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Information about “SBW 2 OF 2 (ALSO 1094)”

integrated system that meets many common business needs. The system has
five different functions and a separate module for each: customer
information system, human resource (personnel) management, accounting,
inventory, and production system. It also has an extensive
documentation manual covering all five modules. The system is written
in dBase III+ and you will need dBase III+ to run it. Also included is
the DBase source code.

The customer file lets you maintain a complete customer database
including purchase information and demographics about the customer. You
can even print mailing labels or generate form letters. With the human
resources management portion of the system you can maintain detailed
personnel records on your employees. Previous employment history,
personnel reports, and payroll are all supported. The accounting system
is also designed for the small business. It handles both accounts
payable and receivable. It maintains your chart of accounts and
posts all expenses and income. Inventory management is for either
manufactured goods or raw materials.


Disk No  1095
Program Title: (SBW) SYSTEM for BUSINESS & the WORKPLACE (Disk 2 of 2)
PC-SIG version 1

    SYSTEM for BUSINESS & the WORKPLACE (SBW) is an integrated application
system written in dBase III+. The system has five modules: customer
information system, human resource (personnel) management, accounting,
inventory, and production system. It also has an extensive documentation
manual covering all five modules.

    This is the second disk, which has all the files to run the system. The
first disk is #1094 and has all the documentation.

Usage: Business/Educational Database

System Requirements: 256K memory, one floppy disk drive, a printer, and
dBase III+.

How to Start: Type PRINTALL (press enter) to print the documentation.
To run the system, you need to have the dBase disk in drive A and
the project disk in drive B. At the dot prompt of dBASE (.), type: DO
SYSMENU (press enter).

Suggested Registration: $10.00

File Descriptions:

??????   NDX  Index file (17 files).
??????   DBF  Database files (12 files).
??????   PRG  Program file (50 files).
??????   FRM  Data file (4 files).
NAMELIST MRG  Data file.
README1  DOC  Documentation.
USER     DOC  Documentation.

1030D E Duane Avenue
Sunnyvale Ca. 94086
(408) 730-9291
(c) Copyright 1988 PC-SIG, Inc.


║        <<<<  Disk No 1095 SBW Documentation (Disk 2 of 2)  >>>>         ║
║ This dBase III plus program requires that you have dBase III to run it  ║
║                                                                         ║
║ For complete documentation and a tutorial for the program, insert disk  ║
║ #1094 into drive A: and type: PRINTALL (press enter)                    ║
║ This will copy a tutorial and needed documentation to your printer.     ║
║                                                                         ║
║ This will give you all the necessary information about how to run the   ║
║ program useing dBase III plus.                                          ║


.po 2

FFFF         FFF   RRRR        RRRR   EEEE          EE   EEEE          EE
FFFF               RRRR        RRRR   EEEE               EEEE
FFFF          FF   RRRR RRRR          EEEE          EE   EEEE          EE
FFFF               RRRR   RRR         EEEE               EEEE
FFFF               RRRR     RRRR      EEEE               EEEE
 FFFF              RRRR       RRRR    EEEEE        EEE   EEEEEE      EEEE

[ ] dBASE III Plus Educational Version Disks

[ ] dBASE III Plus Complete Busines System Source Code (over 300,000 bytes)
     + Documentation disk, requires only 2 360K floppy IBMPC 256K compatible.

[ ] Programmer Documentation Manual with flow charts, tree diagrams, etc for
     dBASE III Plus Complete Busines System Source Code (over 300,000 bytes)

[ ] End-user   Documentation Manual with flow charts, tree diagrams, etc for
     dBASE III Plus Complete Busines System Source Code (over 300,000 bytes)

[ ] Instructor  Documentation Manual with Review Questions & Answers, Class
     Lecture Outlines, Quizzes, extensive Test Data Bank with answers

    FOR RUSH ORDERS PLEASE CALL:  1-800-526-0485
        FOR RUSH ORDERS PLEASE CALL:  1-800-526-0485
            FOR RUSH ORDERS PLEASE CALL:  1-800-526-0485
                FOR RUSH ORDERS PLEASE CALL:  1-800-526-0485
                    FOR RUSH ORDERS PLEASE CALL:  1-800-526-0485
                        FOR RUSH ORDERS PLEASE CALL:  1-800-526-0485
    FOR RUSH ORDERS PLEASE CALL:  1-800-526-0485
        FOR RUSH ORDERS PLEASE CALL:  1-800-526-0485
            FOR RUSH ORDERS PLEASE CALL:  1-800-526-0485
                FOR RUSH ORDERS PLEASE CALL:  1-800-526-0485
                    FOR RUSH ORDERS PLEASE CALL:  1-800-526-0485



