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Information about “BEYOND THE TITANIC (KROZ ON 2001 NOW)”

Lucky you! BEYOND THE TITANIC begins as you find yourself aboard the
Titanic just seconds before she sinks!

Your goal is to survive and get back home.  On the journey, you'll
discover a long-forgotten secret under the sea, travel to the Earth's
future, get chased by a three-armed monster and more!!

If you've played any of Infocom's games, you'll notice the similarity in
style.  To add to the realism, a 16-color display and sound effects are
used throughout the game.


Disk No:  832                                                           
Disk Title: Beyond the Titanic and Kingdom of Kroz                      
PC-SIG Version: S1.3                                                    
Program Title: Beyond the Titanic                                       
Author Version: 1.00                                                    
Author Registration: $5.00                                              
Special Requirements: None.                                             
Lucky you! BEYOND THE TITANIC begins as you find yourself aboard the    
Titanic just seconds before she sinks!                                  
Your goal is to survive and get back home.  On the journey, you'll      
discover a long-forgotten secret under the sea, travel to the Earth's   
future, get chased by a three-armed monster and more!!                  
If you've played any of Infocom's games, you'll notice the similarity in
style.  To add to the realism, a 16-color display and sound effects are 
used throughout the game.                                               
Program Title: Kingdom of Kroz                                          
Author Version: 7/89                                                    
Author Registration: $5.00                                              
Special Requirements: None.                                             
In KINGDOM OF KROZ, you are in search of a priceless amulet that lies   
somewhere within the mystical kingdom.  Be careful, there are mysterious
rooms and vicious monsters waiting for you.  You are armed only with a  
whip and your wits.                                                     
As the intrepid explorer, you will venture through 25 unique levels of  
perils and treasures.  In this combination game of arcade action,       
and adventure, each level is patrolled by as many as 1000 monsters, all 
with a taste for your blood. 16-color graphics and sound effects add    
reality as you negotiate lava, rivers, earthquakes, pits, forbidden     
forests and more.                                                       
Three skill levels and a random playfield generator insure that no two  
games will be alike.                                                    
1030D East Duane Avenue                                                 
Sunnyvale  Ca. 94086                                                    
(408) 730-9291                                                          
(c) Copyright 1989 PC-SIG, Inc.                                         


║               <<<<  Disk #832 BEYOND THE TITANIC  >>>>                  ║
║ To start BEYOND THE TITANIC type, BEYOND (press enter)                  ║
║                                                                         ║
║ To start THE KINGDOM OF KROZ type, KINGDOM (press enter)                ║


                             BEYOND THE TITANIC

To start:   Put the game disk in drive A:, if you have two disk drives put a
            formatted disk (it can contain other files) into drive B:.
            This will be the SAVE/RESTORE disk.  You must use DOS 2.0 or

            For game instructions type the following from the DOS A> prompt:

            INSTRUCT  <enter>

            This will list the game instructions to the screen.

Game hints: Try examining things and explore all of the rooms, a map is a
            must.  As you play the game draw out small boxes on of piece of
            grid paper, with lines leading to surrounding boxes (representing

            If the game is played perfectly, it will take the you at least
            350 moves to solve everything and return home (San Francisco.)
            On average the game will take over 2500 moves to complete!



                            |                    |
                            | BEYOND THE TITANIC |

                       A Text & Sound Adventure Fantasy

                          Programmed by Scott Miller

                         An Apogee Software Production


The author asks that those who enjoy the game please pay $5 or $10 to help
compensate the effort that went into programming Beyond the Titanic.  This
small fee will also encourage the author to continue making new games, like
the recently released Supernova and Kingdom of Kroz.

This payment will also register the payer for telephone support and clues.

Please make checks payable to:

                Scott Miller              (214) 240-0614
                4206 Mayflower Dr.
                Garland, TX  75043

Please support the SHAREWARE concept, it benefits you the most.

Thank you and enjoy the game...

Scott Miller


    As the game begins you find yourself standing on board the Titanic, on her
maiden voyage.  Of course, that particular voyage was never completed!
    Your goal is to survive and somehow get back to your home in the United
    Most of your time will be spent solving numerous problems and dangers that
arise, like starvation and drowning.  If you've played any of Infocom's famous
text games you will notice that Beyond the Titanic is quite similar to Zork
and Planetfall.
    Hints:  Examine everything and make a map as you move through the many
game locations.  There are not any puzzles that cannot be solved logically;
apply an "If I were really there, I would do this..." type of attitude.
    To add to the game's realism sound effects are used throughout the game.


Game setup for single disk drive:

1)  Insert the GAME disk.
2)  Type in BEYOND and press the <enter> button.
3)  When the "Do you have a colr screen?" question appears, press Y or N.
4)  When the "How many disk drives do you have?" question appears, press
    the number 1.
5)  The game will begin.

Game setup for two disk drives:

1)  Insert the GAME disk into drive A:
2)  Insert your SAVE/RESTORE disk into drive B:
3)  Type in BEYOND and press the <enter> button.
4)  When the "Do you have a colr screen?" question appears, press Y or N.
4)  When the "How many disk drives do you have?" question appears, press
    the number 2.
6)  The game will begin.


