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Information about “DANCAD 3D 3 OF 4 (ALSO 701,702,704)”

DANCAD3D is an excellent and versatile drawing program that lets you do
very complex things like stereoscopic 3D wire-frame drawing, or very
simple things like designing letterheads. Draw in two and three
dimensions. Separate groups of lines into "elements" that can be
saved, loaded, magnified, rotated, flipped, offset (moved), and used
over and over again. Keep them as a file on a disk (give them names
like cube, sphere, and cylinder).

DANCAD3D prints surprisingly sharp, crisp lines on Epson/IBM-compatible
dot-matrix printers. Use it for many different
applications, including the following:

~ Mechanical drawings and technical illustrations

~ Business forms of many kinds

~ Page layouts which combine text and drawings

~ Automatic computer slide shows

~ Engineering simulation to verify the fit of three-dimensional shapes

DANCAD3D also supports many plotters, PostScript laser printers, and
image setters such as the Linotronic 300. It works with a mouse, 3-D
track ball, or cursor keys.

DANCAD3D includes the DANMOVIE program, a full demonstration, and its
documentation. DANMOVIE is a very useful engineering tool. With it,
you can program DANCAD3D to make an animated close-up of parts in a
layout drawing. Use this close-up to confirm the fit of moving parts.
Produce an animated perspective view of the entire assembly with all of
the parts in motion.


     [   D  A  N  M  O  V  I  E    D  O  C  U  M  E  N  T  A  T  I  O  N  ]   

                        DANMOVIE.COM v1.10 (512k to 640k)

               For Use With DANCAD3D.COM v1.33-512k or v1.30-640k.

          Daniel H. Hudgins, 466 Diamond St., San Francisco, CA  94114.


         * Color Graphics Adapter Video Board (CGA) 100% compatible.
           Note: DANMOVIE v2.0 supports EGA, MGC and Hercules (tm)  
           video boards, it comes with the manual when you order it.
         * 512k or more memory.
         * 100% compatible PC with a disk drive.
         * DANCAD3D.COM, v2.0 with 14 disks and 300+ page manual.

         DANMOVIE works with DANCAD 3D to animate screens  saved  as  pixel
     bit  maps.  DANCAD  3D can print out or plot the drawings at very high
     resolution (greater than 4 million pixels) if you  like  the  way  the
     animation looks using DANMOVIE.

         DANMOVIE is a useful engineering tool since you can program DANCAD
     3D to make an animated close-up of parts in a layout drawing.  In that
     way  you  can  confirm  the fit of moving parts.  You can also program
     DANCAD 3D to produce a animated perspective view of the whole assembly
     with all its parts in motion!

         To run DANMOVIE you need to have a set of pixel frame  files.  You
     can  make  these  with  DANCAD  3D.  Read  the  tutorial  in  the file
     MANUAL.DOC that comes with DANCAD 3D.  The set of frame files must all
     have the same PATH\FILENAME.  The filename extensions must be numbered
     consecutively    starting    with    .1    (e.g.:    c:\GQ\MY_FRAME.1,
     c:\GQ\MY_FRAME.2,      c:\GQ\MY_FRAME.3,     c:\GQ\MY_FRAME.4,     ...
     c:\GQ\MY_FRAME.24).  DANMOVIE v1.0 will read  up  to  24  frames  into

         There are two ways to load the pixel frame files.  One, just enter
     X:\DANMOVIE at the DOS prompt (where X:\ is the path to DANMOVIE.COM).
     And  the enter the path\filename (don't enter the .EXT (e.g.:  B:FRAME
     not  B:FRAME.1))  when  prompted  for  it.   Two,   enter  X:\DANMOVIE
     X:\FRAMES  (where  X:\FRAMES is the path\filename for the set of pixel
     frame files) at the DOS prompt.

         After the frames are loaded you can run them forward (press  [F]),
     reverse  (press  [R]),  back  n'  forth (press [B]),  change the speed
     (press [D] or [S]),  and pause the action at any  point  (press  [P]).
     There is a pop-up help screen you can get by pressing [H] (for help or
     ^[^]  or  [Return]).  To exit to DOS press ^C or ^Q (^C means press
     the [Ctrl] key at the same time you press the [C] key).

         Version 1.10 of DANMOVIE has less flicker when  run fast.  Version 
     2.x supports 34 CGA  color frames, and  Hercules (tm)  Hercules or EGA
     (tm) IBM high  resolution  frames.  DANCAD3D  and  DANCAD87  require a 
     harddisk to run properly.

         If you find this program useful (or just fun) write me and say so.
     If you can think of any changes you would like to see in a up-date  of
     any of my programs send me a letter.



     Daniel H. Hudgins, 466 Diamond St., San Francisco, CA  94114

                  Read the notice on the DANCAD3D.COM 
                     disk before using this disk.

                   Directory of  DANMOVIE DEMO v1.10E 
                               24 Files      

         FRAME    1       DANCAD 3D pixel frame file.
         FRAME    2                   "
         FRAME    3                   "
         FRAME    4                   "
         FRAME    5                   "
         FRAME    6                   "
         FRAME    7                   "
         FRAME    8                   "
         FRAME    9                   "
         FRAME    10                  "
         FRAME    11                  "
         FRAME    12                  "
         FRAME    13                  "
         FRAME    14                  "
         FRAME    15                  "
         FRAME    16                  "
         FRAME    17                  "
         FRAME    18                  "
         FRAME    19                  "
         FRAME    20                  "
         DANMOVIE COM     Program that shows the frame files.
         DANMOVIE DOC     Documentation for DANMOVIE.COM
         GO       BAT     Runs demo.
         FILES    DOC     This file.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0703

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

DANMOVIE COM     27002   8-31-88   9:20a
DANMOVIE DOC      3258   8-31-88   9:30a
FILES    DOC      1318   8-31-88   9:26a
FRAME    1       16384   4-18-87   8:29p
FRAME    10      16384   4-18-87   8:39p
FRAME    11      16384   4-18-87   8:40p
FRAME    12      16384   4-18-87   8:42p
FRAME    13      16384   4-18-87   8:43p
FRAME    14      16384   4-18-87   8:44p
FRAME    15      16384   4-18-87   8:45p
FRAME    16      16384   4-18-87   8:46p
FRAME    17      16384   4-18-87   8:47p
FRAME    18      16384   4-18-87   8:48p
FRAME    19      16384   4-18-87   8:49p
FRAME    2       16384   4-18-87   8:30p
FRAME    20      16384   4-18-87   8:50p
FRAME    3       16384   4-18-87   8:32p
FRAME    4       16384   4-18-87   8:33p
FRAME    5       16384   4-18-87   8:34p
FRAME    6       16384   4-18-87   8:35p
FRAME    7       16384   4-18-87   8:36p
FRAME    8       16384   4-18-87   8:37p
FRAME    9       16384   4-18-87   8:38p
GO       BAT        35   8-31-88   9:32a
       24 file(s)     359293 bytes
                           0 bytes free