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MCMURPHY'S MANSION is a text adventure game that begins when your Uncle
McMurphy dies and leaves you his fortune.  Unfortunately, the money is
hidden somewhere on his estate.  The object of the game is to find the
money, using various clues and objects.  Both a map and an inventory
list are displayed on the screen, and you can save at any time.

The first manned expedition to Mars occurred in the year 2075.  A lone
astronaut, Captain Maltwee, successfully landed on the Red Planet and
discovered that an advanced civilization had flourished there for
thousands of years.  Recent global wars had decimated the inhabitants,
leaving but a few isolated bands of Martians intact.  Through radio
messages from Maltwee, the Earth Federation learned that he had gained
the confidence of a religious order who inhabited the ancient city of
Aukbaa.  Maltwee soon learned that this order had collected the wealth
of the old rulers and had hidden it in a secret underground vault.  His
last message to Earth indicated that he had discovered the secret vault
and planned to steal the treasure.

It is now two years later.  You have been selected by the Federation to
travel to the Red Planet.  Your mission is to find Captain Maltwee and
return with the treasures of Aukbaa, to Earth.


                                 RED PLANET (tm)
                                   Version 2.0

              You may copy and FREELY share this program with others.
             To become a registered user of Red Planet send $12.00 to:

                                Conrad R. Button
                               13807 S.E. 282 St.
                                Kent, WA 98042

           As and added bonus for registering, you will be sent a FREE
             copy of ANY ONE of the other adventures in our series.

                      (C) Copyright 1989 by Conrad Button
                              All Rights Reserved

                               COPYRIGHT NOTICE

                       (c) Copyright 1989 Conrad Button
                            - All rights reserved -

              You are granted a limited license to use Red Planet.
         It may be used or copied only in accordance with the terms
         of this license outlined in the section "Restricted Permission
         to Copy".

              Information on this disk is subject to change without
         notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of
         Conrad Button.  Conrad Button may make improvements and/or
         changes to this disk or to the product(s) and/or the
         program(s) described in this disk at any time.

              This product could include technical inaccuracies or
         typographical errors.  Changes are periodically made to the
         information herein.  Such changes may be incorporated in new
         editions of the publication.

              Red Planet is a trademark of Conrad Button.

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

               How to Start a Game  . . . . . . . . . . .  4

               How to Play a Game . . . . . . . . . . . .  4

               Hints on Playing Games . . . . . . . . . .  5

               Restricted Permission to Copy  . . . . . .  6

               Why Pay for the Games  . . . . . . . . . .  7

               Game Series Information  . . . . . . . . .  8

                             HOW TO START THE GAME

         To start Red Planet, use the following instructions.

              1.  Start your computer in the usual manner.
              2.  Insert the game disk into Drive A.
              3.  Type A: and press Enter.
              4.  Type REDPLAN and press Enter.
              5.  Follow the instructions on the screen.

         If you are using a monochrome monitor or a one color graphics
         monitor you should add an M to the end of step 4
         (i.e. REDPLAN M).  This will allow the screen to be more
         readable on these monitors.

                                  HOW TO PLAY

              A text adventure is a fictional novel in which you
         are the main character.  You will be given a quest which you
         must successfully complete.  You may also be asked to
         collect treasures during your travels.

              Your PC will become your guide.  It will tell you what
         it sees and hears, and will obey your commands, (most of the
         time).  Although it speaks fluent English, it has trouble
         understanding long sentences.  Please limit your commands to
         not more than two words, with the verb as the first word
         (e.g.  throw ball).  If the computer does not know or
         understand a word, it will tell you so.  In that case, please
         use another word of similar meaning.

              We strongly advise you to build a map during your
         travels so that you can easily return to previously explored

              The computer will give you the following information at
         the start of each round of play:

              1.  A description of your current location.
              2.  Items that you can see at this location.
              3.  Directions in which you can move (n-north, s-south,
                  e-east, w-west, u-up, d-down)
              4.  Treasures will be marked by an '*' before and after
                  the word.

         You must then respond by typing the action you wish to


                                 * * HINTS * *

         Most actions require two words such as:
              Light torch
              Get ruby
              Drop axe
              Examine door

         However, some actions need only one word:
              Help - for clues or advice
              Quit - to stop playing

         Others only need a single letter:
            U,D,N,S,E,W - which mean go up, go down, go north, etc.
            L - look to see where you are
            I - list your inventory.