    Beyond the Titanic has a vocabulary of over 750 words--more than most
text adventures sold commercially.  Here is a sampling of the verbs
understood by the game's parser.
EXAMINE (or EX for short)
NORTH, SOUTH, NORTHWEST, UP, DOWN, IN, OUT, etc. (or first letter)
FIND                            CRAWL
SAY                             TYPE
CUT                             HELP
JUMP                            SHAKE
SLEEP                           FLY
DANCE                           FALL

Example structures:

TIE [object] (TO, AROUND) [object] - usually used with a rope.
EX [object] - used to study an object closely.
GIVE [object] TO [object]
PUT [object] (WITHIN, UNDER, ON, BESIDE, BEHIND, etc.) [object]
SAY [something] - used to converse with other game characters.
TYPE [something] - used to enter data on a keyboard device.
TURN [object] or TURN [object] to [position] - used for dials.
OPEN [object] WITH [object]

Example Sentences:



    Here's a list of the major commands you will need to know in order to play
Beyond the Titanic.

QUIT - ends the current game.
SAVE - allows you to save your present game location.  Use a separate formatted
       disk.  Up to 26 SAVE files per disk.  SAVE names can be up to eight
       letters long.  To resume a previously SAVED game use the RESTORE
RESTORE - allows you to restore a SAVED game location.
DIAGNOSE - reveals your health, appetite, etc.
LOOK (or L) - does a brief examination of your current game location.
REPEAT (or R) - repeats your last line of commands.
WAIT (or Z) - lets one move pass without any action.
SCORE - gives you your current ranking.
ROOM DESCRIPTION (or RD) - toggles between full room descriptions or brief
    room descriptions.


    Beyond the Titanic only recognizes the first SEVEN letters of any word or
command.  (Note: Infocom games only use the first SIX letters.)
    The word AND is not understood.  You cannot say, for example, GET GUN
    With the verbs GET and DROP you may refer to every object by saying
GET ALL or DROP ALL.  The word ALL is not accepted anywhere else.
    It is a good idea to draw a map as you find new rooms in the game.
Without a map it is easy to get lost, or it might be difficult to find a
room you need to get to in a hurry.

*** END OF FILE ***


                             ║ THE KROZ TRILOGY ║

                 Copyright (c) 1989 Apogee Software Productions
           4206 Mayflower Drive • Garland, Texas 75043 • 214/240-0614

These games were developed in this order:

     1) CAVERNS  - 40 levels, the easiest of the three
     2) DUNGEONS - 30 levels, the most difficult
     3) KINGDOM  - 25 levels, has the most features (or objects)

Similar games can be found in Apogee Software Productions' new FUN-PAKS.

NOTE:  This version of KINGDOM OF KROZ is a newer, better version than the
       one you may already have.  The older version has a rare bug in it that
       could cause it to lock up your computer.  (It was rare, but it could

Response for the Kroz games have been outstanding.  That is, only positive
comments have come in.  KINGDOM OF KROZ even won a national programming
contest earlier this year.  It took top honors as the "Best Game".

                          The Shareware Concept:
These games are shareware.  Shareware is a way to market software by
independent authors or small software companies (such as ASP).  We rely on
the honesty of users to support the shareware concept, which is basically a
"try-before-you-buy" marketing method.

NOTE:  The SLOW.COM program provided on this disk can be used on those IBM
       compatible computers that run at higher speeds than 4.77 mhz.  To use
       SLOW.COM type SLOW before your run KROZ games.  Make certain that
       you are not running any other RAM resident programs (like SideKick, etc.)
       when you use SLOW.COM or it may not work correctly.

                 Other Games From Apogee Software Productions

║ SUPERNOVA ║                                                  $10 registration
Our best adventure game requires an entire 360K disk!  Has as many features as
even the best commercial adventure games, and then some.  Like a 16-color
screen, ASCII graphics (that even work on nongraphic systems), 1000+ word
dictionary, over 160 game locations, scores of sound effects, a "hint"
command, and more.

You begin on a remote mining planet with just your battered space ship and the
hope that one day you'll have a job that actually pays!  After an amazing
discover you begin a trek that spans four planets, including a huge planetship.
All to save a civilization from utter extinction--from a star ready to explode!

"Better than any adventure by Infocom."           -- George Brossard, TX

"My all-time favorite game, please make a sequel!"
                                                  -- Nance McQuigg, NY

║ BEYOND THE TITANIC ║                                          $8 registration
It's a text adventure game that mixes elements of science fiction, action,
fantasy and rollicking adventure.  The story begins with you standing aboard
the Titanic just seconds before the ship sinks!  In this story of riveting
survival you'll discover a long forgotten undersea mystery, travel to the
Earth's future, fly a shuttle to a floating city and be chased by a slobbering,
three-armed creature--and that's just the believable part!