There are several supplements available to adopters of DATA BASE
For desk copies of these materials please fill out the following form:

            Ms. Carol Sobol/ Mr. Dennis Hogan
            College Division
            Prentice Hall
            Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
            Phone: 1-800-526-0485 or
                   (201) 592-2243

Please send:

       by Charles W. McNichols and Sara F. Rushinek

[  ]  Instructor's Manual - with chapter outlines, test bank, teaching
       tips, solutions to questions and exercises, and transparency

[  ]  Solutions to Exercises for Lessons 1 - 8 on Diskette

SMITH BIKE WORKS (SBW) SOFTWARE (includes Customer Information System,
     Personnel System, Accounting, Inventory, and Production & Planning)

[  ]  Source Code and documentation Disk for SBW
[  ]  Clipper compiled version of SBW on disk

[  ]  Programmer Manual with flowcharts, descriptions, calls & dictionaries
[  ]  The above on disk

[  ]  User & Student Study Guide - with questions and answers
[  ]  The above on disk

[  ]  Dbase III Plus (Educational Version) two 360k floppy diskettes






PHONE_(Office)_____________(Home)____________OFFICE HOURS____________


Smith Bike Works Business System

The disk labeled Smith Bike Works Project Disk is an integrated business
application using dBASE III Plus that is described and documented
in Chapters 6 through 11 of the text.  The five modules that compose
Smith Bike Works include:
         -Customer Information Systems
         -Human Resource Management
         -Inventory Management & Order Processing
         -Production Planning & Operations

To run the System, you need to have the dbase disk in drive A and in
drive B the project disk.  At the dot prompt of dBASE (.) type:
         DO SYSMENU and press RETURN.


The User & Programmer Manual describes Smith Bike Works in detail.
The user portion presents a step by step execution of the system
using the same data files that are on the project disk.  The
students first execute the system with the aid of the manual and
answer the questions as they go along.

Since the manual displays all the screens of the system, you can
easily review Smith Bike Works without having a computer in the
classroom.  The students can take notes in the manual itself.
Throughout the manual, questions are included assessing the
students' understanding of the system, data base design techniques,
and the dBASE programming language.  Answers to these questions are
available at the end of the manual.  These questions can be
assigned for homework or for in-class exercises and discussion.

A portion of the user manual is on this disk on the file called

The manual has a table of contents and a sample portion follows:
                    T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S

 1. THE CUSTOMER INFORMATION SYSTEM..................................1-1

 2. SYSTEM MENU......................................................2-1
    2.1. CUSTOMER INFORMATION SYSTEM.................................2-1
         2.1.1. THE CUSTOMER FILE MAINTENANCE........................2-5
         2.1.2. PRINT CUSTOMER REPORT................................2-27
         2.1.3. PRINTING MAILING LABELS..............................2-31
         2.1.4. GENERATE FORM LETTER.................................2-34
         2.1.5. CUSTOMER FILE CLEANUP................................2-37
         2.1.6. MOVE PURCHASE AMOUNTS BACK ONE YEAR..................2-39
         2.1.7. RETURNING TO SYSMENU.................................2-41

There is a summary list of all questions that appeared in the
manual that can be used as review questions as the following:
                    L I S T   O F   Q U E S T I O N S

 2-1: Why do you want to type dbase at A>?.................................2-2
 2-2: Why must a second disk be inserted?..................................2-2
 2-3: Why must you type DO SYSMENU?........................................2-3
 2-4: What  choice  do  you select to enter  the  customer  information ...2-4
 2-5: What does the customer file maintenance do?..........................2-5
 2-6: What does the Find command do?.......................................2-6
 2-7: Why must you type Ctrl-Y?............................................2-7
 2-8: How does the system search for the customer requested?...............2-8
 2-9: What choice will allow you to add a record?..........................2-9
 2-11: How many possible indexes are there for the CUSTOMER file?..........2-11

A pictorial fool proof key stroke by keystroke demonstration of Smith 
Bike Works follows:

The system menu controls entry into the Smith's Bikeworks subsystems.

 SCREEN 1-4: Activity Menu

                               >> Activity Menu <<

                    A. CUSTOMER INFORMATION System
                    B. HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT System
                    C. ACCOUNTING System
                    D. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT System
                    E. PRODUCTION PLANNING System
                    F. EXIT From Bikeworks' Information System

                       Press Letter Matching Desired Option

Look at the screen, and find the "Activity Menu".

To me, it shows that the computer (defaults and/or) expects me to
enter a choice between A and F.

Next, I want to type A, because I want to load the customer information


AND THE SYSTEM WILL:  Activate the Customer Information System.