         To save your current status so that you can resume play
         later, type SAVE GAME.


                         RESTRICTED PERMISSION TO COPY

              Red Planet is not a public domain program, and never
         has been.  It is Copyright(C) 1989, by Conrad Button.  The
         conditions under which you may copy the Red Planet program
         and documentation are clearly outlined below.

         WARNING!!!  The author intends to vigorously prosecute
         copyright violations.

              Private individuals and computer clubs are granted
         permission by the author to freely copy the Red Planet disk
         for non business use as long as the disk is not modified
         in any way.  You may give the disk to friends, upload the files
         to electronic bulletin boards, or distribute the disk through
         computer clubs.  However, you may not sell the disk for profit.
         User groups may charge a fee to cover the actual cost of the
         disk and of administration.
         This fee may not in any case exceed $10.00 total (equivalent
         U.S. dollars).  Exceptions to these rules must be received
         in writing from Conrad Button.

              Red Planet may not be rented or leased under any

              When multiple copies are required, Red Planet is
         available at quantity discounts.  Write Conrad Button for
         quantity prices.


                         SO WHY PAY $12.00 TO REGISTER
                                 RED PLANET?

              When you pay for Red Planet you participate in
         User-Supported software.  That means you join thousands
         of people who get good quality software at affordable prices.
         Here are more reasons to register by paying $12.00:

              - The luxury of trying out a program before you buy it
         is rare.  When you register (by sending in your money) you
         are saying, "I support buying software this way; and truly
         want to help continue this trend of keeping prices down."

              - Registering also means you will be notified about
         updates to Red Planet as well as other adventures.

              - If you are using the product, you should pay for it.
         What it boils down to is this - it's the right thing to do.

              - As an added bonus, you will receive a FREE copy of
         any ONE of the other adventures in our series.



              A whole new world of adventure is at your fingertips.
         Let our software and your PC take you into previously
         unexplored regions where you will experience new challenges,
         confront danger, and find untold treasures.

              Conrad Button offers a Learning Game Series and an
         Adventure Series.  The Learning Series can help you improve
         your geography skills by taking you on expeditions to Africa
         and Asia.

              THE ASIAN CHALLENGE -- As a Special Senate Investigator,
         you have been sent to Asia on a mission to gather important
         information.  You must report to the Foreign Aid Committee
         shortly on whether or not to grant additional funds to the
         needy countries of the continent.  Learn about different
         Asian countries and their location as you travel.  You must
         hurry because there is not much time before the committee
         will meet.  (Learning Series)

              AFRICAN SAFARI -- You are the senior photographer for
         the International Geographic Magazine.  You have been sent to
         Africa to photograph the people, land and animals of the
         continent.  As you trek the high plains of Africa you will
         learn many different things about the people and geography
         of this vast continent.  (Learning Series)

              NEBULA -- You are a NASA explorer sent to investigate a
         newly discovered star system.  Your mission is to collect
         specimens from the new galaxy.  Will you be able to complete
         your mission or will you be engulfed by the unknown perils of
         the universe?  (Novice)

              DARK CONTINENT -- You have traveled to darkest Africa in
         search of King Solomon's Diamond.  But after 3 days, your
         native bearers desert you and take your money and supplies.
         Will you survive and find the diamond, or will you be
         swallowed by this vast continent?  (Intermediate)


              RED PLANET -- The Federation of Earth has sent you to
         the planet Mars to secure the lost treasures of Aukbaa.  Upon
         achieving planetary orbit you find that your fuel is
         depleted.  Can you acquire the Lost Treasures of Aukbaa and
         return home?  (Advanced)

              TIME TRAVELER -- The year is 2285.  The people of the
         Earth are dying from a mysterious plague.  A now extinct
         plant could provide the much needed cure.  Time Travel is
         your only hope.  Have you ever imagined the thrill of
         traveling back in time to visit the Old West, to participate
         in the American Revolution, to explore Ancient Egypt and the
         Age of the Dinosaur?  TIME TRAVELER will transport you to
         these bygone days.  (Expert)

              SPECIAL AGENT -- The President of the United States has
         sent you on a mission to the Soviet Union.  You are to locate
         and photograph their new ballistic missile, the SS-X-27.
         Perhaps you desire to serve your country as a SPECIAL AGENT
         to the President, performing a secret mission deep within the
         Soviet Union.  (Expert)

              SANCTUARY -- A nuclear war has devastated the Earth.
         You are one of the few remaining survivors.  Gangs of mutants
         roam the land.  You must find a sanctuary to ensure your
         survival.  Have you ever wondered what civilization would be
         like following a nuclear war?  Would there be a SANCTUARY for
         protection against the mutated beings inhabiting this world?