"...as sophisticated as the best commercial adventure games by Infocom."
                                                  -- Shareware Magazine

"As a programmer, I'm amazed that this game understands full english sentences.
We've been working--unsuccessfully--on this area for a year now.  Can we buy
your code?"                                       -- Dr. Paul Short, AZ

"After you pick the cabinet's lock, how do I heal my broken arms?  ...also, I
love this game, send me a list of other games you've made."
                                                  -- Edward DiGiovine, OH

║ TREK TRIVIA, VOLUMES 1 - 10 ║                      $4 registration per volume
T.V. Guide magazine called Star Trek "...the most popular TV series of all
time."  Now we challenge your knowlegde of the award winning show with a
series of 10 Star Trek trivia games.  Each volume has 100 multiple choice
questions, and when you answer a question correctly you'll be rewarded with
a "Bonus Fact".  Bonus Facts are additional tidbits that even further expand
your Star Trek knowledge.

What type of crystal is used to power the engines of the Enterprise?  What
is Mr. Spock's first name?  How fast is warp 2?  What does the Prime
Directive prevent the crew of the Enterprise from doing?

Did you know that Dr. McCoy's medical instruments were actually modified
salt and pepper shakers.  Or that it was Leonard Nemoy who developed the
idea of Mr. Spock's Vulcan nerve pinch (so as to make Spock less violent).
Or that the Enterprise is 947 feet long.  Or that Joan Collins, Terri Garr,
and Ricardo Montalban all appeared in a Star Trek episode. Or...

It's all in Trek Trivia.  Order all 10 volumes ($40) and we'll also include
a FREE MYSTERY GAME as a bonus.

"I'm a Star Trek fan and these trivia games answer my prayers, thank you!"
                                                  -- Buddy Frye, PA

"Enclosed is my check, send me the other 9 Trek games...I'm hooked."
                                                  -- Amy Maher, CT

"I like the way TREK TRIVIA is played like a game, you've done a fantastic
job with these programs.  Keep up the good work." -- Steven Blackburn, TX

║ FUN-PAKS ║                                    $10 each (four games on a disk)
A new idea.  We've taken the best programs submitted to us by outside game
authors and combined them into categories, 4 per disk.  None of these games
have ever been released anywhere else before.  They are not public domain, nor
are they shareware.  They're originals, and for the minimal price, they're a
bargain, too.  Currently, we have two FUN-PAKS:

                        ADVENTURE FUN-PAK
                         * ROGUE RUNNER
                         * NIGHT BOMBER
                         * RAIDERS OF THE FORBIDDEN MINE
                         * THE THING

                         PUZZLE FUN-PAK
                         * PHRASE MASTER
                         * BLOCK FIVE
                         * MAZE MACHINE
                         * ASTEROID RESCUE

Apogee Software Productions is always looking for the best new software.  If
you think you have a program or game that qualifies send it in to our
Review Dept.  Send only completed projects please--bug free, too.

In the meantime have fun and good luck.


Scott Miller

Secret Code: QWERTY
Reveal this code on your next order of $30 or more and receive a $5 discount!


	uses the timer click interupt to slow down the AT, it sets up a
user routine to be called on each click (interupt 1Ch), the user routine
just does a delay loop, interupts are enabled during the loop so interupt
driven devices like the keyboard still work, but the machine seems to be
slowed down (even though it's running at full speed with just a lot of idle
time). I set the values in the delay loop to come reasonably close to the
speed of a normal PC. SLOW.COM will only work with programs that run under
dos and do not disable the timer interupt or the user vector for timer.

	revectors the user vector for timer back to the IRET in the bios so
that the AT runs at full speed again.

When I get an AT tech ref I will put together a SLOW.COM that works with just
about anything.

John Bridges

Courtesy of: The Consultants' Exchange, PO Box 12100, Santa Ana, CA 92712
                ( 7 1 4 )   8 4 2 - 6 3 4 8      24 hours

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0832

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

BEYOND   000     13184   1-01-80  12:17a
BEYOND   001     76672   1-01-80  12:22a
BEYOND   COM     30922   1-01-80  12:22a
FILE0832 TXT      3331   1-22-90  12:12p
GO       BAT        38   9-30-87  10:46a
GO       TXT       540   3-03-89  11:36a
HELP     BAT        29   1-01-80  12:16a
HELP     TXT       961   1-01-80  12:23a
INSTRUCT BAT        38   1-01-80  12:20a
INSTRUCT TXT      6072   7-24-87  10:37a
KINGDOM  000     26624   7-22-89  12:12a
KINGDOM  COM     49668   7-22-89  12:12a
LINE             34020   1-01-80   3:39p
LIST     COM      9209  10-14-88   5:06p
MORE     COM       384   3-08-83  12:00p
NOSLOW   COM       128   1-09-86  12:08a
README   TXT      7224   2-12-89   6:03p
ROOMS1           18557  10-04-84   9:21p
ROOMS2           18557  10-04-84   9:21p
SLOW     COM       128   1-09-86  12:07a
SLOW     DOC      1024   1-09-86  12:08a
SPECIAL1         20485   1-01-80   4:11p
SPECIAL2         20485   1-01-80   4:11p
       23 file(s)     338280 bytes
                       10240 bytes free