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Information about “BIBLE MEN”

BIBLE MEN is a wonderful little quiz program that tests your finer
knowledge of the Word. You begin by telling BIBLE MEN whether you want
it to focus on either the Old or New Testament. Then it asks you for
each player's name (up to eight). It gives you some significant
passage, often written in first person, and asks you to identify the
person. For example, it might give you this:

"May the Lord show mercy to the household of Onesephorus, because he
often refreshed me and was not ashamed of my chains."

You then type the name of the person referred to. (In the above
example, the reference is to Onesephorus, the scripture is II Timothy
1:16, and the author is the Apostle Paul.) When you don't know the
answer, you can choose to see the verse, the answer, or move on to
another question. You can look at the answers to a question and move
on without affecting your score; scoring occurs only when you type an
answer. BIBLE MEN displays your score as tries, wrong, right, and
percent. Did you know the answer to the above example?


Disk No  781
Program Title: BIBLE MEN
PC-SIG version 1.1

    BIBLE MEN is a neat little quiz program which takes its questions from
the books of the Bible.  When play begins, you tell the computer to focus
on either the Old Testament or the New Testament. BIBLE MEN then asks you
how many people will be playing the game (one to eight people can play at
once), and for each of their names. Then you choose which part of the Bible
you wish to deal in.

    BIBLE MEN then gives you a paragraph describing a person from the
Bible, often written in "first person" (as though written by the person
described). For example, one question reads

    "I was not ashamed of Paul's chains. When he was in Rome I searched for
him and found him. I was an Ephesian."

    You are given the opportunity to type the name of the person described.
If you have no idea who the person being described is you also have the
option of seeing the answer, seeing the Scripture reference from which the
question was taken, or moving on to another question. In the above example
the answer is ONESIPHORUS and the Scripture reference is II TIMOTHY
1:16-18.  You can look at the answers to a question and move on without
affecting your score; scoring occurs only when you type an answer. Bible
Men displays your score as "Trys," "Wrong," "Right," and "Percent."

Usage: Entertainment and Education

System Requirements: 128K and one disk drive.

How to Start: Type BIBLEMEN  (press enter).

Suggested Registration: $15.00

File Descriptions:

BIBLEMEN COM   Bible Men Game Program
NT       DTA   Data File for New Testament Option
OT       DTA   Data File for Old Testament Option
README         General Introduction File

1030D E Duane Avenue
Sunnyvale Ca. 94086
(408) 730-9291
(c) Copyright 1987,88 PC-SIG, Inc.

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