Numbered Open-ended Questions are throughout the text as follows:
Q&A 1-4: How do you load the Customer Information System?

Programmer Manual

Before students make changes or enhancements to a system, they first
need to understand it.  Therefore, the programmer's manual includes:
    -flowcharts at the system and modular level,
    -program descriptions within the five modules,
    -program calls pointing to subsequent executions, and
    -data dictionaries describing all fields and variables.
Students can use these as guides as they enhance this existing system
and/or as they develop their documentation for their own programs.

Example of system flowchart:
  |             |
  |   SYSMENU   |       Diagram for procedure SYSMENU
  |_____________|        in system SYSMENU.PRG
         |                |                |                |
         |          ______|______    ______|______    ______|______
         |         |             |  |             |  |             |
         v         |   ACCOUNT   |  |     BOM     |  |  CUSTINFO   |
         |         |_____________|  |_____________|  |_____________|
         |                |
   ______|______    ______|______
  |             |  |             |
  |     HRM     |  |    INVEN    |
  |_____________|  |_____________|

Example of program descriptions:
Program:    SYSMENU.PRG         System Menu

Function:      Entry point for the entire system, displays menu of
               all subsystems and transfers control based on
               operator input.

Called by:     End-user from dBASE or DOS command level

Calls to:      ACCOUNT.PRG

Example of data structures and data dictionary follows:


Structure for database: customer.dbf    Customer Information file
Contents:  This files contains specific information on each customer.
Size of each record: 178
       keys: LAST_NAME, COMPANY, ZIP
File structure:

Field  Field Name  Type       Width    Dec   Description
    1  LAST_NAME   Character     20          Customer's last name
    2  FIRST_NAME  Character     15          Customer's first name
    3  INITIAL     Character      1          Customer's middle initial
    4  TITLE       Character     20          Customer's job title
    5  COMPANY     Character     25          Company's name
    6  STREET      Character     25          Company's street address
    7  CITY        Character     15          Company's city
    8  STATE       Character      2          Company's state

Instructor Manual

An instructor's manual includes:
     -detailed chapter outlines,
     -solutions to all questions in the textbook,
     -transparency masters, and
     -a comprehensive test bank with an instructor key.

Teaching tips are included for each chapter.   There are many
detailed suggested projects appropriate for students of various
programming levels.

Lesson & Exercise Solutions

The execution of lessons 1 through 8 from Chapter 5 are available
on disk.  They were created in dBASE using alternate "txt" files
and can be printed out using any editor or word processor.
Suggested solutions for the exercises at the end of each lesson
are on this disk as well as in the instructor manual.

dBASE III PLUS Disk - Educational Version

the educational version of dBASEIII Plus is available free of
charge from Prentice Hall.  This version works in the same manner as
the full blown version, the only restriction is 31 records per
file.  The Smith Bike Works System works on either the educational
or full version of dBASEIII Plus or dBASEIII.

Ordering Information

For further information or to order examination copies of the text
or any of the supplementary materials, please write or call:

            Ms. Carol Sobol/ Mr. Dennis Hogan
            Prentice Hall Building
            Prentice Hall
            Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
            Phone: 1-800-526-0485 or
                   (201) 592-2243

Comments & Suggestions

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions,
comments or suggestions about the text or the supplemental
materials.   Specifically, we would like to know:

What improvements would you suggest?

How would you evaluate the text and the supplementary materials?

Please be honest in your comments. Your frank evaluation is requested.

Dr. Sara Rushinek                   Dr. Chuck McNichols
University of Miami                 Clemson University
MAS Department                      Management Department
417 Jenkins Building                101 Sirrine Hall
Coral Gables, Florida 33124         Clemson, SC  29634-1305
(305) 284-6595 Office               (803) 656-3762 Office
(305) 666-7890 Home                 (803) 654-9590 Home

