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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #808)

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Information about “GENERAL LEDGER UK VERSION 1 OF 2 (809)”

THE REMARKABLE GENERAL LEDGER allows you to set up and operate a
complete General Ledger with a wide range of reports.  The program
includes a Bank Information module with facilities for listing banks,
reports on used and unused checks, and bank statement reconciliation.

With TRGL you can print out reports on your transactions either in
summary or in detail, on a leading or account level.  You can also
print a trial balance and your chart of accounts.  A simple menu is
offered that allows you to add, change, delete, or view your various
entries made into your chart of accounts, journal, your record of bank
deposits, and your checking account.  TRGL also has on-line help for
every screen that requires input from the user.

This system is designed to work for the UK and countries using
currencies OTHER than the dollar.  (For countries using a dollar-based
monetary system, please see PC-SIG #806 & #807.)

Please note: the version of THE REMARKABLE GENERAL LEDGER being
marketed on this disk is a restricted version of the program.  The full
version of THE REMARKABLE GENERAL LEDGER includes all the features of
the shareware version plus profit and loss reports, balance sheets,
password protection, a complete manual, service, and backup.  You will
also need disk #809 to operate this program.

System Requirements: 512K memory and two disk drives.

How to Start: Type GO (press enter).

Suggested Registration: $69.95.  Includes full version of the program
with a printed manual, along with service and backup.

File Descriptions:
The First Disk Contains:
READ     ME   How to get started.
SUBINST  BAT  Installation batch file.
INSTALL  BAT  Installation batch file.
TGL      INT  Subfile for main program.
TGL      EXE  Main program.
TGL      BAT  Start-up batch file.

The Second Disk Contains:
CONFIG   SYS  Sample configuration file
???????? DBF  Data file (12 files)
DOC      <DIR>Directory containing the documentation.
READ     ME   General information about the disk.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0808

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

READ     ME       6144   6-22-87   9:55a
INSTALL  BAT      1536   5-18-87   9:58a
SUBINST  BAT      1024   5-15-87  10:33a
TGL      BAT       512   2-23-87  10:51a
TGL      EXE    289168   6-22-87  10:38a
TGL      INT       512   6-22-87   9:33a
HELP         <DIR>    
        7 file(s)     298896 bytes

 Directory of A:\HELP

.            <DIR>    
..           <DIR>    
A        HLP      1536   4-29-87   4:41p
B        HLP       512   4-29-87   9:23a
C        HLP      1024   4-29-87   3:10p
D        HLP      1536   4-29-87   9:24a
DA       HLP       512   4-28-87  11:02a
DB       HLP      1024   4-29-87   3:14p
DC       HLP      1024   4-28-87  11:47a
DD       HLP       512   4-28-87  11:48a
DE       HLP      1024   4-29-87   3:15p
DF       HLP       512   4-29-87   3:15p
DG       HLP      1024   4-29-87   3:16p
DH       HLP      1024   4-29-87   3:16p
DI       HLP       512   4-29-87   3:17p
DJ       HLP      1024   5-13-87   4:46p
E        HLP      1024   4-29-87   9:28a
EA       HLP      1536   4-29-87   3:18p
F        HLP      1536   4-29-87   3:18p
FA       HLP      1536   4-29-87   4:29p
G        HLP      1536   4-29-87   3:23p
GA       HLP      1536   4-29-87   4:30p
H        HLP      1536   4-28-87  11:27a
HA       HLP      1024   4-29-87   4:30p
I        HLP      1536   4-29-87   3:24p
J        HLP      1024   4-29-87   3:24p
K        HLP      1536   4-29-87   3:24p
KA       HLP      1024   4-29-87  10:00a
KB       HLP      1536   4-29-87   3:25p
KC       HLP      1024   4-29-87   3:26p
KD       HLP      1024   4-29-87   3:28p
KE       HLP      1024   4-29-87   3:29p
KF       HLP      1024   4-28-87  12:02p
KG       HLP      1536   4-29-87   4:46p
KH       HLP       512   4-29-87   3:34p
L        HLP      1024   5-18-87   9:26a
LA       HLP      1024   5-13-87   4:24p
LB       HLP      1024   4-29-87   3:35p
LC       HLP       512   4-29-87   3:35p
LD       HLP       512   4-28-87  11:14a
LE       HLP       512   4-29-87   3:14p
LF       HLP       512   4-28-87  11:14a
LG       HLP       512   5-18-87  10:06a
LH       HLP      1536   5-13-87   5:01p
PN       HLP       512   5-13-87   4:29p
PNC      HLP      1024   4-29-87   3:12p
TOP      HLP      1016   4-28-87  12:07p
       47 file(s)      46584 bytes

Total files listed:
       54 file(s)     345480 bytes
                           0 bytes free