              RAIDERS OF THE STAR TEMPLE -- As a Professor of Archeology,
         you have specialized in the ancient Mayan culture.  You recently
         read an article concerning the possible existence of a lost Mayan
         temple somewhere near Chichen Itza on the Yucatan Peninsula.
         And you have heard an Indian legend which tells of a Star Temple
         containing a fabulous treasure of diamonds.  You are resolved to
         find this temple, if it truly exists.  (Master)

              AVENGER OF RUBICON -- Your King and fellow warriors have been
         slain. You have been severely wounded.  As you stagger from the
         battlefield, you vow to avenge this carnage.  You will seek out
         and destroy the perpetrator of this foul deed - Lugor the Evil
         Presence.  You are about to face the greatest challenge of your
         life!  (Grand Master)

              ADVENTURE HINT BOOK -- The hint book is designed to
         provide clues and helpful hints.  This book covers all of the
         adventure game series (learning series excluded).



 McMurpy's Mansion (c) 1984, 1987, 1989  Martin-Art ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! 
                             Version 1.6

      ***************      LICENSE AGREEMENT        ***************

You are hereby authorized to copy and distribute copies of McMurphy's 
Mansion provided it is copied in the form found on this disk and your 
copy contains the following UNALTERED files: 

      File Name      Description
      ---------      ----------------------------------------------

      START.BAT      Text file explaining the game, how to print 
                     the manual, and the SHAREWARE registration.

      MCWM.DAT       One of the game files
      MCFILE.DAT     One of the game files

      MCMANUAL.TXT   The ASCII text file that is the manual

      MCMURPHY.EXE   The game program

You are specifically NOT authorized to change the game manual or 
distribute any information concerning the solution to McMurphy's Mansion 
in any media whatsoever! You may archive this game with the utility of 
your choice for distribution. The original disks provided by Martin-Art 
contain a "zipped" version explained below. You may remove this file 
from the disk with no ill effect to the game. 

NOTE: This disk may or may not contain the file, MCMURPHY.ZIP (some 
distributors delete this file). This file is an archived version of all 
of the files shown above and can be used for distributing McMurphy's 
Mansion over a modem. Use version 1.02 of PKUNZIP.EXE to unarchive the 
files. This program may be found on your local BBS, Compuserve, or other 
BBS's, or from your shareware distributor.  It may also be ordered from 
PKWARE, 7032 Ardara Avenue, Glendale, WI 53209 (contact them for price). 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Registration fees should be sent to David Martin, P.O. Box 7493, 
Pasadena, TX 77508. Your registration fee of $16.00 covers the cost of 
receiving a game hint sheet and game solution. Also, $2.50 of each 
registration is donated to a special fund to feed the hungry. 

You may order an original game disk from that same address for $16.00. 
If you are the operator of a BBS or you are a shareware distributor, 
send proof of same with a request and you will receive a game disk for 
only $7.50 to cover shipping and handling. 

Your registration fees are used to further the goals of quality software 
at an extremely low cost. REGISTER AS A MCMURPHY GAMER!! 

FRENCH VERSION!!!  If you are interested in an all French version of 
McMurphy's Mansion, one will be available in March, 1990.  To order, 
send in your registration of $16.00 and request the new disk!! If the 
French version is not specifically asked for, you will receive the 
English version. 


                        McMurphy's Mansion
                  Copyright (c) 1984, 1987, 1989
                P.O. Box 7493,  Pasadena, TX  77508


     This manual is copyright 1984, 1987, 1989 by  Martin-Art 
 P.O. Box 7493, Pasadena, TX 77508. All rights reserved worldwide.  

This game is a SHAREWARE product.  This means for a small fee that 
you send to the software author, you receive a professional quality 
program.  It does not mean that this program is free.  If you enjoy 
playing McMurphy's Mansion, you should send $16.00 to David Martin, 
PO Box 7493, Pasadena, TX 77508. Please register. $2.50 of each 
registration fee goes to feed hungry people including children. 

