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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #974)

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Information about “BIBLE QUIZ PLUS 1 OF 2 (ALSO 2126)”

BIBLE QUIZ PLUS is a religious trivia game with three different levels
of play for one to six players.  Questions are asked and answers can be
in  multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, or answer only format.  These
questions are from the Book of Psalms and the Book of Proverbs from the
King James version of the Bible.



	   Bible Quiz Plus has been distributed in this manner in order
	not to hinder anyone that is zealous to learn more about our 
	Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We do not wish to put a price on 
        the Gospel.  We do ask, that if you like the program and it is
        beneficial to you, that you would help us in our cause.  This
	program has taken over 5 years to get to this point.  Any 
	donation that you send will be gratefully appreciated. 
	   We ask that if the program is being used by a Church, that
        you would send a donation of at least $65 per computer in which
        the program is being used on.
	   Everyone who does respond will be put on a registered users 
 	list and will receive all updates to the program.  We also ask
	that after you have created your own question sets, and you 
	would like to share them with others, send them to us and we
	will add them to our user database. 
	    May God's grace abide with you forever!
						 (501) 337-7709
             					 C.A.B.T. Ministries
                     Steve James, Author	 617 North Banks Street
                      Bible Quiz Plus		 Malvern, AR 72104


Program disk files:	           Data disk files:
BQUIZ.SCR	        	   BQPGEN.EXE (question generator file)
HINSTALL.BAT (hard disk install)   SAMPLE.DAT
BQ.BAT (startup file)              FAITH.DAT
SP.LEO                         	   BQ.BAT (hidden)
D1.LEO		        	   HINSTALL.BAT (hidden)
D2.LEO		        	   ALL *.LEO (from program disk)[hidden]
M2.LEO		        	   CABT.TXT (hidden)
M1.LEO		        	   END.2 (hidden)
B.LEO		        	   BQPMISS.EXE (hidden)
SC.LEO			           BQPRIGHT.EXE (hidden)
BQUIZ.EXE (main program file)

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0974

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

BQUIZ    EXE     82421  10-02-90   2:00a
BQPMISS  EXE     37005   9-22-90   7:35a
BQPRIGHT EXE     37705   9-22-90   7:39a
BQUIZ    SCR     16512   9-23-90   8:27a
HINSTALL BAT       178   9-27-90  12:17a
BQ       BAT        33   9-27-90  12:17a
SP       LEO      4096  11-17-89  12:43a
D1       LEO      4096  11-17-89   2:39a
D2       LEO      4096  11-17-89   2:42a
M2       LEO      4096  11-17-89   2:43a
M1       LEO      4096  11-17-89   2:48a
B        LEO      2048  11-16-89   7:46p
SC       LEO      2048  11-16-89  10:27p
D3       LEO      2048  11-17-89   8:26a
RS       LEO     16128  12-01-89   4:03a
A1       LEO      1024  12-02-89  11:03p
A2       LEO      1024  12-02-89  11:05p
D        LEO      1024  12-01-89   3:35a
BEGIN    DAT     30725   9-18-90   9:14p
INTER    DAT     32194   9-18-90   9:19p
KNOW     DAT     30054   9-18-90   7:54p
END      2       16512   9-23-90   8:26a
MONITOR              3  10-07-90  10:52p
CABT     TXT      1191   9-21-90   1:07p
BQPINST  DOC     16997   9-27-90  12:31a
LIST     DOC       703  10-07-90  10:46p
       26 file(s)     348057 bytes
                        4096 bytes free