and reports are selectively produced by
prospect code, salesperson code, zip code, follow-up date, customer
code, product code, or your own user-defined fields for efficient and
flexible prospect tracking and follow-up.  Call reports include
telephone time, sales forecasts, and potential sales volume for
management analysis and sales support.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0698

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

DISK2                6   3-25-90  11:50p
LETTERS1 OVL     18352   5-28-90  12:36p
MAIN1    OVL     20864   5-28-90  12:36p
SALES1   OVL     17744   5-28-90  12:36p
CALL1    OVL     20304   5-28-90  12:36p
SORT2    OVL     25664   5-28-90  12:36p
ONE2     OVL     20656   5-28-90  12:37p
MISC2    OVL     26208   5-28-90  12:37p
FORMS2   OVL     22560   5-28-90  12:37p
EDIT3    OVL     18080   5-28-90  12:37p
GHELP3   OVL     24752   5-28-90  12:37p
SPLIT3   OVL     23200   5-28-90  12:37p
OUT3     OVL     11680   5-28-90  12:37p
HELP4    OVL     21792   5-28-90  12:37p
UTILITY4 OVL     31200   5-28-90  12:37p
ADD4     OVL      7872   5-28-90  12:37p
INSTALL  EXE     28773   4-07-90   9:42p
READ     ME       1660   5-04-90  11:01a
GO       BAT        31  12-09-86  10:13a
TFO      BAT       175   5-28-90  12:51p
D        COM      3221   8-27-85   1:20p
HELP     BAT      1005   3-13-89   9:44a
WP       PAR       227   1-20-90   9:50a
       23 file(s)     346026 bytes
                        2048 bytes free