In the spirit of shareware, we encourage you to copy and share this 
disk with your friends!  Instructions for obtaining a game solution 
are on page 13 of this manual. 

FRENCH VERSION - An all French version of McMurphy's Mansion will 
be available in March, 1990.  To order it, send $16.00 to the 
address shown below, and ask to be registered for the French 
version and if you do not already have the disk, ASK FOR A DISK TO 
BE SENT TO YOU!  It is a separate registration from the 
registration of the English version. 

Game Difficulty Level: Average    Playing time: Approx. 80 hours    

It was three weeks ago when you received the telegram that 
would change your life FOREVER... 

It seems that an unknown uncle has died in faraway Scotland and 
left you his entire fortune.  $10,000,000 to be exact. 

There is only one small problem...

Dear old Uncle McMurphy was a bit demented and has hidden your 
inheritance somewhere in his mansion or on the mansion grounds.  
The old man (Uncle Mac) felt as though any relative of his should 
EARN his inheritance.  Therefore, he has left you with only one 
clue (a small brass key) proudly presented to you by his laywer, 
Barrister Aaron McBee.  It is now up to you to use your superior 
brain power to solve the puzzles left in the mansion by your Uncle 
McMurphy and find your fortune. 

                        - PAGE 1 -


NOTE: If you have played other adventure games and want to skip 
      this section, please do so.  But be sure to read about 
      the ultimate goal of the game and also about the special 
      command abbreviations used in McMurphy's Mansion. 

McMurphy's Mansion is played like many other all text adventure 
games on the market today.  In these adventure games, you will be 
reading about what is happening to your "computer self" on the 
screen and responding with a typed in message that tells your 
computer what you would like to do next.  It's like being in a 
computerized book, with you being the main character, deciding what 
is to be done next.  The plot in McMurphy's Mansion is simple; FIND 

You type in commands to command your computer self to do what you 
would do if you were actually in a particular situation or location 
in the game. This is done by typing in commands from the keyboard 
like this: 


There will be more command examples later in the manual.  After 
your command is entered, the game will respond to the command or 
action you have just taken.  The game's response to the "EXAMINE 
THE BOX" command might look something like this: 

        The box appears to be made of burl walnut.             
        It is about the size of a cigar box.

In this way you can explore your surroundings and manipulate 
objects that are in the game.  Just like a real mansion, McMurphy's 
is full of strange and wonderful objects to be looked at and 
examined.  Some are important to the puzzles of the mansion and 
others are not.  You will have to determine which is which. 

                        - PAGE 2 -



Insert the game disk in the A: drive of your computer system. At 
the DOS prompt type in START so your screen looks like: 

        (then press the ENTER key)      

When you press the ENTER key some text will come on the screen for 
you to read.  Then the game will load and you may start playing.  
Just be sure to always leave the game disk in drive A: while 
playing the game unless you are prompted to do otherwise.  The game 
program needs to access some of the files on the game disk while 
you are playing.  

If your game will not load using "START", try "MCMURPHY" 


To play using a hard disk, just copy ALL of the files on the game 
disk to the hard disk directory of your choice.  Then load the game 
from that directory when you want to play.  The McMurphy's Mansion 
program searches for the game files in the default directory. 


The following files are critical to the playing of the game and 
must be on the game disk or in your hard disk subdirectory.  Again, 
when playing from a hard disk, be SURE all of these files are in 
the same directory. 

                 UNCLE.BAT        MCFILE.DAT       
                 MCMURPHY.EXE     MCWM.DAT

                        - PAGE 3 -



After you enter "UNCLE" from your keyboard, the game will load.  
The screen will clear and you will see a copyright notice and 
some text to read. 

Before you actually begin the tough part of playing McMurphy's 
Mansion, you will have to answer several questions about 
yourself.  The first question concerns your first name.  Answer 
this question by typing in your first name and then press 
ENTER.  Any 11 letters (or less) may be entered as your name.  
The game uses your name during your explorations of the 


It is traditional in Scotland to call young adventurers by 
"laddie" (boy) or by "lassie" (girl).  When prompted, simply 
press the key shown for the correct choice, either "1" for 
"Laddie" or "2" for "Lassie". 