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #1095

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

ACCOUNT  NDX      1024  10-02-86   1:07a
ACCOUNT  PRG      2674   1-01-80  12:32a
ACCTCHRT DBF      4879   2-03-87  11:16a
ACLEAR   PRG       923   1-01-80  12:45a
AFREPACK PRG       738  10-06-86  12:21a
APREPACK PRG       713  10-06-86  12:18a
APTRANS  PRG      1877   1-01-80  12:41a
ARREPACK PRG       768   1-01-80  12:02a
ASSEMBLY DBF      2048   1-27-88  12:25a
ASSEMMNT PRG      7680  10-07-86  12:10a
ASTOCKNO NDX      2048   1-27-88  12:25a
ASUMM    PRG      2533   1-01-80  12:56a
BOM      PRG      2328   1-01-80  12:44a
BOMLST   PRG      6424   1-01-80  12:03a
CHARTMNT PRG      7953   2-20-87   3:39a
CLRPAY   PRG       785   1-01-80  12:38a
COMPANY  NDX      1024   1-28-88  12:13a
CREPACK  PRG       739  10-06-86  12:20a
CUSTINFO PRG      2109   1-01-80  12:37a
CUSTLIST FRM      1990   1-01-80  12:25a
CUSTMNT  PRG      8064  10-07-86  12:08a
CUSTOMER DBF      2048   1-28-88  12:23a
CUSTREPT PRG      1590   1-01-80  12:53a
EREPACK  PRG       723  10-06-86  12:19a
EXPHIST  DBF       819  10-02-86   1:24a
EXPMNT   PRG     12544  10-06-86  12:34a
EXTRA    PRG      4864   1-01-80  12:05a
FILE1095 TXT      1333   6-20-88  11:37a
GO       BAT        38  10-19-87   3:56p
GO       TXT       925   6-08-88   9:31a
HRM      PRG      2220   1-01-80  12:20a
HRMMNT   PRG      8320  10-07-86  12:05a
HRMRPT   PRG      4078   2-14-87  11:16a
INVEN    PRG      2371   1-01-80  12:23a
LABELS   PRG      1963   1-01-80  12:43a
LINKSKL  PRG     11264  10-06-86  12:31a
LPSSAN   NDX      1024   9-07-87   5:26p
MAINTSKL PRG      7496   2-13-87   5:58a
MENUSKEL PRG      1792   9-29-86   3:57a
MFGINV   DBF      1024   1-27-88  12:21a
MFGLIST  FRM      1990   1-01-80   1:10a
MFGMNT   PRG      7680  10-07-86  12:25a
MFGRPT   PRG      2309   9-29-86   3:30a
MIREPACK PRG       723  10-06-86  12:16a
MSTOCKNO NDX      1024   1-27-88  12:20a
NAME     NDX      1024   1-28-88  12:13a
NAMELIST MRG       417   9-07-87   2:58p
NAMESOUT PRG      1934   2-20-87   3:56a
ORDERS   PRG     11437   1-01-80   1:30a
PAYBILLS PRG      3689   2-21-87   1:20p
PAYFILE  DBF      3584   2-11-87  11:11a
PAYMNT   PRG      7677   2-14-87  11:11a
PAYROLL  PRG      8251   1-01-80  12:04a
PERSONNL DBF      1266   1-28-88  12:36a
PFACTNO  NDX      1024  10-10-86   1:53a
PNAME    NDX      1024   1-28-88  12:36a
PREPACK  PRG       756  10-06-86  12:17a
PSSAN    NDX      1024   1-28-88  12:36a
PURCHUPD PRG       786   1-01-80  12:19a
RAWINV   DBF       917   1-01-80   2:07a
RAWLIST  FRM      1990   1-01-80   1:11a
RAWMNT   PRG      7680  10-07-86  12:04a
RAWRPT   PRG      1667   1-01-80  12:26a
README1  DOC     14696   3-27-48  11:11a
RECEIPTS PRG      3004   1-01-80  12:34a
RECEIVE  PRG      1944   1-01-80  12:45a
RECFILE  DBF      1356   2-03-87  11:24a
RECMNT   PRG      7936   2-20-87   3:42a
RFCUSTDT NDX      1024  10-10-86   1:53a
RFINVID  NDX      1024  10-10-86   1:53a
RIREPACK PRG       721  10-06-86  12:21a
RQTSSUM  PRG      7177   1-01-80  12:48a
RSTOCKNO NDX      1024  10-02-86  12:23a
SALESCLR PRG       957   1-01-80  12:39a
SCHDLIST FRM      1990   1-01-80  12:26a
SCHEDLST PRG      1237   1-01-80  12:28a
SCHEDMNT PRG      8104   2-16-87   4:54p
SCHEDULE DBF      1024   2-13-87   3:49p
SFREPACK PRG       749  10-06-86  12:22a
SKSTOCK  NDX      1024   1-27-88  12:31a
SSTOCKNO NDX      2048   1-27-88  12:25a
SYSMENU  PRG      1970   9-06-87   3:52p
TEMP     DBF      1890   2-13-87  11:57a
TEMP2    DBF      1265   1-01-80   3:13a
TEMPWEEK NDX      7680   1-01-80   1:05a
USER     DOC     42240   3-03-88   4:24a
WHERELST PRG      5011   1-01-80  12:27a
WKREQ    NDX      1024   1-27-88  12:31a
ZIP      NDX      1024   1-28-88  12:13a
       89 file(s)     314773 bytes
                       19456 bytes free