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Information about “ADVENTURE GAME TOOLKIT 2 OF 2 (1231)”

Want to create your own text adventure games?  Now, with the ADVENTURE
GAME TOOLKIT (AGT) you can, and you don't need to know programming!

In text adventures, players assume the roles of characters in a story
which they read.  But unlike a book story, the reader is able to
interact with the plot, go different directions, ask questions and do
things which may lead them to treasure or doom.

Using AGT, game enthusiasts can now transform their wildest fantasies
into high-quality adventure games -- and teachers and parents, with a
little imagination, now have a wonderful tool for making riveting games
that can teach basic subjects, such as history, math, foreign langauges,
vocabulary development, etc., in a fun and impactful way.

AGT can create complex worlds with up to 200 locations, 100
inanimate objects (swords, trees, cars, lasers, etc) and 100 animate
objects (hobbits, orcs, famous persons, etc.).  An AGT game can
understand a 400-word vocabulary that can include complex (multiple
actions) and function key macros for common commands for a polished
result that conforms to the Infocom standard in adventure games so
anyone can learn to play quickly.

AGT comes with complete instructions (100 page on-disk manual) and a
sample mini-game that is walked through showing what can be created
using AGT without requiring the game designer to have programming
knowledge or experience.  It also contains the source code files for the
Colossal Cave adventure.  This is an AGT version of the original game
that was written by Crowther and Woods that was the first adventure game
ever written.  It is a classic!  The AGT files for this game can be
played and enjoyed simply as great entertainment or as a platform to
build upon and/or learn from for the AGT game designer.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #1232

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

OOZ      EXE     11520  10-17-86   4:54p
UNDE-SRC ZOO     19224   6-10-87   8:21p
AGTMACRO ZOO     27084   5-22-88  10:32a
ALIC-SRC ZOO     23754   2-01-87   6:38a
CRUS-SRC ZOO     41131   7-02-89  10:54p
README2  COM      5856   2-03-89   4:51a
AGTNUM   ZOO     32045  10-22-88   2:06p
FABL-SRC ZOO      7004   4-27-87  12:54p
ELF-SRC  ZOO     42098   7-07-88   9:05p
LOTT-SRC ZOO     19976   5-29-88   7:43a
PARA-SRC ZOO     27574   2-28-88   1:33p
QUES-SRC ZOO     33330   5-30-88   5:53a
SAMP-SRC ZOO      9850   4-25-88   9:25p
SQUY-SRC ZOO     53799   6-04-88   9:48p
FILE1232 TXT         0   9-19-90   4:22p
       15 file(s)     354245 bytes
                        1024 bytes free