Included in "McMurphy's Mansion" is a detailed introduction and 
explanation that will help familiarize you with this mess your 
uncle has left for you.  There is a good description of the 
mansion and the mansion grounds.  The first few times you play 
the game, you should read this introduction carefully. The 
detailed description of the mansion will help you in getting to 
know the old place.  (There even may be a clue or two in the 

After you read the introduction on the screen a few times, just 
answer "N" to the question about reading the introduction and 
go straight to the playing of the game.  You may of course read 
it any time when you load and run the game. 

                        - PAGE 4 -

The game introduction included in the program tells you about 
McMurphy, his lawyer McBee and the mansion.  Each time you read 
the introduction, you will need to use the game command "LOOK" 
for your first actual game command.  This allows you to read a 
description of your bedroom (the room you find yourself in when 
the game begins).  Just type in the word "LOOK" and press the 
ENTER key. 

        (then press the ENTER key)

The description of your bedroom is included at the end of the 
game introduction.  Because it is there on the screen anyway, 
you will not need to enter "LOOK" as the very first game 
command when you read the introduction. 

After the game gives you the description of your bedroom, you 
are ON YOUR OWN!  Just decide what you would like to do next 
and DO IT! 

But, be careful, an old mansion can be a DANGEROUS place!! 


"McMurphy's Mansion" is played in a manner similar to many 
other adventure games.  You should enter commands (being as 
brief as possible) and as though each one started with "I would 
like to:", for example: 

                             Actual commands you enter:
         "I would like to"      >EXAMINE THE BOX


         "I would like to"      >LOOK UNDER THE SOFA

NOTE:  A list of sample game commands is found near the end of 
       these instructions. 

                        - PAGE 5 -


To move from one location in the game to another, simply enter 
the compass direction you would like to go in.  You may use all 
8 compass directions (N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SW, and SE) and two 
additional directions, UP and DOWN.  You may either spell out 
the entire word or use the abbreviation as shown.  As you 
travel around the mansion and the mansion grounds, it is also 
important to draw yourself a map of the mansion and the mansion 
grounds.  Then maybe you won't become a lost adventurer!  

Actually, the game has a built-in map that is shown on the 
screen, but it is more fun to turn off the screen map and draw 
your own map on paper.  

(The command to turn on the map is "MAP" and the command to 
turn it off is "XMAP".  See next section.) 


There are many commands that you may use in your quest for your 
fortune.  The explanation and abbreviations (show in 
parentheses) are listed for the commands that have a special 
meaning in this adventure game.  Part of the fun of the game is 
finding out which other words the game understands (hundreds, 
by the way). 

LOOK (L) - The LOOK command gives you a view of your 
current surroundings and the objects that you can see.  Use 
this command to look around where you are or to see if an 
action you have just taken has changed things around you. 

EXAMINE (X) - This command will give you a description of an 
object. Some objects must be in your possession (inventory) 
before they can be examined. 

INVENTORY (I) or (INV) - Lists your current possessions that 
you are carrying around with you.  During your adventure, you 
will need various objects to perform certain tasks.  Of course, 
the things you need are never where you need them, so you will 
have to "TAKE" them and carry them with you.  Objects in the 
game may be moved from place to place and left whereever you 
wish (DROPPED).  

                        - PAGE 6 -

The game will display your inventory list on the screen.  The 
command to turn on the list is "LIST" and the command to turn 
the screen list off is "XLIST".  Those commands follow in this 

TAKE (+) - This command is used to add items to your inventory.  
Some things such as doors simply can't be "taken", but if you 
see something you want, TAKE IT!  It may be "takeable" and may 
not be.  The only way to find out is to try.  Also, some items 
in the game must be taken and placed in your inventory before 
they may be examined.  To make it easier to take objects, you 
may use the "+" key for an abbreviation of this command. 

Also, the "=" key has been temporarily fixed so it will be a 
"+" key instead.  That way, you don't have to hit the SHIFT key 
all the time for "+".  (You're welcome.) 

To use this abbreviation, just press the "=" key, a space, 
and then enter the object you wish to take.  For example,

        >+ BOOK

means the same thing as

        >TAKE BOOK

DROP (-) - If you have something in your inventory that you 
don't need any longer, or don't want to carry around any 
longer, DROP it.  The object will then remain in the location 
where you dropped it just in case you want to come back later 
and retrieve it. 

