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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #701)

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Information about “DANCAD 3D 1 OF 4 (ALSO 702,703,704)”

DANCAD3D is an excellent and versatile drawing program that lets you do
very complex things like stereoscopic 3D wire-frame drawing, or very
simple things like designing letterheads. Draw in two and three
dimensions. Separate groups of lines into "elements" that can be
saved, loaded, magnified, rotated, flipped, offset (moved), and used
over and over again. Keep them as a file on a disk (give them names
like cube, sphere, and cylinder).

DANCAD3D prints surprisingly sharp, crisp lines on Epson/IBM-compatible
dot-matrix printers. Use it for many different
applications, including the following:

~ Mechanical drawings and technical illustrations

~ Business forms of many kinds

~ Page layouts which combine text and drawings

~ Automatic computer slide shows

~ Engineering simulation to verify the fit of three-dimensional shapes

DANCAD3D also supports many plotters, PostScript laser printers, and
image setters such as the Linotronic 300. It works with a mouse, 3-D
track ball, or cursor keys.

DANCAD3D includes the DANMOVIE program, a full demonstration, and its
documentation. DANMOVIE is a very useful engineering tool. With it,
you can program DANCAD3D to make an animated close-up of parts in a
layout drawing. Use this close-up to confirm the fit of moving parts.
Produce an animated perspective view of the entire assembly with all of
the parts in motion.


Disk No  701
Program Title: DANCAD3D version 2.0E (Disk 1 of 4)
PC-SIG version 2.3

DANCAD3D lets you do complex tasks like stereoscopic 3D wire-frame
animation or simple things like a letterhead. It lets you draw with
lines that can be in a plane, like drawing on a piece of paper (2D
drawing), and can go any direction in space (3D drawing).
Three-dimensional drawings made of lines are called wire-frame drawings.
You can separate groups of lines into "elements" that can be saved,
loaded, magnified, rotated, flipped, offset (moved), and used over and
over again, by keeping them as a file on a disk (give them names like
cube, sphere, and cylinder).

DANCAD3D prints out very sharp lines and is useful for line drawings,
mechanical drawings, technical illustrations, wire-frame animation,
engineering simulation to verify the fit of three-dimensional shapes,
business forms, page-layouts combining text and drawings, and automatic
computer slide-shows.

Usage:  Graphics

System Requirements:  512K memory and a hard drive.

How to Start:  Type INSTALL (press enter).

Suggested Registration:  $35.00

File Descriptions:

DANCAD3D COM Main program and code editor with help screens.
DANCAD3D ??? Overlay files (27 files)

1030D E Duane Avenue
Sunnyvale Ca. 94086
(408) 730-9291
(c) Copyright 1987,88 PC-SIG, Inc.


║               <<<<  Disk #701 DANCAD3D  (Disk 1 of 4)  >>>>             ║
║ To start the DANCAD3D system, Type: INSTALL (press enter).              ║

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0701

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

DANCAD3D 000     72448   8-27-88  11:26a
DANCAD3D 001      1024   8-27-88  11:21a
DANCAD3D 002      2304   8-27-88  11:22a
DANCAD3D 003      1536   8-27-88  11:22a
DANCAD3D 004      1536   8-27-88  11:22a
DANCAD3D 005      2304   8-27-88  11:22a
DANCAD3D 006      1280   8-27-88  11:22a
DANCAD3D 007     11008   8-27-88  11:22a
DANCAD3D 008      2304   8-27-88  11:22a
DANCAD3D 009      3584   8-27-88  11:22a
DANCAD3D 010      2816   8-27-88  11:22a
DANCAD3D 011      5888   8-27-88  11:22a
DANCAD3D 012      3328   8-27-88  11:22a
DANCAD3D 013      5632   8-27-88  11:22a
DANCAD3D 014     28928   8-27-88  11:22a
DANCAD3D 015      5888   8-27-88  11:22a
DANCAD3D 016      6912   8-27-88  11:22a
DANCAD3D 017      8192   8-27-88  11:22a
DANCAD3D 018       512   8-27-88  11:22a
DANCAD3D 019     69632   8-27-88  11:23a
DANCAD3D 020     26368   8-27-88  11:23a
DANCAD3D 021     26112   8-27-88  11:23a
DANCAD3D 022      7168   8-27-88  11:23a
DANCAD3D 023      5888   8-27-88  11:23a
DANCAD3D 024      2816   8-27-88  11:23a
DANCAD3D 025     15104   8-27-88  11:23a
DANCAD3D 026      8192   8-27-88  11:23a
DANCAD3D COM     11522   8-27-88  11:26a
FILES701 TXT      1400   9-16-88   3:58p
GO       BAT        38   2-08-88   4:25p
GO       TXT       386   2-08-88   4:27p
INSTALL  BAT      2405  12-31-87   9:35p
       32 file(s)     344455 bytes
                        4096 bytes free