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Information about “BILLPOWER PLUS”

BILLPOWER PLUS is an extremely powerful time-keeping, billing, and
bookkeeping system designed specifically for small firms.

It's designed to help attorneys, accountants, and other professionals
keep precise records and bill regularly. BILLPOWER PLUS tracks time
worked on professional matters and calculates the amount owed by each
client. It also keeps up with receipts and disbursements, and it
maintains such accounts, allowing you to carry out simple bookkeeping
functions. Perhaps most importantly, it automatically compiles service,
disbursement, and receipt transactions for each client into monthly

BILLPOWER PLUS offers a degree of integration not found in other time
and billing programs. It can simultaneously update affected G/L
accounts (as well as a client's balance and aged receivables) at the
time a disbursement or receipt is entered. This "real time" approach to
bookkeeping saves you the time you would otherwise spend making
duplicate G/L entries, posting transactions, and/or transferring files
from one program to another.

BILLPOWER PLUS is designed as a unique "free entry" system. You can
open accounts at will, any time you want. You can correct nearly any
entry made at any time in the past. Also unique is BILLPOWER PLUS's
ability to re-prepare bills. Transaction data is not destroyed when
bills are prepared; therefore, it is easy to re-prepare bills that may
be even several months old. BILLPOWER PLUS can handle any combination
of the following: 15 timekeepers/employees (partners, secretaries, and
others), 4000 cases, 4000 accounts, and 8000 transaction entries per
month (services, disbursements, etc.).

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INSTALL  BAT      1741   5-22-90   8:07p
BILLPWR  EXE    360408   8-20-90  10:40p
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