MAP - This command turns on the screen display of the map.  
Only simple minded adventurers and "weakies" actually need the 
map.  It is more fun and a greater challenge to draw one by 

XMAP - What is turned on can be turned off.  XMAP turns off the 
screen display of the map (the more preferred method of play). 

REPEAT (R) - If you should want to repeat a command more than 
once, just enter "R" the second time instead of retyping the 
entire command over again.  This will help keep the blisters 
off your fingers. 

                        - PAGE 7 -
COLOR - If you don't like the default colors of the screen and 
text, you can use the command COLOR to change them.  Just enter 
the command and follow the instructions on the screen. 

WORDY - When entering a location for the first time, you will 
be given a lengthy and complete description of that location.  
After you enter a location for the first time, you will only be 
given the name for that location (YOUR BEDROOM).  If you would 
like to have the long descriptions given every time you enter a 
new location, enter the command WORDY. 

SHORTY - Turns off the long descriptions of each location.  You 
will still get the long description the FIRST time you enter a 
location, but after that, you will only get the name of the 

LIST - Shows inventory items on the screen under the map.  List 
will show your inventory even if the map is off (XMAP).  Only 
"sissies" use this command. 

XLIST - Turns off the screen display of inventory items.

MANUAL - This command causes the game program to print the
McMurphy's Mansion manual for you.  Be sure to have your 
printer on-line and ready to print when using this command.

QUIT - Used to end the game.  (Be sure to SAVE your position 
first if you plan to play from this position later.) 

USING NUMBERS - An occasion may arise in the mansion when you 
would like to include a number in your command.  If you need to 
use a number, just enter the number instead of spelling it out 
(5 instead of five). 

HELP - This command will give you a brief overview of the game
and remind you of some of the more important game commands and 
the abbreviations for those commands.


McMurphy's beloved mansion is truly beautiful and full of 
antiques. Although the mansion has many rooms, only the 
important ones are included in the actual game.  Sorry, no 

                        - PAGE 8 -

All of the doors in the mansion are open for your convenience, 
unless closed for a reason.  Also, there may be objects 
mentioned in the descriptions of the rooms that you cannot TAKE 
or EXAMINE.  They are included to give you a "feel" for the 
room and your surroundings (for example, the china in the 
dining room). 

Of course, this old mansion has plenty of windows.  While in the 
mansion, it may be helpful to look out the windows. To do this, 
enter the command  LOOK EAST or LOOK NORTH or LOOK in whatever 
direction the window is located.  If there is a window in that 
direction, you will be given the view out of that window. If 
there is no window in that direction, you will be given the 
same response as the normal command "LOOK".  Game abbreviations 
will work in this command ("LOOK SOUTH" may be entered "L S"). 


MASTER CLUES - As you solve the puzzles of the mansion that 
dear old Uncle Mac left you as his legacy, you will receive a 
total of 3 MASTER CLUES.  When you figure out what the MASTER 
CLUES are for and use them correctly, the FORTUNE WILL BE 

GOLD BARS - That's right! 24K GOLD!! There are 12 gold bars 
hidden in the mansion.  After you have found all 12 bars you 
will be given one of the three master clues that lead to the 
fortune.  Once "TAKEN", a bar cannot be dropped. 

You will have to use your brain (till it hurts) to figure out 
the way to get the other two MASTER CLUES.

                        - PAGE 9 -

The commands listed below are to give you an idea about 
complete game commands in general.  These particular commands 
may or may not work while playing McMurphy's Mansion. 

        >X THE BOX                    same as >EXAMINE THE BOX
        >NORTH                        same as >N



        >- BOX                        same as >DROP BOX





        >N.S.S                        same as >NORTH.SOUTH.SOUTH.


MULTIPLE COMMANDS   As you can see from the example commands, 
you can enter more than one command at a time.  When you do 
enter more than one, be sure put a period (.) after each 
command just like you would after any sentence in normal 
writing.  You may also use the word "AND" or the word "THEN" to 
separate the multiple commands instead of the period: 




All three of these commands work in exactly the same way.  
Because the word AND is used to separate commands, do not use 
it to do something to more than one object.  The command TAKE 
THE BOX AND THE KEY will not work.  (Please review sample 

                        - PAGE 10 -
When using multiple commands, you should limit your total 
command to include only two or three.  If you enter more than 
that, the game responses could scroll off the screen before you 
have a chance to read them. 


Playing this game takes many hours.  So that you will not have 
to begin from the very beginning each time you start to play, 
special commands are used to save the progress you have made 
during a playing session.  These saved positions also help in 
case the power should go out while you are playing. 


When you are about to quit for the day or you are about to do 
something dangerous in the game, use the SAVE command: 


All of the information about what location you are in and the 
items in your inventory and the progress you have made will be 
stored on your disk in a special file.  Then when you restart 
the game at a later time, you can RESTORE the old position and 
begin exactly where you left the game.  You will be in the same 
room, with the same inventory, etc.  Here is how to SAVE a 

     1. Use the game disk to save positions OR use any 
        formatted disk with at least 10,000 bytes free. 

     2. Enter the command SAVE like this:   >SAVE

     3. You will be given instructions on the screen about 
        which keys to press to save the position.  Don't worry, 
        it's simple! 

     4. Make a note about the position number you have just 
        saved for later reference.  You may save up to 9 
        separate positions on a single disk.  This allows you 
        to save positions for several different people who are 
        playing McMurphy's Mansion from the same game disk.  

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The command RESTORE is used to restore one of the previously 
saved positions on your SAVE diskette.  To restore a position, 
enter the restore command like this: 


If you wish to restore a position, the RESTORE command will 
usually be the first command you will issue when you load the 
game. Of course you may restore any position at any time. 

     1. You must change disks if the position to be restored 
        has been saved on a disk different from the game disk. 
        The instructions given on the screen will tell you when 
        to change disks. 

     2. Follow the instructions given on the screen and your 
        position will be restored.

     3. Make sure the game disk is in drive A: or you are in 
        the correct subdirectory on your hard disk and the game 
        can PROCEED! 

Now all of that hard work won't have to be repeated each time 
you begin the game. 


Well, that's about it for the instructions.  But there is just 
one more thing you should know before you go play.  If you 
should find an old diary somewhere in the mansion, and you want 
to read on a specific page, enter a command that looks like 

                >READ ON 9-1 IN THE DIARY


                >LOOK ON 9-1 IN THE DIARY

The entry of "9-1" in the example would be for September 1st.  
Just use whatever day you wish.  Reading the diary may help 
you, it may not. 

                        - PAGE 12 -

And REMEMBER!!!  If you DO SUCCEED,    


The McMurphy fortune CAN BE YOURS!!!  

You now have our permission to go play.



As mentioned in the beginning of the instructions, the shareware 
fee of $16.00 should be sent to the address below to register your 
McMurphy's Mansion.  When you register, you will receive a game 
hint sheet and a game solution.  Please include a stamped self-
addressed return envelope along with your registration. (Please 
remember that $2.50 of each registration goes to feed hungry 
people including children.

AVOID INSANITY! If you have been playing and are about to be sent 
to a rubber room somewhere, register your game and GET THAT HINT 

David Martin 
P.O. Box 7493
Pasadena, TX  77034

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This sheet is provided for your notes.  You will need it. 








Gold Bar 1 _____________________________________________________ 

Gold Bar 2 _____________________________________________________ 

Gold Bar 3 _____________________________________________________ 

Gold Bar 4 _____________________________________________________ 

Gold Bar 5 _____________________________________________________ 

Gold Bar 6 _____________________________________________________ 

Gold Bar 7 _____________________________________________________ 

Gold Bar 8 _____________________________________________________ 

Gold Bar 9 _____________________________________________________ 

Gold Bar 10_____________________________________________________ 

Gold Bar 11_____________________________________________________ 

Gold Bar 12_____________________________________________________ 

MASTER CLUE #1 _________________________________________________

MASTER CLUE #2 _________________________________________________

MASTER CLUE #3 _________________________________________________

                        - PAGE 14 -

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #1073

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

GO       BAT       920   3-21-90   5:11p
HELLO    BAT       896   1-22-88   3:35a
HELLO    TXT     13312   2-18-89   1:12a
LICENSE  TXT      2811  12-25-89   1:00p
MCFILE   DAT     77142  12-25-89   1:00p
MCMANUAL TXT     24497  12-25-89   1:00p
MCMURPHY EXE    129710  12-25-89   1:00p
MCWM     DAT      9631  12-25-89   1:00p
REDPLAN  EXE     98064   2-18-89  12:40a
START    BAT      2239  12-25-89   1:00p
       10 file(s)     359222 bytes
                           0 bytes free